With 10 days between Argentina and Uruguay, you can explore Patagonia, Buenos Aires, and Montevideo on an ultimate highlights tour or experience Iguazú Falls' lush landscapes and Punta del Este's coastal villages on a relaxed-paced trip. Wine aficionados should be sure to include time in Mendoza on their itinerary, while Bariloche is a dream for nature enthusiasts. Another option, if you're eager to get off the trodden trail, is to sip your way through the wineries of the colonial north.

Itinerary #1: Highlights of Argentina & Uruguay: Patagonia, Buenos Aires & Montevideo

Discover magnificent glaciers, charming wine estates, and bustling capital cities on this 10-day Argentina and Uruguay adventure. Crafted especially for first-time travelers looking for a mix of city and nature experiences, you'll uncover the highlights of Buenos Aires and Montevideo, spend three afternoons wine tasting, and hike within Los Glaciares National Park. In addition, city tours and dinner shows ensure you leave with a well-rounded introduction to Argentina and Uruguay's vibrant culture.

See iconic Argentine landmarks like the Presidential Palace in Buenos Aires
See iconic Argentine landmarks like the Presidential Palace in Buenos Aires
Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in El Calafate (Argentina), Visit the Glaciarium El Calafate
Day 2 Perito Moreno Kayak Tour El Calafate
Day 3 Patagonia Nature Hike, Astronomy Tour & Dinner El Calafate
Day 4 Fly to Buenos Aires, Wine Tasting Buenos Aires
Day 5 Day Trip to Tigre & Canoeing  Buenos Aires
Day 6 Buenos Aires Bike Tour, Dinner & Tango Show Buenos Aires
Day 7 Boat to Montevideo (Uruguay), Carnival "Tablado" Experience Montevideo
Day 8 Montevideo Tour & Mercado del Puerto Montevideo
Day 9 Day Trip to Wine Estate & City Tour Montevideo
Day 10 Wine Tour & Lunch, Depart Montevideo  

Welcome to Argentina! Your adventure begins in the southern town of El Calafate, and considering it's backed by the expansive Lago Argentino and Los Glaciares National Park, you can look forward to a nature-packed three-day day. Enjoy a relaxing first evening at the Glaciarium, then spend the following days kayaking under the mighty Perito Moreno Glacier, hiking around valleys and canyons, and dining under the stars. Afterward, catch a flight to Buenos Aires, where a wine-tasting tour greets your arrival, and a dreamy boat trip to Tigre introduces you to the region's freshwater canals. 

Your third day in Buenos Aires promises to be equally as enchanting, with a leisurely bike ride through the city's historic south on the agenda, followed by an Argentine dinner and show at La Ventana. Yet, Uruguay awaits, and on the morning of Day 7, you'll board a ferry bound for its capital, Montevideo. Upon arrival, take the evening to explore independently and wrap up the day with a Carnival tablado—an event showcasing the colors and flavors of Carnival—experience. Then, squeeze in additional city tours and back-to-back afternoons at picturesque wineries before catching your onward flight. Learn more

Itinerary #2: Waterfalls, Cities & Beaches in Argentina & Uruguay

Hop between charming cities and picturesque fishing villages on this Argentina and Uruguay getaway, ideal for those seeking a relaxed trip with breathtaking landscapes and memorable culinary experiences. Starting in Puerto Iguazú, you'll experience the lush wonders of Iguazú Falls Nation Park. Then, immerse yourself in tango culture and rich Argentine cuisine in Buenos Aires before wrapping up your trip with a rejuvenating three-day stay in the coastal city of Punta del Este.

Discover the spectacular Iguazú Falls, one of Argentina's natural wonders
Discover the spectacular Iguazú Falls, one of Argentina's natural wonders
Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Puerto Iguazú (Argentina), Argentine Food & Wine Tour Puerto Iguazú
Day 2 Discover Iguazú Falls (Argentine Side) Puerto Iguazú
Day 3 Mountain Biking on Yaguarete Road, Tour Mbya-Guaraní Villages Puerto Iguazú
Day 4 Fly to Buenos Aires, Tango Lesson, Dinner & Dance Show at Gala Tango Buenos Aires
Day 5 Fileteado Workshop in San Telmo, Argentine Cooking Class Buenos Aires
Day 6 Tour the Temaikén Ecological Reserve  Buenos Aires
Day 7 Fly to Punta del Este (Uruguay), Explore the Coastal City Punta del Este
Day 8 Tour the Villages & Attractions of the Punta del Este Peninsula Punta del Este
Day 9 Day Trip to José Ignacio & Surrounding Fishing Villages Punta del Este
Day 10 Hike to Laguna de Rocha, Transfer to Montevideo, Depart  

Celebrate the start of your multicountry trip with a delightful evening sampling empanadas, chimichurri, and more in Puerto Iguazú's welcoming neighborhood restaurants. Then, dedicate the following two days to the impressive Iguazú Falls National Park, walking boardwalks below thundering falls, mountain biking through lush forest, and mingling with locals in quiet villages. Next, shift your focus to the lively streets of Buenos Aires. Your first night here brings you to a Gala Tango for a dance lesson and show, while your second day features a fileteado workshop and an Argentine cooking class.

After two days in the city, a day trip to the famous Temaikèn Biopark is a welcome break, especially as you'll have a chance to wander botanical gardens and admire endangered animals. Yet, the Atlantic Ocean awaits, and on the morning of Day 7, pack your bags for a flight east to Punta del Este. Spend your first afternoon lazing on the city's sandy beaches, ensuring you're well-rested for the following day's exploration of Punta del Este peninsula's fishing villages. Head out again on your final full day to the resort town of José Ignacio before wrapping up your trip with a transfer to Montevideo. Learn more

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Itinerary #3: Adventure & Relaxation in Argentina & Uruguay

Hike, kayak, and horseback ride your way through Argentina and Uruguay on this activity-packed trip. Complete with three days of fitness activities in Bariloche, a Montevideo city tour, and guide-led explorations of Punta del Este Peninsula, there's certainly no shortage of spectacular landscapes and enchanting cultures to discover. Plus, time set aside to laze on sandy beaches and enjoy traditional meals ensures you return home feeling fully rested.

Sip beer with a view in Bariloche
Sip beer with a view in Bariloche
Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Buenos Aires (Argentina), Dinner Show at Rojo Tango Buenos Aires
Day 2 Fly to Bariloche, Circuito Chico Trek  Bariloche
Day 3 Lago Gutiérrez Kayak Excursion Bariloche
Day 4 All-Day Horseback Ride Around Lago Gutiérrez with Picnic Lunch  Bariloche
Day 5 Beer Tasting in Bariloche, Fly to Buenos Aires, Ferry to Montevideo (Uruguay) Montevideo
Day 6 Carnaval Tablado Experience Montevideo
Day 7 Montevideo Tour with Mercado del Puerto, Transfer to Punta del Este Punta del Este
Day 8 Day Trip to José Ignacio & Surrounding Fishing Villages Punta del Este
Day 9 Explore the Seaside Town of Piriápolis Punta del Este
Day 10 Tour the Punta del Este Peninsula, Transfer to Montevideo, Depart  

Your adventure kicks off with a day in Buenos Aires, and with leisurely time to explore and a dinner and tango show on the agenda, you'll be refreshed and ready for the following day's flight southwest to Bariloche. This lakeside city is the perfect spot to don your active gear, and over a three-night stay, you'll hike to the summit of Cerrito Llao Llao, kayak on Lago Gutiérrez, and horseback ride alongside rocky shoreline. Then, start Day 5 with a brewery tour before continuing by plane and ferry to Uruguay's capital of Montevideo.

After a relaxing first evening in Montevideo, wake early for an al fresco breakfast and spend the afternoon at a lively Carnaval tablado. You'll also embark on a guided tour of the city's traditional neighborhoods before transferring along the coast to Punta del Este. Here, when you're not unwinding at the town's inviting beach, you'll head out on delightful day trips. Laze on José Ignacio's world-class beaches, explore the charming hamlet of Piriápolis and post up on one of La Barra's laid-back beach bars until the time arrives to catch your departing flight. Learn more

Itinerary #4: Explore the Wine Regions of Argentina & Uruguay

Indulge all your senses on this relaxed trip, crafted for those looking to delve into Argentina and Uruguay's wine, culture, and cuisine. Throughout, you'll uncover the best local eateries of Buenos Aires, savor authentic barbecue at La Bandada Ranch, and cycle through Mendoza's serene malbec vineyards. Then, end your trip in Montevideo, exploring the nearby coastal towns and learning the ins and outs of wine and olive oil production.

Explore the famous Andes backed vineyards of Mendoza
Explore the famous Andes-backed vineyards of Mendoza
Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Buenos Aires (Argentina), Dinner in Puerto Madero Buenos Aires
Day 2 Buenos Aires Neighborhood Walking Tour, Palermo District Food Tour Buenos Aires
Day 3 Gaúcho Experience at La Bandada Ranch Buenos Aires
Day 4 Fly to Mendoza, Vineyard Tour & Wine Blending Workshop Mendoza
Day 5 Cycling Tour Through Mendoza's Malbec Vineyards Mendoza
Day 6 Full-Day Guided Hike in Parque Provincial Aconcagua  Mendoza
Day 7 Fly to Buenos Aires, Ferry to Montevideo (Uruguay), Highlights Tour of the City Montevideo
Day 8 Tour Montevideo's Wineries & Olive Oil Estates Montevideo
Day 9 Day Trip to the Coastal Town of Colonia del Sacramento Montevideo
Day 10 Tour Uruguay's Oldest Wineries, Depart Montevideo  

Known for its rich cuisine and access to Argentina's finest wine, Buenos Aires is the perfect place to start your journey—especially with dinner in the lively Puerto Madero neighborhood awaiting. The food theme continues over the following days, with back-to-back walking food tours and a traditional barbecue experience planned. Then, on the morning of Day 4, a two-hour flight sees you west to Mendoza. Beyond its beautiful scenery, this city is known for its winemaking heritage, which you'll delve into during a tour of the renowned Tempus Alba vineyard and a day of biking amid Luján de Cuyo's wineries.

Spend your final day in Mendoza (Day 6) hiking off your indulgences under the towering peaks of Parque Provincial Aconcagua, then transfer via plane and ferry to Uruguay's coastal capital of Montevideo. Here, a guided city tour introduces you to the city's charming squares and historical buildings while visits to Bodega Altos de la Ballena and Viña Edén let you in on the secrets of the region's wine and olive oil production. Additionally, explore the UNESCO-listed city of Colonia del Sacramento and its cobblestone streets before spending your final morning in Uruguay hopping between the region's oldest wineries. Learn more

Itinerary #5: South America's Hidden Treasures: Northern Argentina & Uruguay

Leave the main tourist trail to discover geological wonders and family-run wineries on this Argentina and Uruguay hidden treasures tour. Perfect for those seeking a faster-paced trip packed with history, you'll spend two days each in Salta, Jujuy, Córdoba, and Colonia del Sacramento before rounding off your trip in Montevideo. Along the way, explore dramatic red canyons, relax in natural thermal springs, visit the birthplace of wine in Uruguay, and join guides for insightful city tours.

Journey from the deserts of Argentina to Uruguay's cool coast on this 10-day trip
Journey from the deserts of Argentina to Uruguay's cool coast on this 10-day trip
Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Salta (Argentina), Evening at a Traditional Peña Salta
Day 2 Day Trip to Cafayate Salta
Day 3 Transfer to Jujuy, City Tour Jujuy
Day 4 Day Trip to Hot Springs & Lagoons Jujuy
Day 5 Transfer to Córdoba, Optional Activities Córdoba
Day 6 Calamuchita Wine Tour & Day Trip to General Villa Belgrano Córdoba
Day 7 Fly Buenos Aires, Transfer to Colonia (Uruguay) & Walking Tour Colonia del Sacramento
Day 8 Tour Jesuit Ruins & Wine Tasting in Carmelo Colonia del Sacramento
Day 9 Colonia Walking Tour, Transfer to Montevideo Montevideo
Day 10 Montevideo City Tour, Depart  

After a connecting flight from Buenos Aires to the northern Argentine city of Salta, a leisurely self-guided walking tour promises to ease travel fatigue. At the same time, a scenic day trip to Cafayate introduces you to the region's dramatic red canyons and rich wines. Next, transfer to Jujuy and join a guide in uncovering the city's historic plazas and churches. A day trip into the countryside follows, which incorporates a hike to Laguna de Yala and a rejuvenating dip in thermal pools. Afterward, fly to the colonial city of Córdoba and dedicate the afternoon to exploring its charming streets and expansive Sarmiento Park.

The second half of your adventure begins with a day trip to Calamuchita Valley, and thanks to an expert guide, you'll happen upon tucked-away mountain towns and family-run wineries. Next, a flight and ferry combo brings you to Colonia del Sacramento in Uruguay. Spend your first day exploring the town's historic streets, then venture to Carmelo for a delightful afternoon of wine tasting at century-old vineyards. An overnight stay in Montevideo rounds off your journey, giving you enough time to admire impressive Art Deco buildings before catching your departing flight. Learn more

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Map of 10 Days in Argentina & Uruguay - 5 Unique Itinerary Ideas
Map of 10 Days in Argentina & Uruguay - 5 Unique Itinerary Ideas