Morocco's southern seaside city of Agadir offers the best of both worlds, as it sits along the foothills of the Anti-Atlas Mountains and the Atlantic coast. Although an earthquake in 1960 destroyed much of the old city, Agadir emerged as a cool, laid-back, modern metropolis. Today, it has one of Africa's largest markets and a buzzy marina and seaside promenade. You can enjoy unique experiences, like the panoramic views from atop the city's kasbah, or relaxing along the shore in a cave resort.

Getting Oriented

Agadir is one of Morocco's two bustling seaside cities with a good marina.

Located in the southern region of Morocco, you'll find Agadir sandwiched between a long crescent beach on the Atlantic coastline and the rugged hills of the Anti-Atlas Mountains. Because of its location, the weather is favorable even in the winter, so if you're wondering about the best time to visit Morocco, you can add Agadir to any trip at any time of the year.

Unfortunately, an earthquake in 1960 destroyed much of Agadir's historic core, with one of the few surviving structures being the old Kasbah's walls. Otherwise, the city is relatively new and known as a hip, relaxed, and modern metropolis. As a resort town, you'll find a bustling marina lined with cafes, bars, and bistros, plus a long promenade perfect for a sunset stroll.

Because there are so many highlights in Morocco, Agadir is often overlooked. But you'll be pleased with a visit, as the city hosts one of the largest markets in Africa and offers unique experiences like sleeping in old cave houses overlooking the ocean.

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What To Do in Agadir

There's plenty to do in Agadir, but the highlights include strolling along the seaside promenade, hiking the old Kasbah walls for panoramic views, and shopping in the region's biggest souk.

Shop in Souk Al Had

Shop the 6,000+ stalls in Souk Al Had, one of the largest markets in Africa.

Souk Al Had is not only the region's largest market but also one of the most elaborate souks in all of Africa. It has over 6,000 stalls selling goods such as clothing, jewelry, footwear, home furnishings, crafts, pottery, rugs, fresh produce, and much, much more. Despite its size, it's actually quite easy to navigate and isn't as touristy as other souks in Morocco. Plus, haggling isn't as customary, so it offers a more peaceful shopping experience. Read More

Visit Kasbah Oufella

Kasbah Oufella is fun to explore and offers panoramic views over the new city and Atlantic

One of the few structures remaining intact after Agadir's earthquake in 1960 was the Kasbah Oufella, or at least part of its partition. Although the quake destroyed the majority of the old city, you can climb up the Kasbah walls and enjoy sweeping panoramic views over the new city. A great time to go is at sunrise or sunset. Read More

Explore the Agadir Marina

Spend some time strolling along Agadir's modern marina.

Because of the damage done to the city during the infamous 1960 earthquake, much of Agadir consists of new construction. As a result, you have a cool, laid-back, and modern city at your fingertips! One of the most popular areas for tourists and locals alike is the Agadir Marina, lined with upscale shopping, buzzy cafes, and delicious ice cream shops. Head here for a stroll at any time of the day or to catch one of the city's epic sunsets in the evening. Read More

Stay in Cliffside Caves

Get off the grid and spend the night overlooking the sea in a historic cave house.

Although Agadir is full of resorts, you can get your own private piece of the beach by staying a bit south of the city. Enjoy a rustic retreat in troglodyte caves, which were built right into the side of the cliffs and feature ocean-facing bedrooms. They were once the homes of the local anglers, so they're a bit rustic. Enjoy peaceful solitude, stroll the beach, swim in the sea, and challenge the proprietor to a surprisingly thrilling game of dominoes! Read More

How to Craft the Perfect Agadir Itinerary

Explore the unique streets of Agadir, a hip and laid-back city.

You can tick a lot off your list in Agadir in just a day or two, so the city is the perfect addition to any itinerary that includes Morocco's south. It also makes an exciting stop on a coastal road trip. Of course, many travelers opt to pair Agadir with other cities, including Essouaria, Casablanca, and Marrakech. But because a series of roadways connects the city to the desert, you can also include Agadir on an itinerary that explores Morocco's Dades Valley, which eventually links to Merzouga and the Erg Chebbi dunes.

Give yourself at least one week if you're trying to decide how many days to spend in Morocco. You could easily fly into Marrakech and visit Agadir and Ouarzazate in that amount of time. Opt for two weeks in Morrocco if you'd like to explore further, like other coastal hubs or more of the desert.

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