Manaslu Circuit Trek in October

  Group of 4 friends visited Nepal in October 2017

“We are a group of 4 friends wanting to trek the Manaslu Circuit in October this year and we are searching for a local guide.
We are arriving in Kathmandu on the 5th October at 2pm and would like to begin the trek on the 6th October if possible. We are looking for a guide and would like a suggested itinerary given your experience.
Our flights leave Kathmandu on the 21st October at 9pm so this leaves us about 15 days to fit a trek in.

We are all Australian and are currently training for this trek (reasonably fit and wanting a challenge).

Would you please tell us:

1. Are you are available for these dates?
2. Suggested itinerary.
3. Costs involved including permits.
4. Transportation included from KTM?
5. Sleeping arrangements each night. Guest houses?

Thank you very much,

Ngima Dorji Sherpa, a local specialist from Nepal, helped this traveler put together a customized itinerary based on Manaslu Circuit Trek: Group Departures - 15 Days.

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Manaslu Circuit Trek (15 days)

Day 1: Drive from Kathmandu to Soti Khola [720m]
Day 2: Soti Khola - Maccha Khola [900m/2952 ft]: 6 - 7 hours
Day 3: Maccha Khola -Jagat [1410m/ 4625 ft]: 6 - 7 hrs
Day 4: Jagat - Deng [1,804m/5917 ft]: 6 - 7 hrs
Day 5: Deng - Namrung [2630m/8626ft]: 6 - 7 hrs
Day 6: Namrung – Samagaon [3530m/11,578 ft]: 6-7 hours
Day 7: Samagaon - Pungyen gompa [3870m] - Samagaon: 6 - 7 hours exploration
Day 8: Samagaon – Manaslu Base Camp [4800m/15750ft] – Samagaon : 7 – 8 hours
Day 9: Samagaon - Samdo [3860m/12,660 ft]: 4 - 5 hours
Day 10: Rest Day in Samdo
Day 11: Samdo - Dharamsala/Larkya B. C. [4460m/14, 628 ft]: 4 - 5 hours
Day 12: Dharamsala - Larkya la [5160m/16, 924 ft] - Bimthang [3720m/12, 201 ft]: 8 - 9 hours
Day 13: Bimthang - Tilije [2300m/7544ft]: 5 - 6 hours
Day 14: Tilije - Tal [1700m/5576 ft]: 5 - 6 hours(1700m)
Day 15: Tal - Kathmandu: 8-9 hours

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My name is Ngima , kimkim travel specialist for your trip plan to Nepal and an experienced travel operator in Nepal.

I am very happy to organize your trip to Nepal for October this year. I have noted that you would like to trek to Manaslu region during your visit.

Based on the information you have provided in your introduction message, I have shared the trip plan for Manaslu trek for your kind reference hereunder.

Best wishes,

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