The Slovenian Alps has a great selection of beautiful short hikes that can be extended into full-day adventures. Here's a list of our favorite routes to do during the summer when the trails are at their best.

Overview map

Triglav Lakes Valley (Julian Alps)

Triglav Lakes Valley
Triglav Lakes Valley

Triglav Lakes Valley is one of the most romantic places in the Julian Alps. It is a valley above famous Lake Bohinj, climbing towards Mt. Triglav and Mt Kanjavec. The valley is also called Seven Lakes Valley (although there are actually ten lakes in total!). All the lakes in the valley are connected together by underground aquifers. The lakes ultimately drain out as spectacular waterfall called 'Slap Savica' at the end of Bohinj Valley, which feeds the Bohinj lake itself. 

Velika Planina (Kamnik Alps)

Velika Planina
Velika Planina

'Velika Planina' means ‘the big pasture’ in Slovenian, with an ancient tradition of pasturing. In the old days, they mainly pastured horses that they used in the town of Kamnik for transport purposes. Kamnik was for centuries an important trade point. Nowadays, they pasture cattle here so we can try their locally made dairy products. The most popular dairy product among Slovenians is called Soured Milk, which is a kind of refreshing sugarless yogurt.

Hikes above Jezersko (Kamnik Alps)

Jezersko, north side of the Kamnik Alps

Jezersko is a lovely valley on the north side of Kamnik Alps near the border with Austria. It offers numerous options for easy hikes. After a hike, we recommend stopping in ‘Šenkova domačija’, a touristic farm where you can taste some of the authentic local food and spoil yourself in their wellness chamber. They also offer lovely rooms to enjoy the place for a bit longer than just a day. If you're looking for a challenge but still want to be back in time for lunch, try the hike up to ‘Češka koča’ mountain hut. 

Hikes above Logarska Dolina (Kamnik Alps)

The Kamnik Alps
The Kamnik Alps

This is the most beautiful alpine valley in the Kamnik Alps. One of the best hikes goes past the magnificent waterfall, Rinka. From there, you can continue towards Okrešelj, which is a plateau formed by a former glacier surrounded by steep mountains. You can also do a short hike to the lovely hut ‘Klemenča jama’. From there, extend the trip to Ojstrica, a mountain important in the history of Slovenian Alpinism given its huge vertical north face.

Kamniško Sedlo Hike (Kamnik Alps)

One of the most popular hikes in the Kamnik Alps

From Ljubljana, you can clearly make out the col on this popular hike in Kamnik Alps from the south. The hike from the valley of ‘Kamniška Bistrica’ (600m) to the saddle ‘Kamniško sedlo’ (1884 m) is about 4 hours long (one way), but it can be shortened to an hour if one drives on a steep gravel road and starts a bit higher. A nice trail leads you towards Mt. Brana and Mt. Planjava. Between the two mountains, there is a lovely mountain col with a recently renovated mountain hut where you can treat yourself with freshly baked treats.

If you're fit, the hike can be extended to scramble up to Mt. Brana (2253m) or Mt. Planjava (2392m), which extends the trip for roughly 3 hours in total.