This exciting 16-day itinerary leads you around Argentina's cultural and natural highlights. Begin in Buenos Aires with a cooking class and a tango show, then fly to El Calafate for an ice trekking adventure and a boat ride around glaciers. Continue to Ushuaia to hike, canoe, and spot penguins in the wild in Tierra del Fuego. Then finish the tour in Mendoza, where you'll sip wine in the vineyards, kayak on a mountain lake, and explore the Andes on a high-altitude excursion.


  • Kick off the trip with dinner and a tango show in Buenos Aires
  • Cruise along tranquil canals on the Tigre River Delta
  • Walk along the surface of Perito Moreno on a glacier hike
  • Hike, canoe, and visit penguins in Tierra del Fuego

Brief Itinerary

Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Buenos Aires, Explore Buenos Aires
Day 2 Tour Teatro Colón, Tango & Dinner Show Buenos Aires
Day 3 Cruise Down the Canals of Tigre Buenos Aires
Day 4 Learn About Local Food Traditions  Buenos Aires
Day 5 Fly to El Calafate, Visit the Glaciarium El Calafate
Day 6 Ice Trek on Perito Moreno Glacier El Calafate
Day 7 Excursion to Upsala Glacier & Estancia Cristina El Calafate
Day 8 Discover the Wilderness Near El Calafate El Calafate
Day 9 Fly to Ushuaia, Explore the City Ushuaia
Day 10 Boat to the Penguin Colony on Isla Martillo Ushuaia
Day 11 Hike & Canoe in Tierra del Fuego National Park Ushuaia
Day 12 Fly to Mendoza, Explore Mendoza
Day 13 Explore the Andes on a High-Altitude Tour Mendoza
Day 14 Kayak at Potrerillos Mendoza
Day 15 Go on a Wine Tour Around Mendoza  Mendoza
Day 16 Fly to Buenos Aires, Depart   

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Arrive in Buenos Aires, Explore

Enjoy an evening view of Puente de la Mujer (Woman's Bridge) in Puerto Madero

Welcome to Argentina! Your trip begins in the capital city of Buenos Aires. Transfer from the airport to your hotel and take some time to get settled before heading off on an afternoon tour of the "Paris of South America." Your guide will start by showing you Plaza de Mayo, home to the Casa Rosada (the national government palace) and the Metropolitan Cathedral. Continue to nearby San Telmo, one of the city's oldest neighborhoods; it's known for its bohemian atmosphere, street tango performances, antique shops, and cobblestoned streets.

La Boca is famed for its brightly-painted houses, and Puerto Madero is on the riverside, with former industrial warehouses turned into elegant bars, restaurants, and offices. Palermo is home to many of the city's best bars, restaurants, and clubs, as well as picturesque parks and gardens. Recoleta is known for its cemetery, where some of Argentina's most famous residents are buried—including Eva Perón, also known as Evita. After the tour, have dinner near your hotel—try an Argentine parrilla or steakhouse—and get some rest.

Day 2: Tour Teatro Colón, Tango & Dinner Show

Tour the grand interiors of the famous Teatro Colón

You'll have part of the day free to explore the city today. After breakfast, head to the Teatro Colón, one of the finest opera houses in the world. Take a tour of the theater, which opened in 1908, with its horseshoe-shaped gallery and incredible acoustics. You'll even have a chance to see the backstage and costume department. Then go for coffee and churros in Café Tortoni, one of the city's many classic cafés. Sample Argentine cuisine for lunch, then stroll around San Telmo, Puerto Madero, or La Boca.

In the evening, you'll attend a traditional tango show at a historic venue in San Telmo. Enjoy a classic Argentine menu with wine pairings as you watch dancers twirling to live music by a tango quintet. During the show, you'll learn about tango history and how the art form has developed over the years. You'll return to your hotel late in the evening to relax and get some rest.

Day 3: Cruise Down the Canals of Tigre

Go for a boat ride on the canals of Tigre

After breakfast, head down to the waterfront in Puerto Madero to board a boat for a half-day adventure. Cruise along the Río de la Plata to the Paraná Delta, navigating its network of canals. You'll disembark to visit a few spots in the city of Tigre, including the Naval Museum and the Tigre Art Museum. At the Puerto de Frutos marketplace, take a break to have lunch and shop for artisan-made souvenirs. You'll cruise back to Buenos Aires in the afternoon and have the evening free.

Day 4: Learn About Local Food Traditions 

Tuck into some succulent Argentine beef
Dine on steak with chimichurri, a traditional Argentine condiment

Take the first part of the day to sightsee, shop, go on a bike tour, and enjoy the city's café culture. Then return to the hotel to relax before heading out to this evening's scheduled activity. You'll be returning to the neighborhood of Palermo to participate in the Argentine Experience, which might be described as a cooking class and dinner party rolled into one.

When you arrive, your hosts will serve wine and guide you through the evening, explaining how Argentine culture reveals itself in its food and drink. Try your hand preparing three different kinds of cocktails and delicious tapas, then taste a classic steak with chimichurri, a traditional condiment. You'll also learn how to prepare handmade empanadas, alfajores (Argentine sandwich cookies), and maté, an herbal tea that is the lifeblood of the country. Return to your hotel at the end of the evening to get some rest. 

Day 5: Fly to El Calafate, Visit the Glaciarium

Watch the sun go down over Lago Argentino in El Calafate

Today you'll fly to the Patagonian destination of El Calafate, the gateway to Los Glaciares National Park. The flight time is about three hours. If you can, get a window seat to take in the stunning views of the Southern Patagonian Ice Field as you fly over it. El Calafate is known for its location on Lago Argentino, Argentina's largest freshwater lake. After checking in at your hotel and getting settled, you'll have the afternoon and evening free to stroll around town and do some sightseeing.

Get ready for tomorrow's visit to the nearby glaciers by visiting the Glaciarium. This interactive museum offers hands-on displays and an ice bar where you can take a break for drinks. Stop in the quaint cafés and shops around El Calafate, then have dinner in a local restaurant before getting some rest at your hotel.

Day 6: Ice Trek on Perito Moreno Glacier

Hiking Perito Moreno, Argentina
Walk on the surface of Perito Moreno

Today's adventure takes you to the famous Perito Moreno Glacier in Los Glaciares National Park. The transfer from your hotel takes about one hour. As you enter the park, you'll catch your first glimpse of the majestic glacier. This extensive ice mass flows down from the Andes out over Lago Argentino, ending abruptly in a great wall that curves around the lake. If you're lucky, you'll see "calving," the awe-inspiring sight of ice breaking off the facade and crashing into the tranquil waters below.

On today's excursion, you'll walk on the glacier's surface equipped with crampons and an ice ax. Cross deep blue ice crevices and hike over melting streams as you experience Perito Moreno from this unique perspective. Return to the visitor's center, where you'll have time to explore the boardwalks and viewing platforms offering sweeping views of the glacier. Head back to El Calafate for the evening.

Day 7: Visit the Upsala Glacier & Estancia Cristina 

Visit the Upsala Glacier & Estancia Cristina [Classic Program]
Make a side trip to Upsala Glacier and Estancia Cristina 

Another boat adventure awaits today. After an early breakfast, set sail from Punta Bandera, gliding over the waters of Lago Argentino to reach the furthest possible point of navigation in the Upsala Channel. From this point, you'll enjoy an incredible panoramic view of the Upsala Glacier. Disembark at the historic ranch known as Estancia Cristina and go on a guided trek through the surrounding valley. The trail gradually ascends to an elevated lookout point offering sweeping views of the valley, Lago Pearson, and the towering Andes mountains.

The highlight of the trek is the Río Los Perros Waterfall, which doubles as a fantastic spot for observing flowers and plant life, especially orchids. Return to Estancia Cristina and tour the grounds, including the small museum located in the old sheepshearing shed, the water wheel, the chapel, and the main lodge. After a full day, boat back to El Calafate and relax in the evening. 

Plan your trip to Argentina
Chat with a local specialist who can help organize your trip.

Day 8: Discover the Wilderness Near El Calafate

Reserva Laguna Nimez
Spot rare birds at Reserva Laguna Nimez

Today you'll have free time to enjoy El Calafate however you like. You could book a luxurious spa treatment and spend the day relaxing. Embark on an active adventure, like horseback riding at a nearby ranch, or go for a kayak trip on the lake. You could also tour Reserva Laguna Nimez, a protected area that's home to exotic birds like the Chilean flamingo. The reserve is located just a short walk outside town.

Day 9: Fly to Ushuaia, Explore the City

Check out the impressive landscapes surrounding the city of Ushuaia

After breakfast in El Calafate, you'll pack up and transfer to the airport for the one-hour flight to Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the world. Located on a bay in Tierra del Fuego, the city sits between the jagged peaks of the Martial Mountains and the silver waters of the Beagle Channel, where Charles Darwin famously sailed. After dropping off your things at your hotel, walk along the waterfront to marvel at the mountains and scenic shoreline.

Visit Ushuaia's Maritime Museum, housed in a building that was once a prison, or the Museo del Fin del Mundo (End of the World Museum). Located on the waterfront, this small museum features fascinating exhibits on the region's natural history. Alternatively, take a leisurely afternoon hike at Laguna Esmeralda, a beautiful turquoise lake outside Ushuaia. Then enjoy dinner in a local seafood restaurant—be sure to try the centolla (king crab). 

Day 10: Boat to the Penguin Colony on Isla Martillo

Isla de los Lobos, Ushuaia
Sail past Isla de los Lobos off the coast of Ushuaia

Today you'll board a boat and sail out into the Beagle Channel, taking in views of the coast, the city skyline, and the surrounding mountains. Pass the Isla de los Lobos, a rocky island that's a permanent habitat for a large group of sea lions. Then, it's off to Isla de los Pájaros, home to various species of seabirds, including Magellanic cormorants and imperial shags. Continue to Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse and catch a glimpse of the Monte Cervantes, an ocean liner that sank in 1930.

Your guide will also point out attractions onshore and across the channel, such as Estancia Remolino (a remote ranch), Isla Gable, and the naval base at Puerto Williams (located on Isla Navarino, Chile). Your final destination is Isla Martillo, an island populated by penguins. You'll be invited to hop off the boat and walk near them. Although closer contact isn't allowed, you'll have fantastic photo opportunities. After this six-hour day trip, return to Ushuaia for the evening. 

Day 11: Hike & Canoe in Tierra del Fuego National Park

Go hiking in Tierra del Fuego National Park
Walk along the lake shore in Tierra del Fuego National Park

Today, you'll spend most of your time in Tierra del Fuego National Park. Your experienced guide will show you the best hikes, lakes, and lookout points, from seaside mountains to freshwater rivers to subantarctic forests and tranquil bays. Begin with a 4.3-mile (7 km) hike on a coastal path that follows the Beagle Channel. You'll have excellent views of the channel along the way and pass remnants of ancient settlements once occupied by the native Yámana people.

At the end of the hike, enjoy a delicious lunch with views of the Río Lapataia and Lago Roca. Afterward, you'll hop in a canoe and paddle down the river until you reach the southern end of the Pan-American Highway, the world's longest drivable road. This transcontinental route begins in Alaska and covers the entire length of the Americas. Head back to Ushuaia for the night.

Day 12: Fly to Mendoza, Explore

Mendoza's vineyards and snowcapped mountains
Enjoy views of Mendoza's vineyards and snowcapped mountains

After breakfast, a driver will meet you, and you'll transfer to the airport to catch a two-hour flight to Mendoza. This western part of the country is ground zero for the country's booming wine industry. Mendoza also features breathtaking scenery and opportunities for outdoor adventures. With the Andes looming high above the area's vineyards, there is a wide range of opportunities for hiking, horseback riding, and whitewater rafting.

Upon arrival in the city, you'll have the rest of the day to relax and explore at your leisure. The city center features expansive plazas and wide boulevards shaded by sycamore trees. One of the most popular local meeting spots is Plaza Independencia, with its impressive fountains and elegant acacia trees. The largest park is Parque General San Martín, and it's a great place to go for a walk around well-manicured grounds and palm trees. Enjoy some Argentine cuisine and wine in the evening at one of Mendoza's many excellent restaurants.

Day 13: Explore the Andes on a High-Altitude Tour

Drive into the Andes
Drive into the dramatic scenery of the Andes

Today you'll explore the untamed landscapes and historical sites found just outside the city of Mendoza. The tour starts early, as there's a lot of ground to cover. After a pickup outside your hotel, you'll drive along the Río Mendoza and enjoy views of the Cordón del Plata mountain range, a subset of the Andes and a popular trekking destination. You'll pass by the Potrerillos Dam, notable for distributing all the water for the region's vineyards.

Continue to Uspallata, a pre-Hispanic native settlement, and the villages of Picheuta, Polvaredas, and Punta de Vacas. At the Los Penitentes ski resort, you can hop on a chairlift and ride up to a summit featuring panoramic views of the area. Next, drive to the Puente del Inca, a natural arch that forms a bridge over the Río Las Cuevas. Ascend 9,022 feet (2,750 m) above sea level to a viewpoint at Cerro Aconcagua. At 22,841 feet (6,962 m), it's the highest mountain in the Americas.

Your last top on today's adventure is the European-style village of Las Cuevas at 10,498 feet (3,200 m) above sea level. Between Las Cuevas and the international tunnel to Chile, a path leads to Christ the Redeemer of the Andes. This monument sits at 12,572 feet (3,832 m) above sea level, symbolizing the union between Argentina and Chile. Drive back to Mendoza in the late afternoon and have a relaxing evening.

Day 14: Kayak at Potrerillos

Potrerillos Dam, Mendoza
Paddle on the calm waters of Potrerillos

After breakfast, you'll transfer one hour from your hotel to Potrerillos. This town is located in the foothills of the Andes—the same area you passed through yesterday—and is known for great kayaking, hiking, and rafting. The damming of the Rio Mendoza has created an artificial lake that you'll explore today. On arrival, you'll be outfitted with kayaking gear and receive an introductory safety talk from the professional guide. You'll then spend a few hours paddling on the lake and enjoying beautiful views. Transfer back to Mendoza in the afternoon. 

Day 15: Go on a Wine Tour Around Mendoza 

Malbec grapes in Mendoza
Wander through the vineyards in Mendoza

It's time to get out and explore Mendoza's vineyards and wineries today. On this tour, you'll visit the most famous wine destinations around Mendoza, from Luján de Cuyo to the fertile soil of the Maipú Valley. Throughout the tour, you'll learn about Mendoza's history, beginning with Jesuit priests and European immigrants. They settled here and combined their winemaking knowledge with irrigation techniques passed down from the native Huarpe people, transforming a vast desert into a productive oasis.

You'll visit two wineries that still rely on traditional irrigation methods today and one or two more that use the latest technology in the winemaking process. On tours of the wineries' facilities, you'll learn about the cultivation of grapes, the harvest, and the bottling and labeling process. Of course, you'll also taste the wines! Sample several varietals alongside locally grown olives and artisanal cheeses at each winery. Return to the city of Mendoza in the evening.

Day 16: Fly to Buenos Aires, Depart 

Farewell, Argentina
A nighttime view over Avenida 9 de Julio in Buenos Aires

This morning, transfer to the airport for your 1.5-hour flight back to Buenos Aires. From there, you'll catch your return flight home. Safe travels!

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Map of Classic Argentina: Buenos Aires, Patagonia & Mendoza - 16 Days
Map of Classic Argentina: Buenos Aires, Patagonia & Mendoza - 16 Days