Known as the "Hollywood of Morocco," you may recognize the town and scenery of Ouarzazate from movies like The Mummy and Gladiator. Enjoy touring the studios that made these films possible while admiring the town's unique architecture and towering Kasbah. Then, explore Ouarzazate's surroundings with activities like biking along the scenic Fint Oasis. You can also take part in unique experiences, such as attending an embroidery workshop at a artist's cooperative or joining the locals for the annual Amazigh New Year!

Getting Oriented

Enjoy the architecture in Ouarzazate. 

Ouarzazate is known as "The Gateway to the Sahara," as it sits just over the High Atlas Mountains from Marrakech. It's an excellent stopping point for those wanting to explore one of the most popular regions of Morocco: the desert. Connected by a series of roadways, you can visit many other desert hamlets via Ouarzazate, including the scenic Dades Valley, the market towns of Erfoud and Rissani, and Merzouga with its tall orange dunes.

Ouarzazate's claims to fame include its film studios responsible for big-screen movies, including The Mummy, Gladiator, Babel, and Kingdom of Heaven, plus scenes from The Game of Thrones. But, besides Hollywood enthusiasts, Ouarzazate appeals to many other types of travelers, thanks to its unique cultural experiences and scenic natural surroundings. It really ticks off many boxes in terms of Morocco's highlights!

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What to Do

Morocco is filled with unique adventures, and the town of Ouarzazate supports many of these activities. Some of the best things to do in Morrocco are right here, including historical, cultural, and outdoor experiences!

Backlot Tour of the Atlas Film Studio

Interact with movie sets with an exclusive backlot tour.

The Atlas Film Studios in Ouarzazate are known as the "Hollywood of Morocco," as many regional films debuted in the Middle East are filmed here. Additionally, the studios are responsible for big-screen movies like The Mummy, Gladiator, Babel, and Kingdom of Heaven. It's also where many scenes from Season 3 of the Game of Thrones were filmed. On this tour, you'll walk through the current sets, where you can fully interact with them and the props! Read More

Mountain Biking in Fint Oasis

Peddle from Ouarzazate to Aït Benhaddou via the Fint Oasis.

One of the most scenic areas in Morocco for mountain biking is the Fint Oasis near Ouarzazate. This area stretches along a lush river valley lined with palm trees and offers picturesque offroad tracks for all levels. Expert riders can opt for more challenging routes, including the 12-mile cycle between Ouarzazate and Aït Benhaddou. Read More

Workshop at an Embroidery Cooperative

Learn a new skill and create your own embroidery in a workshop at a local cooperative.

Visit a cooperative and watch local artisans in action as they use traditional Berber techniques to create the beautiful designs you may have seen in the area. Men and women weave and embroider fabric to create geometric designs (often without templates) using warm and bright colors. Then, attend a workshop and make an embroidery of your own that you can take home with you. Read More

Celebrate the Amazigh New Year in Ouarzazate

Eat the traditional Berber New Year meal of seven couscous dishes.

If you're traveling in Morocco in January, you can attend the Amazigh New Year (also known as the Berber New Year) on the 12th of January. Although most people observe the holiday at home, Ouarzazate brings the community together with a large outdoor celebration. Enjoy the traditional dinner of seven couscous dishes, listen to poetry, and peruse the vendors selling goods and food. Read More

How to Craft the Perfect Ouarzazate Itinerary

The scenery around Ouarzazate is one of the town's highlights.

Because Ouarzazate sits perfectly between Marrakech and the desert, it's an ideal destination to add to your itinerary. Many travelers combine a buzzy city like Marrakech, Casablanca, and/or Fes with the Atlas Mountains and the desert, so Ouarzazate and its surroundings usually pair with any trip quite nicely.

If you're wondering how many days to spend in Morocco, try to give yourself at least one week. The country is big, and driving is usually the way to move around, meaning it's best to build travel time into your itinerary. In one week, you could easily squeeze in a couple of cities and a desert adventure. With two weeks in Morocco, however, you could extend your reach and enjoy multiple cities, the coast, the mountains, and the desert.

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