Trek, kayak, and canoe your way through Patagonia's most spectacular scenery on this active 16-day adventure. Starting in Buenos Aires, you'll explore the capital by bike before heading south to the breathtaking Alpine landscapes of the Lakes District. Hop over to El Calafate to trek across ice fields and glaciers, then continue to the hiker's paradise of El Chaltén to discover a land of rugged peaks and pristine mountain lakes. After finding the "end of the world" on Tierra del Fuego's southern coast, return to Buenos Aires for a farewell evening of tango and local cuisine.


  • Explore iconic Buenos Aires neighborhoods by bike
  • Kayak in Patagonia's scenic Lake District
  • Trek across the icy Perito Moreno Glacier
  • Hike to mountains & lakes in El Chaltén
  • Canoe at the "end of the world" in Ushuaia

Brief Itinerary

Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Welcome to Argentina! Buenos Aires
Day 2 Explore Buenos Aires by Bike Buenos Aires
Day 3 Fly to Bariloche  Bariloche
Day 4 Kayak in the Lakes District Bariloche
Day 5 Frey Hill Trek Bariloche
Day 6 Fly to El Calafate El Calafate
Day 7 Ice Trek on the Perito Moreno Glacier El Calafate
Day 8 Estancia Cristina Adventure El Calafate
Day 9 Transfer to El Chaltén, Stop at “La Leona” Petrified Forest El Chaltén
Day 10 Trek to Mount Fitz Roy & Laguna de los Tres  El Chaltén
Day 11 Kayak on Lago del Desierto  El Chaltén
Day 12 Transfer to Ushuaia, the "End of the World" Ushuaia
Day 13 Tierra del Fuego Trek & Lapataia Bay Canoe Ushuaia
Day 14 Turquesa Lagoon & Carbajal Hill Trek Ushuaia
Day 15 Return to Buenos Aires & Tango Evening Buenos Aires
Day 16 Goodbye Argentina!  

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Welcome to Argentina!

Spend your first day getting a taste of Argentina's capital
Spend your first day getting a taste of Argentina's capital

Welcome to Argentina! Renowned as the "Paris of South America" and the "Queen of El Plata," the capital city of Buenos Aires is defined by passion. This is exemplified in the rich tango heritage and its citizens' limitless enthusiasm for fútbol (soccer), which is by far the country's most popular sport. 

When you arrive at the airport, your driver will be waiting to take you in a private car to your hotel where you can relax after a long flight. But make no mistake: the city will beckon you. So after a quick recharge, be sure to venture out into the welcoming arms of Buenos Aires and explore. 

When evening falls and dinnertime arrives, do like the locals and order a thick, juicy steak (Argentina has some of the best beef in the world) drizzled with the nation's famous chimichurri (a garlic, herb, and vinegar sauce). Know that Buenos Aires is a culture that thrives after dark, and it's not uncommon for locals to have dinner well past nine in the evening, especially on weekends.

Day 2: Explore Buenos Aires by Bike

See the city sights by bike 

Today you'll get to experience the city on two wheels as opposed to two feet. On this full-day bicycle tour, you'll zip through the capital, visiting neighborhoods in and around the center of Buenos Aires.

The day starts in the historic city center of San Telmo, where you'll stop at Lezama Park to learn about the first settlement of Buenos Aires and how immigration shaped the city historically and culturally. Pedaling south takes you towards the La Boca neighborhood and La Bombonera, the home stadium of famous local fútbol club, the Boca Juniors. Here you can visit the famous and colorful Caminito Street, which abounds with art, music, and tango dancing. Next, cruise towards Puerto Madero, a mega-port that was once obsolete but has now been transformed into the most modern and sophisticated district of Buenos Aires. Stop for lunch at a typical parrilla to refuel and appreciate the art form that is Argentine barbeque (delicious veggie options can be arranged in advance). 

After lunch, escape the hustle and bustle of the city with a quick visit to the peaceful 865-acre ecological reserve of La Reserva Ecológica Costanera, before pedaling north, where the historic working-class barrios give way to the upper-class enclaves of the aristocracy. First, it's the Retiro neighborhood, which is famous for its ornate buildings and baroque architecture. This leads to the famous Recoleta neighborhood, whose old French-inspired buildings feature arched doorways and long, yawning windows. It's also home to Recoleta Cemetery, the oldest and most famous final resting place in the city. Here lies the remains of the most prominent historical figures and the most famous citizens of Argentina. After turning south, you'll make your way back to the very heart of Buenos Aires and end your memorable day at the iconic Plaza de Mayo.

Day 3: Fly to Bariloche

Nahuel Huapi Lake in Bariloche
Nahuel Huapi Lake in Bariloche

After enjoying some exciting city life in Buenos Aires, it's time to head for the southern wilderness. At the scheduled time, a driver will pick you up from your hotel and transfer you to Bueno Aires' local airport, Aeroparque. From here you'll catch a flight to San Carlos de Bariloche, the main city in Argentina's Lake District, which is home to some of the most impressive scenery in the country.

San Carlos de Bariloche was founded in 1902 on the shores of Lago Nahuel Huapi, which itself is part of the larger Parque Nacional Nahuel Huapi. The lake straddles the Chilean border, with the city of Bariloche located on the southeast shore. While beautiful in the summertime, Bariloche became globally famous as a prime winter ski destination. 

Upon arrival at Bariloche's airport, a driver will meet you and transfer you to your hotel. Even though you may be tired from your flight, try to get out and explore the city. The charming chalet-style buildings and alpine architecture can be seen and enjoyed on a brisk walk around, and the city center abounds with waterfront plazas, chocolate shops, and upscale restaurants. 

Day 4: Kayak in the Lake District

Go on a kayaking adventure through the Lake District
Go on a kayaking adventure through the Lake District

Today you'll set off on a full-day kayaking adventure in the heart of Argentina's famous Lake District. The lakes of the region offer a variety of kayaking tours, tailor-made to provide a day of outdoor adventure and extraordinary scenery for any level of experience. 
After a transfer from your hotel, you'll reach the lake and hit the water, paddling past secluded beaches and marveling at each new landscape that unfolds before you. Disembark on a sheltered beach to rest and savor a well-deserved rustic countryside lunch before returning to the crystal clear waters once again. At the end of the day, you'll be transferred back to your lodging for the afternoon, where you can relax or explore the area at your leisure.

Day 5: Frey Hill Trek

Climb to the summit of Cerro Catedral

The imposing Cerro Catedral (Cathedral Hill) is one of the symbols of Bariloche, synonymous with snow, winter, and skiing. In spring and summer, the Cathedral is a spectacular trekking destination, where hikers can visit the Frey Refuge at its summit—an authentic mountain shelter built on the shore of the Toncek Lagoon, at about 6500 feet (2000 m) above sea level. The panoramic views here are beyond words, overlooking a world of lakes, valleys, and the vast Cordillera de los Andes.

Today's unforgettable full-day trek begins in the morning, as you start your ascent with the Rucaco Valley on your right and Tronador Hill in the background, dominating the landscape. Keep an eye out for condors along the way, calmly soaring on currents of warm air. After a couple of hours, you'll pass the crystal clear waters of Schmoll Lagoon and arrive at the Frey Refuge at the edge of Tocek Lagoon. Used as a base by rock climbers, this is the perfect spot to enjoy a great pizza for lunch, take photos from the summit, and take a well-deserved rest on the shores of the lagoon. Your descent takes you back to the base of Cerro Catedral, where you can transfer back to your lodgings for the afternoon.

Day 6: Fly to El Calafate

The Southern Patagonian Ice Field
The Southern Patagonian Ice Field

This morning, a driver will pick you up at the hotel for your private transfer to the airport to catch your flight to El Calafate. This town sits on the edge of the Southern Patagonian Ice Field, which is home to Los Glaciares National Park. The most famous landmark in this protected area is Perito Moreno, a 150 square-mile (250 square-kilometer) ice formation that is one of the few advancing glaciers in the world. 

Upon your arrival at El Calafate, another transfer will take you to your hotel. You can spend the day relaxing or venture out and enjoy the quaint cafes and shops around town. You can also prime yourself with information on the nearby glaciers by visiting the Glaciarium. This multi-media center has an ice museum, various interactive displays, and educational information regarding glaciers. For fun, it even has a bar made totally of ice.

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Day 7: Ice Trek on the Perito Moreno Glacier

Trek across the Perito Moreno glacier 

After breakfast at your hotel, transfer to Los Glaciares National Park, where you'll catch your first glimpse of the majestic Perito Moreno. This expansive ice mass flows down from the Andes out over the turquoise waters of Lago Argentino, ending abruptly in a great wall that curves around the lake. Wait a bit and you'll witness "calving," the awe-inspiring sight of ice breaking off the facade and crashing into the tranquil waters below. Every time ice hits the water a thundering crash reverberates in the ears.

On today's full-day adventure, you'll take a short boat trip across Rio Brazil to reach the glacier. After an hour's hike, stop at a spectacular viewpoint to suit up with crampons, harnesses, and helmets and begin your journey across the ice. Accompanied by a certified guide, you'll enjoy crossing deep blue ice crevices and hiking over meltwater streams as you experience Perito Moreno up close. Along the way, the guide will help you learn more about the ice, its surroundings, and the nearby mountains of Cerro Dos Picos, Cerro Pietrobelli, and Cerro Cervantes. You'll also get to experience a memorable picnic lunch on the ice, in one of the most breathtaking locations imaginable.

During the day you'll also have ample time to witness the glacier from one of the many viewing platforms in the park. These platforms are accessible via a network of boardwalks that run along the shores of the lake. They offer the best vantage points and sweeping views of the glacier, making for great photo opportunities.

Day 8: Estancia Cristina Adventure

Take a boat tour by the glacier
A boat trip takes you past glaciers to Estancia Cristina

After breakfast, start your tour along Route 11 towards Punta Bandera Port, where you'll board a catamaran to sail among icebergs and stunning scenery overlooking the western front of the Upsala Glacier. After crossing the Cristina Channel, disembark at a small pier that welcomes you to Estancia Cristina, one of the most impressive ranch-style lodges in the region. It was founded in 1914 by pioneers and built on a valley once covered by the Upsala Glacier. A visit to the Folkloric Museum here (located in an old sheep-shearing shed), offers insight into the history of the estancia. The surrounding scenery is nothing to scoff at either—all around are impressive panoramic views of snow-capped mountains, rivers, lakes, and glaciers. 

Today you'll be embarking on a Gully of the Fossils adventure, traveling by ATV along 6 miles (9.5 km) of rugged mountain trails, where you can explore a landscape that until recently was covered by glaciers and is a place of great geological interest. With a backdrop of sweeping views across the Upsala Glacier, Guillermo Lake, the Southern Patagonian Ice Sheet, and the Andes Mountain Range, you'll search for fossils in this unique valley. After a picnic lunch, return to the estancia to board the boat and return to your hotel for the evening. 

Day 9: Transfer to El Chaltén, Stop at La Leona Petrified Forest

Explore prehistoric Patagonia on a visit to a petrified forest

Today you'll transfer north to El Chaltén, stopping en route for an excursion into a fantastical fossilized landscape. Your detour takes you to an estancia (ranch) halfway between El Calafate and El Chaltén, just off a section of the mythical Route 40. Here you'll stop at the historic Hotel La Leona, before continuing along a dirt track to the slopes of Mount Los Hornos to reach the remains of a petrified forest. Step back in time to prehistoric Patagonia as you set out on foot to explore the eroded landscape, its abundant fossils, and its many 70 million-year-old petrified tree trunks. 

In the afternoon, get back on the road and continue to El Chaltén. If the skies are clear, you'll be treated to incredible views of Mount Fitz Roy along the way. Because of this famous peak, the town is nicknamed "hiker's paradise" due to the abundance of mountaineering options all around (which you'll soon get a chance to experience firsthand).

Upon arrival, check into your hotel and take the rest of the day to acclimate to your new surroundings. Perhaps you'll want to take a walk in town before a relaxing evening sampling El Chaltén's many restaurants and craft beer bars.

Day 10: Trek to Mount Fitz Roy & Laguna de los Tres 

Embark on a full-day hike to Laguna de los Tres 

After breakfast, embark on a spectacular and unforgettable full-day trek towards Mount Fitz Roy. This exhilarating guided excursion starts with a transfer to the trailhead at El Pilar, located 10.5 miles (17 km) to the north of town. The journey is enjoyable for the lovely views of the valley along the way. From here you'll start walking in a dense forest of lengas that protect you from the winds coming off the Continental Ice Field. From the start, you'll be able to spot lots of different glaciers, including Marconi, Eléctrico, Cagliero, and in the distance, Vespignani. Your destination is Laguna de los Tres, a magical mountain lake that earned its name from the panoramic view it offers of the three peaks: Fitz Roy, Poincenot, and Torre.

At the end of this 16-mile (26 km) hike, you'll descend the mountain and return to your hotel in El Chaltén for a well-earned rest.

Day 11: Kayak on Lago del Desierto 

Kayak on the serene waters of Lago del Desierto
Kayak on the serene waters of Lago del Desierto

Get ready to hit the water today, as you're picked up from El Chaltén to set out along the scenic route towards Lago del Desierto. Upon arrival, your guide will teach you some of the basics of kayaking in the area and provide gore-tex suits.

Launch onto the calm, glassy waters and begin your paddling adventure, surrounded by beautiful forests and impressive peaks in the distance. After a trip around the lake, you'll return to shore and have some free time to explore the nearby trails or visit the viewpoint of the nearby Huemul Glacier before returning to town for the evening.

Day 12: Transfer to Ushuaia

Welcome to Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the world

Enjoy a hearty breakfast in El Chaltén before transferring to the airport for a quick flight to Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the world. Upon arrival, you'll check into your hotel and have the rest of the day to explore.

Located on a bay in the Patagonian region of Tierra del Fuego, Ushuaia sits between the jagged peaks of the Martial Mountains and the silver waters of the Beagle Channel. This is the same waterway Charles Darwin explored when he was traveling on the HMS Beagle almost 200 years ago. Make sure to get out and walk along the waterfront for a better glimpse of the craggy mountains and wide channel. As you stroll amid Ushuaia's colorful buildings, you'll notice an endearing jumble of architectural styles with everything from mock chalets to tumbledown wooden cottages.

For something a little different, visit the building that houses Ushuaia's Maritime Museum, which was once an old prison. Constructed at the turn of the 20th century, some 600 convicts occupied 380 cells until the prison's closing in 1947. There's also the Museo del Fin del Mundo, or "End of the World" museum. Located on the waterfront, this small museum features fascinating exhibits detailing the region's natural and indigenous history. You'll also find extensive exhibits on birds and sailing.

For an easy afternoon hike, you can head 11 miles (17 km) outside of Ushuaia to the Laguna Esmeralda trailhead. The shores of this turquoise lake are a great spot to enjoy a picnic lunch and take photos. Regarding the cuisine in Ushuaia, the region is famous for its seafood, particularly centolla (king crab). Try it au gratin—it's the most decadent dish in Ushuaia. 

Day 13: Tierra del Fuego Trek & Lapataia Bay Canoeing

Boat along Lapataia Bay
Canoe your way through Lapataia Bay

Today you'll spend the day in Tierra del Fuego National Park, which is known for its sub-antarctic forest, dramatic scenery, and rugged coastline. Once in Ensenada Bay, enjoy the view over the Beagle Channel before starting your guided excursion with a walk along the coast. This route allows you to observe the flora and wildlife, including woodpeckers, guanacos, and foxes, as well as discovering traces of the area’s ancient indigenous people, the Yamana. 

After three hours, you'll arrive at Lake Roca, where lunch will be served. Then it's time to set out on a canoe trip down the Lapataia River, which will take you to Lapataia Bay in the Beagle Channel, the place where the Pan-American Highway ends. This important trans-continental route begins in Alaska, covers the length of the Americas, and finishes here, at the "end of the world."

Day 14: Turquesa Lagoon & Carbajal Hill Trek

Hike to the summit of Mount Carbajal

Today's hike takes you to one of the most beautiful places in Ushuaia, on a journey of discovery far from the beaten path. After a short transfer to the Tierra Mayor Valley, you'll begin a steep guided trek past beautiful glacial lakes and mountain forests. See the colorful Turquoise Lagoon, then will continue to gain altitude along a rocky ridge to reach the summit of Mount Carbajal. Here you'll be rewarded with sweeping views across the valley, where you can trace the route that the glaciers made towards the Beagle Channel over 10,000 years ago. After your descent, a transfer takes you back to your accommodations in the afternoon.

Day 15: Return to Buenos Aires & Tango Evening

An evening of tango
An evening of tango welcomes you back to Buenos Aires

It's time to bid Patagonia farewell today as you transfer to the airport and catch your flight back to Buenos Aires. Upon arrival, you'll be transferred to your hotel and can spend the rest of the day at your leisure.

In the evening, you'll be picked up for a celebratory final night on the town, featuring dinner and a tango show. Here you’ll discover one of Argentina's most famous traditions, a mesmerizing dance that tells stories of love, sensuality, and passion. A live band of local musicians will serenade you as world-class tango dancers show off their best moves, while you enjoy an à la carte dinner of delicious Argentine cuisine.

Day 16: Goodbye Argentina!

Goodbye, Buenos Aires!
Goodbye, Buenos Aires!

After enjoying one last morning in Buenos Aires, you'll be picked up and transferred to the airport to catch your departing flight. Safe travels and buen viaje!

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