With nine days to spend in Slovenia, you'll have plenty of time to explore the country, from the Alps to the Adriatic, with lots in between. Head deep underground at the UNESCO-listed Škocjan Caves, sample fresh seafood in Piran and hike through the most beautiful scenery the Julian Alps have to offer with these unique itinerary ideas.

Itinerary #1: Classic Highlights of Slovenia

This self-driving nine-day tour of Slovenia is a great introduction to the country and allows you to hit all of the highlights in a little over a week. Start on the shores of Lake Bled and make your way independently from the Julian Alps down to the Adriatic Coast and back to the capital of Ljubljana, stopping at lakes, rivers, vineyards, and even underground caves along the way. 

Wander the old city of Ljubljana
Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Ljubljana, Transfer to Lake Bled Lake Bled
Day 2 Explore Lake Bled Lake Bled
Day 3 Drive from Lake Bled to Bovec Bovec
Day 4 Free Day in Soča Valley Bovec
Day 5 Drive from Bovec to Goriška Brda Goriška Brda
Day 6 Drive from Goriška Brda to Škocjan Caves & Piran Piran
Day 7 Free Day in Piran Piran
Day 8 Drive from Piran to Ljubljana Ljubljana
Day 9 Depart Ljubljana  

Start your adventure on the fairy-tale shores of Lake Bled. Explore the surrounding area, including Bled Castle, the church on the island at the center of the lake, and nearby Vintagar Gorge. Make sure to taste traditional Bled cream cake at one of the local bakeries.

Next, drive through Vršič Pass to the Soča Valley, a lush landscape surrounding the emerald-green waters of the Soča River. Here, you'll have a free day to explore. You can go on a biking tour of the area, visit the WWI Museum in Kobarid, or go rafting on the river near Bovec, Slovenia's outdoor sports capital. Grab a bite of delicious Soča trout at a local restaurant in the evening. 

On day five, travel to the vineyard-covered hills of Goriška Brda, Slovenia's wine country, to taste a few local wines. Then, head underground to the Škocjan Caves, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that's also one of the world's largest known underground caverns. From there you'll make your way to the coast to see Piran, a charming town with narrow streets, and pop into a spa for one of Piran's signature mud and salt treatments. 

Finally, spend the last couple of days of your trip exploring Ljubljana, Slovenia's capital. You can stroll along the Ljubljanica River and discover the city on your own, or join a tour: popular options include guided walking tours, bike tours, and culinary tours. Learn more

Itinerary #2: Self-Drive Highlights of Slovenia

This nine-day road trip is the perfect way to discover the delights of Slovenia's countryside, from the fairytale shores of Lake Bled to the underground caverns of the Škocjan Caves and the charming streets of Ljubljana. Explore coastal Piran, roam in the peaceful hills of Goriška Brda, Slovenia's wine region, and discover Slovenia's culture and landscapes as you drive around this beautiful country. 

The beautiful coastal city of Piran
Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Ljubljana Ljubljana
Day 2 Lovely Ljubljana Ljubljana
Day 3 Full day at Lake Bled Lake Bled
Day 4 Lake Bohinj Day Trip Lake Bled
Day 5 Julian Alps & Vrsic pass Bovec
Day 6 Drive from Bovec to Goriška Brda Goriška Brda
Day 7 Vineyards, Karst and the coast Piran
Day 8 Piran and the caves Ljubljana
Day 9 Depart Ljubljana  

This self-driving tour starts in Ljubljana, Slovenia's charming capital. Go up to the castle to enjoy the view, or stroll along the riverfront. If you want to learn more about the city's architecture and history, join a guided walking tour. And for the culinary highlights of the city, follow a food expert on a tour that includes lots of tasty treats. 

Your next stop is Lake Bled, one of Slovenia's most popular attractions. Explore this postcard-perfect lake's surroundings by hiking through the area, and visit Bled's less-well-known but equally pretty neighbor, Lake Bohinj. You can also visit nearby Radovljica, walk through the Vintgar Gorge, or sail to the island at the center of Bled's lake. 

On day five, set off into the heart of the Julian Alps and cross Vršič Pass, the highest mountain pass in Slovenia, and admire the abrupt limestone walls all around you. You'll be able to stop for a series of short hikes as you make your way into the Soča Valley, where you'll spend the night in the town of Bovec

Then, you'll head to Goriška Brda, also known as "Slovenian Tuscany." Visit a winemaker and tour the area's beautiful, hilly countryside. Then, visit the Karst region before heading to the Adriatic Coast. If you feel like making a small detour, you can also hop over the border to visit Miramare Castle, in Italy. Finally, spend your day enjoying the coastal town of Piran, and visit the UNESCO-listed Škocjan Caves on your way back to Ljubljana. Learn more

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Itinerary #3: Self-Guided Hiking Adventure in Slovenia

Hike your way across Slovenia with this nine-day itinerary created with outdoor enthusiasts in mind. Explore the emerald depths of the Soča Valley, embark on a culinary adventure in "Slovenia's Tuscany," make your way across the Julian Alps through Vršič Pass—the highest in the Slovenian Alps—and plunge to underground depths at the UNESCO-protected Škocjan Caves, before finally celebrating your adventure with a fresh seafood feast in coastal Piran. 

Slovenia's famous Soča Valley
Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Ljubljana Ljubljana
Day 2 Lake Bled Lake Bled
Day 3 Vršič Pass and the Julian Alps Bovec
Day 4 From Vršič Pass to the Soča Valley Trenta
Day 5 Along the turquoise Soča River to Bovec Bovec
Day 6 Rafting in the Soča Valley Goriška Brda
Day 7 Culinary adventure in Goriška Brda Goriška Brda
Day 8 Drive from Goriška Brda to Škocjan Caves & Piran Piran
Day 9 Drive from Piran to Ljubljana, Depart! Ljubljana

This hiking adventure begins in Ljubljana, where you'll have a day to explore the capital and rest after your flight to Slovenia before traveling to the peaceful shores of Lake Bled. Hike through the area, visit the castle, or sail to the island at the lake's center. 

The following morning, a transfer will take you to Kranjska Gora in the Julian Alps, to start your hike in the mountains. You'll see Vršič Pass, and enjoy some truly spectacular views along the way. In the evening, sleep at a cozy mountain hut. Then, hike down through the green forests of the Soča Valley. Visit the Soča River's source, then follow the riverbed to reach a local farm, where you'll be spending the night. 

The following morning, you'll hike along the Soča River and take a swim in its refreshing cold waters. Then, hop on a mountain bike at a designated campsite and ride to Bovec, Slovenia's outdoor sports capital. On day six, you'll go river rafting near Bovec before hiking up to Kobarid to visit its WWI museum and learn about the region's history, before driving to Goriška Brda to spend the night. 

Next, spend the day touring Goriška Brda, Slovenia's wine region. Hike or bike your way around the area, and make sure to visit a few winemakers to see their vineyards and taste local wine. The following day, set out towards the coast with a stop at the Škocjan Caves, which humans have visited since the distant Iron Age. Then, make your way to Piran, a charming town on the Adriatic Coast. Make sure to try some fresh seafood at one of the town's restaurants. In the morning, head back to Ljubljana for your flight home. Learn more

Itinerary #4: Best Walks of Slovenia

This nine-day itinerary includes some of the best walks in Slovenia and gives you the chance to discover everything this beautiful country has to offer. Go cave kayaking beneath Mt. Peca, explore the many lakes, rivers, and gorges of the Julian Alps, visit vineyards and caves in the Karst region and more with this tour that combines the mountains, the coast, and lots in between. 

The Škocjan Caves, a UNESCO World Heritage 
Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Ljubljana Ljubljana
Day 2 Cave kayaking and Logar valley Logar Valley
Day 3 Velika Planina mountain meadow Lake Bohinj
Day 4 Hiking in Bohinj Lake Bohinj
Day 5 Bled and Peričnik Falls Kranjska Gora
Day 6 Vršič Pass and Soča Valley Bovec
Day 7 Mt. Matajur and Goriška Brda wine hills Brda
Day 8 Škocjan Caves, vineyards of Karst & Piran Piran
Day 9 Piran and departure  

Spend your first day in Slovenia exploring Ljubljana, the country's capital. The following morning, a transfer will take you to the northeast of the country and into the caverns below Mt. Peta for some cava kayaking. Then, you'll hike through the beautiful Logar Valley and visit Rinka Waterfall

The following morning, you'll visit Velika Planina and get to see unique alpine architecture up close. Visit one of the oldest shepherds huts in the region to learn more about the area's history and culture. Next, head to Radovljica for a late lunch and the chance to meet a local beekeeper, before making your way to Lake Bohinj for the night. 

There are several beautiful hikes around the area for you to discover over the next few days. Start on Mt. Rodica and hike from there, or visit the northern side of the lake. Walk along the boardwalks in the Vintgar Gorge, and make your way to Peričnik Falls in the Vrata Valley, before heading to the ski town of Kranjska Gora to spend the night. 

In the morning, hike on Mt. Matajur on the Slovenian-Italian border, then cross into Italy for lunch in Cividale del Friuli. In the afternoon, it's time to visit the Goriška Brda wine region to see its vineyards, hilltop villages, and countless orchards. The following morning, stop for a tour of the Škocjan Caves before continuing on to Piran, a charming town on the Adriatic Coast. Celebrate the end of your trip with some fresh seafood and a drink at one of the town's many restaurants. Learn more

Itinerary #5: Road Trip through Slovenia and Istria (Croatia)

This nine-day road trip through Slovenia and Croatian Istria is a perfect way to explore some of the best parts of both countries. Learn about the history of Ljubljana, make your way through the rugged landscapes of the Julian Alps. Try your hand at truffle hunting in Rovinj, and finish your tour at the historic Roman city of Pula

The city of Rovinj, one of Istria's top attractions
Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Ljubljana Ljubljana
Day 2 Velika Planina meadow Ljubljana
Day 3 Full day at Lake Bled Lake Bled
Day 4 Lake Bohinj Day Trip Lake Bled
Day 5 The stunning views of the Julian Alps Bovec
Day 6 Soča Valley, WWI, and the wine hills Goriška Brda
Day 7 Skocjan Caves, truffles and the Adriatic Rovinj
Day 8 Ancient Porec and Roman Pula Pula
Day 9 Departure  

Start your tour of Slovenia and Croatia with a day in Ljubljana to get to know Slovenia's capital. Then, head to Velika Planina, a peaceful alpine meadow dotted with shepherds' huts. After a hike around the area, settle in for a delicious home-cooked meal, before returning to Ljubljana in the afternoon. 

Next, travel to Lake Bled, in the foothills of the Julian Alps. Visit Bled Castle or sail to the island at the lake's center to climb the church's 99 steps. You can also visit nearby Vintgar Gorge and go to Radovljica to meet a local beekeeper. Then, visit nearby Lake Bohinj, which is as pretty as Lake Bled but not nearly as well-known. There are countless hikes nearby for all fitness levels. If you prefer to be on the water, you can also canoe, kayak, or stand-up paddleboard. 

On day five, visit Peričnik Falls in the Vrata Valley. Walk through the waterfall to feel its cold curtain of water on your skin, before you continue on to the heart of the Julian Alps through the Vršič Pass. After lunch at a mountain hut, make your way to Bovec in the Soča Valley. Some options for the afternoon include rafting, kayaking, or canoeing on the river, as well as paragliding and sky diving. 

Spend the following morning hiking in the valley and visit the town of Kobarid's WWI museum, before leaving the alps behind and driving to "Slovenian Tuscany," Goriška Brda. Tonight, you'll sleep in private rooms at a local winery.

The following morning, visit the Škocjan Caves' deep caverns before crossing the border into Croatia to try your hand at truffle hunting near Rovinj. Then, visit the ancient cities of Porec and Pula. Tour the Euphrasian Basilica and the Colosseum, which is one of the ten largest colosseums that the Romans ever built. Learn more

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Map of 9 Days in Slovenia - 5 Unique Itinerary Ideas
Map of 9 Days in Slovenia - 5 Unique Itinerary Ideas