Experience the wonder of Japan during spring on this nine-day getaway that starts with a tour of Tokyo's best spots to see the iconic cherry blossoms. Continue to hunt down blossoms all over the country, with a picnic under the trees in Yokohama and a swing with views of Mount Fuji framed by pink blooms. In Atami, gaze over the ocean while soaking in an onsen, then hike to waterfalls and through flower tunnels along the Kawazu River.


  • Explore the streets of Tokyo, stopping at parks to see the iconic cherry trees
  • Savor the views of Mount Fuji and the ocean from Nishihirabatake Park in Matsuda
  • Stay in a traditional Japanese inn with hot springs and ocean views in Atami
  • Discover the birthplace of cherry trees in the charming Kawazu

Brief Itinerary

Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Tokyo, Izakaya Food Tour Tokyo
Day 2 Tokyo Cherry Blossoms Tour Tokyo
Day 3 Train to Yokohama, Explore Blooms in Yokohama Yokohama
Day 4 Train to Atami via Matsuda & Mount Fuji Views, Hot Springs in Atami Atami
Day 5 See the Blooming Trees & Sights of Atami  Atami
Day 6 Train to Kawazu, Hike to the Kawazu Seven Waterfalls Kawazu
Day 7 Discover the Blooming Banks of the Kawazu River, Train to Shimogamo Shimogamo
Day 8 Day Trip Around Shimogamo & the Izu Peninsula Shimogamo
Day 9 Train to Tokyo, Depart  

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Arrive in Tokyo, Izakaya Food Tour in Tokyo

A sushi meal
Sample some of Tokyo's most incredible food on a city tour

Welcome to Japan! After you arrive at Tokyo International Airport, a a guide will be waiting to lead you to your hotel shuttle, which will whisk you to the city center. Settle in, then head out to explore the glittering, bustling Tokyo, where modernity competes with centuries-old culture, from skyscrapers to temples. Begin at Shibuya Station, the world's fourth-busiest transport hub, then tackle the famous Shibuya Scramble, the world's busiest pedestrian crossing, with around 250,000 people using it daily.

This evening, immerse yourself in the incredible food scene of Tokyo with a night out in the lively Monzen Nakacho neighborhood. Join your guide and sample street food like korokke (potato cakes), rice balls, and kakigori (shaved ice). Enjoy a drink in a Japanese izakaya (pub) and learn about Japanese culture as you stroll the streets and soak up the atmosphere.

Day 2: Tokyo Cherry Blossoms Tour 

Tokyo Skytree
Discover the best spots for cherry blossoms in Tokyo

Experience the best of Tokyo's cherry blossoms today (known as sakura) with the help of a local guide, starting at Meiji Jingu, a shrine built in 1920. Although located in Tokyo's city center, just a few minutes from the teeming Harajuku neighborhood, the shrine's forest is a tranquil oasis. Enter from the Yoyogi Park entrance and pass through an imposing torii (gateway) to the main shrine, then see the treasures at the Meiji Jingu Museum.

Next, follow your guide to Shinjuku Gyoen, one of the best gardens to see the famous blossoms. The rolling lawns and walking paths are lined with over 60 different varieties of cherry trees, including some that bloom as early as February and some that bloom as late as April. Continue to one of Tokyo's oldest parks, Shiba, to see the Tokyo Tower framed by the blossoms. 

Plan your trip to Japan
Chat with a local specialist who can help organize your trip.

Finally, visit Senso-ji, one of Tokyo's most significant Buddhist temples, built in the seventh century. Inside, stroll along the buzzing Nakamise-dori, a street lined with shops selling souvenirs, snacks, and sweets. At the end of the road, you'll find the second gate, Hozomon, which leads to the temple's main hall and a five-story pagoda where your guide can help you get an omikuji (fortune).

Day 3: Train to Yokohama, Explore Blooms in Yokohama

Transfer from Tokyo to the beautiful Yokohama to explore its serene parks

Today, hop the speedy bullet train from Tokyo to Yokohama, Japan's second biggest city, which lies 50 minutes southwest of the capital. Check into your hotel, then meet your guide to find some of the best blossoms in the city. Start with a trip to the enchanting Mitsuike Park, featuring scenic walking trails, tranquil ponds, and around 1,600 cherry trees in 70 different varieties.

After taking in the many blooms here, follow your guide to Sankei-en garden, a traditionally landscaped property home to bamboo groves, rivers, and many historic buildings. Then, visit the century-old Red Brick Warehouses, now housing a shopping mall and a banquet hall.

Pick up a bunch of different snacks recommended by your guide at a nearby konbini (convenience store), then have a picnic under the blossoms on the lawn of Negishi Forest Park. After your tour, stroll along the waterfront on the cherry-tree-bordered Kishamichi Promenade and stop for a sakura-flavored ice cream cone, or take a cruise under the blossom tunnels on the nearby rivers. 

Day 4: Train to Atami via Matsuda & Mount Fuji Views, Hot Springs in Atami

Take in the iconic views of Mount Fuji along with blooming branches

Say farewell to Yokohama and board the train to Matsuda. Once you arrive, meet your guide for a tour of Nishihirabatake Park, where you'll see cherry blossoms with the iconic Mount Fuji as a backdrop. The park is also home to the early-blooming Kawazu-sakura trees, yellow carpets of nanohana (rapeseed), and million-dollar views of Sagami Bay. At the park, you can also find the picturesque Oyamazumi Shrine, have an Instagram moment at the Matsuda Sky Swing, and wander through the ornate Herb Garden.

Later, head back to the nearby station for a train to Atami, a quiet coastal town about an hour away on the northern coast of the Izu Peninsula. A destination for flower lovers, the town is also known for it's many onsen (hot springs). Stay in a ryokan (traditional inn), usually old family-run businesses that feature locally-made meals, along with Japanese-style design and furniture. Lounge in yukata (kimono pajamas) and enjoy the legendary omotenashi (Japanese hospitality). 

While in Atami, in addition to swimming in the public and private hot pools, you can visit the trees in Baien Gardens or on the grounds of Atami Castle. If you're willing to go farther afield, take the cable car up to the top of Jukkoku Pass for more views of Fuji and the bay. 

Day 5: See the Blooming Trees & Sights of Atami 

See the various shades of pink trees in the Acao Forest

After a traditional breakfast at your ryokan, join your guide for a discovery of the Atami's natural spring beauty. Start at the Acao Forest, one of the best spots in the city, to see the pink petals. This park, dedicated to flowers, has thirteen different themed sections showcasing other blooms like roses, tulips, and wisteria. Join the locals in their hanami (flower viewing) tradition by picnicking among the blooms. 

Next, your guide will lead to the Itowaga River Promenade, which is lined with pink blossoms from January through April. This small river, which runs through the Ginzacho neighborhood, creates a pink tunnel every spring. The streets nearby are also dotted with charming restaurants and shops. Stop for lunch, then proceed to the MOA Museum of Art to see the extensive collection of Japanese art, from ceramics to calligraphy, with your guide explaining the significance of each piece. 

End the day at Kinomiya Shrine, where you'll find its famous red torii gate, a koi pond, a bamboo grove, and the ancient tree christened "Okusu." The legend of Okusu, a 2,000-year-old camphor tree, says that to extend your life by one year, make a circle around the gnarled and twisted trunk, which is a whopping 78 feet (24 m) thick.

Day 6: Train to Kawazu, Hike to the Kawazu Seven Waterfalls

Trek through the forest to the rushing waters of Kawazu Falls

Take a train farther down the Izu Peninsula for one hour to Kawazu in Kamo District, Shizuoka. Known for its natural beauty, local specialties (including fresh seafood and wasabi), and many onsen ryokans with ocean views, this small town is also the birthplace of the early-blooming cherry tree, the Kawazu-sakura. 

Once you arrive, check into your accommodations, then meet your guide for a picturesque waterfall trek. The Kawazu Nanadaru are seven waterfalls in the mountains above Kawazu, created as the pure waters of the Kawazu River flow down the Amagi Mountains. Take the easy trail for about 1 mile (1.5 km) through the forest until you arrive at the first of the seven falls. They range in height from the tallest, Odaru, at 98 feet (30 m), to the 6-foot-high (2 m) Kanidaru.

Have your guide snap a photo of you with the bronze statue at the base of Shokeidaru Falls, inspired by Nobel Prize-winner Yasunari Kawabata's short story "Izu no Odoriko" (The Dancing Girl of Izu), set in the Izu area. At the base of the trail, swim in the small resort, Nanadaru Onsen, or climb the two-storied spiral bridge, the imposing Kawazu Nanadaru Loop Bridge, high above the valley floor.

Day 7: Discover the Blooming Banks of the Kawazu River, Train to Shimogamo

Wander along the Kawazu River to spot vivid pink cherry trees

The famous Kawazu-sakura tree was discovered in 1972 in Kawazu, as the mild climate in the area promotes some of the earliest blooms in the country, starting in early February. The world-famous Kawazu Cherry Blossom Festival occurs here every year, where you can try regional foods, shop for souvenirs, see local performers, and even enjoy the blooms while getting a soothing ashiyu (foot bath). 

For the best views of the blooms, join your guide for a tour of the Kawazu River, lined with over 850 sakura trees, which glow with the sunlight during the day or with lights at night. Walk along the river, snap photos of the famous blossoms, and visit the first cherry tree planted in 1955 outside a local home. Then, check out of your hotel before hopping aboard a train for a 30-minute ride south to Shimogamo.

Day 8: Day Trip Around Shimogamo & the Izu Peninsula

Explore the stunning vistas of the Izu Peninsula, including plenty of cherry blossom trees

Spend the day exploring Shimogamo and the nearby cities and sights of the Izu Peninsula at your leisure. The region is full of incredible nature, like mountains, rivers, waterfalls, windblown coastlines, white-sand beaches, and relaxing hot springs. Spend the day however you please in Shimogamo, making good use of the various onsen, or head farther afield.

See hundreds of blooming trees along the Aono River, rent a car to drive along the rugged coastline of Cape Izoraki for jaw-dropping ocean views, or adventure through the famous Dogashima Cave. Head to Shimoda to visit Perry Street or the Museum of the Black Ship (MoBS) to immerse yourself in the region's history and folklore.

Day 9: Train to Tokyo, Depart

Grab a few more pics of cherry blossoms before departing Tokyo

Pack your bags and prepare to say goodbye to Japan as you head to the Tokyo airport from the depot in Shimoda, around 2.5 hours away. Have a safe journey home or to your next destination!

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Map of Chasing Cherry Blossoms in Tokyo & the Izu Peninsula - 9 Days
Map of Chasing Cherry Blossoms in Tokyo & the Izu Peninsula - 9 Days