Greece really heats up in June, and days late in the month can often be sweltering. And rain? What rain? Time to hit the beach! But crowds are building, and price bargains disappear—so the earlier you can go in the month, the better.


The weather is finally hot enough for a full-blown beach vacation, and Athens can be sweltering, averaging highs of 86 Fahrenheit (hotter on some days, and in the Peloponnese). But there’s usually no hint of rain on the horizon. And the sky is consistently a glorious deep blue. Pack shorts, short-sleeved shirts, swimwear, a sunhat, plus shades to guard against the blinding glare of the magnesium sunlight bouncing off whitewashed walls.

Crowds & Costs

In early June you’re still ahead of the crowds, but by month’s end the high season will have begun in earnest, with a noticeable increase in visitors. By late June, some of the more popular venues can feel crowded. You may still be able to take advantage of a few shoulder season rates in early June, but by late June most airlines, hotels, and car rental companies, etc. no longer offer bargain prices.

Where to Go

Athens really warms up, and by late June there’s no doubt that summer has arrived. The evenings remain warm, too: perfect for dining out by night on sidewalks and plazas. Weatherwise, June is a magnificent month for visiting any of the Greek Islands, although the most popular isles will begin to fill up with the first droves of summer stepping off the ferries.

If partying is the name of your game, head to Mykonos. If you prefer a more tranquil setting, consider less trafficked isles such as Syros, Spetses, and the Saronics. It’s a good month for hiking the Samaria Gorge or other mountains zones, too, while the wildflowers are still in bloom.

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What to Do

This is still a good month for cultural sightseeing, although the key sites will begin to feel crowded by the end of June. The weather is now perfect for sunbathing, with room still to spread out your beach towel. The sea is also finally warm enough for swimming in comfort, and a sailing vacation can be glorious. June is also a fabulous month for a honeymoon and for long driving vacations such as around the Peloponnese, taking advantage of the long daylight hours.

June Events

Athens and Epidavros Open-Air Festival: A huge event, and heaps of fun, with theater, music, and dance performed beneath the Acropolis and alfresco at the ancient Theater of Epidavros. It begins in mid-June, lasts 3 months, and draws an A-list of international talent.

European Music Day: Dozens of cities nationwide participate in this 5-day event, with classical and orchestral music, plus an eclectic range of other musical genres.

Miaoulia Festival: The Saronic island of Hydra comes alive for a weekend of concerts, dancing, and parades celebrating War of Independence hero homeboy Admiral Andres Miaoulis.

Navy Week: Greece’s long nautical history is celebrated at maritime ports large and small, with historical re-enactments accompanying by feasting and partying. Crete’s is the largest.

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