Over seven days, you will discover some of the most spectacular natural wonders in Argentina, watch Tango dancers perform in Buenos Aires, and go wine-tasting at the foot of the Andes Mountains. You'll have one day to explore the vibrant city of Buenos Aires before traveling to the famous wine region, Mendoza, where you'll taste an array of different wines in the most spectacular settings during a Luján de Cuyo wine experience. You'll then travel high into the Andes and discover unforgettable viewpoints, towns, and a hike to Quebrada del Durazno before heading to Puerto Iguazú where you'll visit the famous Iguazú Falls from both the Argentina side and the Brazil side.


  • Visit a traditional tango house for a show in Buenos Aires
  • Taste high-quality Mendoza wines in three different wineries
  • Trek to a special Aconcagua Mountain viewpoint
  • Visit the viewpoint of the triple border between Argentina, Brazil, & Paraguay
  • Get up-close to the Devil's Throat Waterfall at Iguazú National Park

Brief Itinerary

Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Buenos Aires - Tango Show Buenos Aires
Day 2 Transfer to Mendoza Mendoza
Day 3 Luján de Cuyo Wine Experience Mendoza
Day 4 Tour Andes Region - Hike to Quebrada del Durazno Mendoza
Day 5 Transfer to Puerto Iguazu Iguazu Falls
Day 6 Iguazú National Park Iguazu Falls
Day 7 Brazilian Side Iguazú Falls - Departure  

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Arrive in Buenos Aires - Tango Show

Caminito Street in Buenos Aires
Caminito Street in Buenos Aires

Welcome to Buenos Aires!

The capital of Argentina is renowned as the cultural hub of South America. After arriving, your driver will transfer you from the airport to your hotel. This city is famous for its wonderful hospitality, fútbol (soccer) talent, bohemian spirit, and of course its traditional Tango dance and culture in the milongas (tango houses).

Discover the traditional European architecture downtown in Palermo. As you stroll down the cobbled streets lined with rustic outdoor cafés, you will also discover the local antique and artisanal markets that offer plenty of bargain shopping at the San Telmo market. If you get hungry, just follow the mouthwatering aroma of prized Argentine beef sizzling on an open “parrilla” (barbecue).

In the evening, you can watch a Tango show. Buenos Aires, the home of Tango, views this as more than just a national dance. This dance⁠—which came about through the integration of natives, slaves, and European immigrants⁠—is deeply embedded in Argentinean culture and believed to be the best way to mend a broken heart. In the evening, you will be picked up from your hotel and transferred to a carefully-selected Tango house. At the milonga (Tango house), you can enjoy a four-hour performance by local performers. The show will be accompanied by a delicious dinner catered with drinks including the famous Malbec wine.

Day 2: Transfer to Mendoza

Discover Mendoza's vineyards
Discover Mendoza's vineyards

In the morning, you can pack your bags before departing to the airport where you will catch your one and a half hour flight to Mendoza. Your guide will pick you up and take you to your new hotel.

Mendoza is a famous wine region in Argentina. A particularly famous specialty is the red Malbec that the surrounding valleys are known for producing. With more than 1,200 bodegas (wine cellars) in the area, you will have your pick of vineyards and wineries to visit. You can book tours to explore them, rent a bike, or stay in one of the family-run fincas (estates) as you immerse yourself in wine country.

In terms of scenery, you will be among snow-capped mountains, untamed rivers, and sunny vineyards—catering to every taste. In Mendoza, you can relax and enjoy the romantic setting or choose to get active and go river rafting, rappelling, and ziplining among an array of other activities to choose from.

In the evening, explore the different dinner scenes in the city where you can also mingle with locals. You can also meander through Independence Square downtown where you can enjoy a juicy Argentinean steak at Cordilleras Vinos y Fuegos, a top-recommended restaurant in Mendoza.

Day 3: Luján de Cuyo Wine Experience

The famous vineyards in Lujan de Cuyo wine region
The famous vineyards in Lujan de Cuyo wine region

Today, you will learn the secrets of Argentina's famous wine including how its produced, which grape varieties are grown, and how the industry has evolved over time—while getting the chance to taste each unique blend—as we spend the day exploring the Luján de Cuyo wine region.

Luján de Cuyo, also known as the land of Malbec, offers a unique experience of discovering Argentina's different varieties of legendary wine. Over seven hours, we will explore three different wineries and a specialized guide will accompany us through the traditional vineyards. Prepare to witness spectacular scenery as the vineyards are dramatically situated at the base of the looming Andes Mountains. 

At lunchtime, we will have a gourmet lunch at a selected winery accompanied by wine, with a view of the snow-capped Andes Mountains and intoxicating smell of young grapes sunbathing.

Day 4: Tour Andes Region - Hike to Quebrada del Durazno

Enjoy the beautiful Andes Mountain Range
Enjoy the beautiful Andes Mountain Range

The private transfer will pick you up early in the morning for a drive along the famous Route 7. While driving through vineyards and mountainous landscapes, we will begin the nine-hour excursion by visiting some of the most beautiful towns in the Andes area. We will also visit Villa Potrerillos and its lakes (a favorite for water sports lovers), Los Penitentes and its famous ski-center as well as Inca Bridge, the golden natural reserve over the Las Cuevas River. 

Our final destination is the Horcones Valley where the entrance to Aconcagua Park is located. From here, we'll begin our two and a half hour hike to Quebrada del Durazno's beautiful gorge with hidden small lakes. You'll then discover the bridge built especially for the film Seven Years in Tibet, where you will also take in the views of Mount Aconcagua, the highest peak in South America.
After the hike, a three-course lunch will be prepared for you at Uspallata where you'll enjoy Argentinean empanadas and a delicious barbecue. After lunch, you'll be transferred back to your hotel in Mendoza.

Day 5: Transfer to Puerto Iguazu

Como to meet breath-taking Iguazu Falls
Como to meet breath-taking Iguazu Falls

A private transfer will take you to the airport in time for your three and a half hour flight to Puerto Iguazú city.

This small border town of Puerto Iguazú is a gateway to discovering the impressive Iguazú Falls—one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World and a UNESCO World Heritage Site—making it a must-see destination for travelers visiting Argentina.

Those who are up to exploring after a morning of traveling can visit the Hito Tres Fronteras. This viewpoint, which is west of the town's center, stands high above the turbulent reddish-brown junction of the Iguazú and Paraná Rivers and forms the Triple Frontera ("Triple Border") between Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay.

Animal lovers can also visit the Güirá Oga ("House of Birds), a sanctuary for animals that have been injured from illegal hunting attempts.

Day 6: Iguazú National Park

You will get up close to the falls
You will get up close to the falls

Today, a private transfer will drive you to Iguazú National Park on the Argentinean side of the falls. Here, you'll find yourself immersed in a subtropical forest filled with lush vegetation and home to many species of animals and birds. This exciting excursion will take between six to seven hours.

Your bilingual guide will help you spot some of the critters that dwell in this vibrant forest including a wide variety of birds such as antbirds, toucans, manakins, parrots, coatis, and many more species.

There are both lower and upper walkways that weave in and around the falls allowing up-close interactions with the beautiful scenery. The myriad of paths and stairways also mean you can get many different vantage points of the falls. You'll get the chance to come face-to-face with The Devil's Throat, the largest of all the falls, and many may argue, the most captivating of them all. To get to this fall, you will take the ecological train and then walk along the different boardwalks leading to The Devil's Throat. Lunch will also be provided for you to enjoy in this amazing setting.

There is another optional tour you can add to this day called the Gran Aventura Tour. This includes an open-air jeep ride through the rainforest and a zodiac boat ride up the river to the base of the falls. It's a good idea to pack some extra clothes for this activity as you will get wet during the boat ride.

Day 7: Brazilian Side Iguazú Falls - Departure

Enjoy the panoramic views on the Brazilian side
Enjoy the panoramic views on the Brazilian side

After breakfast, we’ll pick you up at your hotel and take you on a three to a four-hour excursion of the Brazilian side of the Iguazú Falls. At the border, your tour guide will explain how to go through customs.

After crossing the border, you’ll get your first views of the huge Tancredo Neves Bridge which links Argentina and Brazil. Here, you'll learn more about the Iguazú National Park, which is split between Argentina and Brazil and is an absolute must-see for nature photographers. While most of the falls are on the Argentinean side—Brazil definitely has the best panoramic view of the falls—rather than the equally fascinating up-close views in Argentina.

When you arrive at the entrance of Parque Nacional Do Iguaçu, you will take another bus and head to the start of the only footbridge inside the park. Here, you can walk around and enjoy the views of the massive waterfalls including Floriana Waterfall, the highlight of the tour. You will have time to explore the viewpoint or learn more about the falls from your bilingual guide. You can also take the boardwalk over the Salto Santa Maria which feels almost as if you're walking on the surface of the water.

After you've explored the park, you will have some free time to use the restrooms, visit the gift shop, and take an elevator to an especially high viewpoint of the falls—before taking the bus back to Puerto Iguazú.

In the afternoon, you will take a private transfer to the airport for your two-hour flight back to Buenos Aires.


Map of Highlights of Argentina: Buenos Aires, Mendoza, & Iguazu Falls - 7 Days
Map of Highlights of Argentina: Buenos Aires, Mendoza, & Iguazu Falls - 7 Days