Immerse yourself in Japan's delectable cuisine and its world-class dining scene with this weeklong luxury tour spread across stays at Tokyo and Kyoto's top hotels. Your journey begins in the capital with a kaiseki cooking class, Michelin-starred fine dining, and a tour of the famous Tsukiji Fish Market. Then, it's off to Japan's cultural heartland for a geisha performance and traditional kimono tea ceremony in Kyoto before sampling Kobe's renowned beef and visiting a saké distillery.


  • Dine at Michelin-starred restaurants in Tokyo and Kyoto
  • Master the art of Japanese kaiseki cuisine with the help of a private chef 
  • Taste Japanese whisky at a distillery near the slopes of Mount Fuji
  • Discover the world of the geisha in Kyoto at a dance performance and dinner

Brief Itinerary

Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Tokyo, Michelin Fine Dining Experience Tokyo
Day 2 Tsukiji Fish Market, Kaiseki Lunch & Cooking Masterclass, Senso-ji Temple Tokyo
Day 3 Tour of Mount Fuji & Lake Kawaguchi, Whisky Distillery Tour & Tasting Tokyo
Day 4 Bullet Train to Kyoto, Visit Fushimi Inari, Geisha Performance & Dance Kyoto
Day 5 Explore Kyoto's Zen Temples, Samurai Ninja Museum, Kimono Tea Ceremony Kyoto
Day 6 Himeji Castle, Saké Brewery Museum, Kobe Beef Gourmet Experience Kyoto
Day 7 Transfer to Tokyo, Depart  

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Arrive in Tokyo, Michelin Fine Dining Experience

Discover Japanese Kaiseki Cuisine At a One-Star Michelin Restaurant
Enjoy Michelin-starred fine dining on your first night in the capital

Welcome to Japan! With over 2,000 years of history and a mesmerizing blend of ancient tradition and cutting-edge innovation, Japan is also home to some of East Asia's most beautiful scenery and natural landmarks. Upon arrival at the airport, you'll take a private transfer to your hotel in Tokyo, a city where ancient temples stand in the shadows of gleaming skyscrapers. Your destination is the Mandarin Oriental, a sumptuous and stylish 5-star hotel in the capital's Nihonbashi financial district, within easy reach of Ginza, Tokyo's glamorous shopping and eating district. 

Check into your stylish room or suite, whose decor has been overseen by internationally acclaimed interior designer Ryu Kosaka. Floor-to-ceiling windows in the rooms and throughout the hotel give captivating views of the Tokyo city skyline, while the en suite bathrooms come equipped with luxurious Bottega Veneta toiletries.

Ease into your stay with a drink at the Mandarin Bar, led by award-winning head bartender Kengo Oda. Then, when you're ready, your driver will transfer you to one of the city's Michelin-starred restaurants. Acclaimed globally for its fine dining scene, Tokyo has more Michelin eateries than any other city in the world. Whether you choose authentic Japanese and kaiseki cuisine or opt for exquisite French or Italian fare, you'll spend the evening sampling some of the city's best fine dining. 

Day 2: Tsukiji Fish Market, Kaiseki Lunch & Cooking Masterclass, Senso-ji Temple

Tour the city's famous Senso-jo temple this afternoon

Today is dedicated to Japanese food and culture, and this morning, you'll combine both with a private guided tour of the Tsukiji Outer Fish Market. Dating back to the Edo period, the market comprises around 400 shops and restaurants jostling for attention in the area's historic lanes. Roam the counters with your guide and try an array of delicacies, including fresh and dried seafood, traditional snacks, and cooking ingredients. Meanwhile, hear tales of Japan's culinary culture, how washoku (traditional Japanese food) is prepared, and feast on sparkling fresh seafood sushi for breakfast

Afterward, you'll get to master the art of kaiseki, a type of Japanese cuisine where washoku is elevated into fine dining and served as delicious, artistic small plates (often between 8-15 courses) in succession over a couple of hours. In the safe hands of the head chef at renowned Michelin-starred restaurant Tsujitome, you'll spend three hours learning how to prepare kaiseki and understand its associated cultural traditions. You'll finish with a leisurely lunch prepared by the master chef. 

In the afternoon, your driver will transfer you to the colorful Senso-ji temple in Asakusa, one of the city's oldest and most significant Buddhist temples dating back to the seventh century. Slip past the giant lanterns on the Kaminarimon (the temple's outer gate) and stroll the lively Nakasime-dori, a street lined with traditional souvenirs, snacks, and sweets. You'll soon arrive at another gate, Hozomon, beyond which lies the temple's main hall and five-storey pagoda. After exploring the temple, your driver will whisk you back to your hotel, where you can grab some downtime in the luxurious spa. 

Day 3: Tour of Mount Fuji & Lake Kawaguchi, Whisky Distillery Tour & Tasting

Stroll around the snow-fed pools of Oshino Hakkai in the shadow of Mount Fuji

Today, leave behind Tokyo's bustling city streets in favor of one of Japan's most revered natural attractions, Mount Fuji. The country's highest peak and an active volcano (known as Fuji-san to locals) towers more than 12,000 feet (3,776 m) into the sky and is considered one of Japan's three sacred mountains, attracting pilgrims worldwide. Your private tour starts with a 2.5-hour scenic drive to Arakurayama Sengen Park, the perfect spot to see Mount Fuji framed against the beautiful Chureito Pagoda

Continue to Oshino Hakkai, a set of eight pools fed by melted snow from Fuji's slopes and connected by a series of bridges and pathways, surrounded by thatched buildings. Explore the nearby Hannoki Bayashi Shiryokan, a small museum next to the largest pond, where a series of displays include samurai armor and weaponry as well as antique farming tools and household items.

Your tour of Mount Fuji concludes in the afternoon with a cruise on Lake Kawaguchi—nestled within the mountain's foothills and banked by forests and grasslands—a serene location to glimpse the famous peak from a distance. On the drive back to Tokyo, your driver will make one final stop at the Fuji Gotemba Whisky Distillery. It's a rare opportunity to tour one of the world's few distilleries where both malt and grain whiskeys are produced. After learning about the whisky-making process, you'll enjoy a tasting of the different spirits before your driver drops you back at the hotel. 

Day 4: Bullet Train to Kyoto, Visit Fushimi Inari, Geisha Performance & Dance

Traditional meets modern at your luxury 5-star Kyoto hotel (photo courtesy of Four Seasons Kyoto)
Plan your trip to Japan
Chat with a local specialist who can help organize your trip.

Experience a chance of pace today as you swap the neon skyscrapers of Tokyo for the serene temples, shrines, and traditional tea houses in Kyoto. Japan's cultural and ancient heartland lies 283 miles (445 km) west of Tokyo—a 2.5-hour journey on the country's legendary high-speed Shinkansen bullet train. Settle into your first-class seat and arrive refreshed, ready for a private tour of the eighth-century Fushimi Inari-taisha shrine.

Stroll the walkway composed of thousands of vermillion-colored torii gates (all donated by individuals and businesses as a sign of appreciation to the god Inari). After a gentle hike up the mountain, you'll reach the shrine. Take in the sweeping views of the countryside before returning to your driver. Your accommodation is the 5-star Four Seasons Kyoto, nestled around a beautiful 800-year-old pond garden. Premier rooms are elegantly furnished and combine traditional Japanese design elements with luxury modern furnishings with a palette of dark woods, warm creams, and neutrals.

Opt for one of the suites, and you'll enjoy spacious accommodation with abundant natural light, local artisanal decor designed to maximize kutsurogi (the Japanese art of relaxation), and a dedicated concierge service. After some downtime in your room or suite, it's time to get ready for tonight's visit to a traditional machiya. Spend the evening dining on an authentic Japanese kaiseki meal of fish, meat, vegetables, rice, soup, and pickles, and watch a traditional geisha dance performance. At the end of the show, you'll have the opportunity to take photos with the performers.

Day 5: Explore Kyoto's Zen Temples, Samurai Ninja Museum, Kimono Tea Ceremony

Kimono Tea Ceremony
Discover the traditions and rituals associated with sado at a kimono tea ceremony 

Today starts with a private tour of one of Kyoto's most famous temples—Kinkaku-ji, known as the Golden Pavilion. Set within a beautifully landscaped garden overlooking a serene pool, the temple is considered one of the world's 100 most holy sites. With a history dating back to 1397, your guide will reveal how the temple exchanged hands over the years. Don't miss a visit to the temple's top two floors, entirely covered in gold leaf. 

Your next destination is the Ryoan-ji temple. A UNESCO World Heritage site with a history dating back to the 11th century, it's famed as one of the finest surviving examples of kare-sansui, a style of Japanese gardening founded on Zen ideology. In the afternoon, you'll experience the highly ritualized art of taking tea, a ceremony known as sado, at one of Kyoto's renowned tea houses. Here, you'll be invited to change into a kimono and learn the importance of Zen meditation before sampling traditional Japanese sweets and drinking matcha green tea.

The nearby Samurai and Ninja Museum is your next stop and offers a fascinating glimpse into the ninja's secret items, weapons, and tools. The rest of the afternoon is yours to spend as you wish. Head back to the Four Seasons and treat yourself to a massage or treatment in the spa, or relax ahead of this evening's fine dining experience. With six 3-starred Michelin restaurants, you'll dine at one of Kyoto's best establishments, booked ahead of time according to your taste and preferences. 

Day 6: Himeji Castle, Saké Brewery Museum, Kobe Beef Gourmet Experience

Today's private day trip stops in Kobe for a tasting of the city's famous beef

This morning, you'll meet your driver and head west from Kyoto for a private tour of Himeji's landmark castle and a gourmet experience in nearby Kobe, known for its famous Wagyu beef. You'll start with a visit to 400-year-old Himeji-jo, a UNESCO World Heritage Site considered one of Japan's most spectacular castles for its imposing size and network of 82 buildings and defense systems. Arrive during cherry blossom season, and you're in for a treat: the castle grounds are home to over 1,000 cherry trees, transforming the gardens into one of Japan's premier Sakura viewing spots. 

Your next stop is Kobe, where you'll take a break from sightseeing with lunch at one of the city's best Kobe beef restaurants. The tender, flavorful, and perfectly marbled meat comes from the Tajima-gyu breed of Japanese Black cattle raised in Hyogo and must fulfill the strictest conditions to be certified as Kobe beef. You'll enjoy the delicacy as a steak grilled on a teppanyaki (iron plate), as part of a hot pot, or as sashimi. 

Afterward, walk off a delicious lunch with a stroll around Kobe Harborland, a waterfront area filled with shopping malls and cafés, and a great place to pick up some last-minute souvenirs. You'll conclude your tour in Kobe's Nada district, a neighborhood that's long been famous for its saké. Accompanied by a local guide, you'll visit the Hakutsuru Saké Brewery Museum, where you'll learn about the traditional and innovative methods used in brewing saké and sample some of your favorites. Late afternoon, your driver will drop you back at the Four Seasons, where your last evening is yours to spend as you choose. 

Day 7: Transfer to Tokyo, Depart

Farewell Japan
Until the next time, Japan!

Sadly, your holiday in Japan has come to an end. At the scheduled time, your driver will collect you from your hotel and transfer you to the airport for your onward connection or flight home. Safe travels!

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Map of Luxury Foodie's Tour of Japan: Tokyo & Kyoto - 7 Days
Map of Luxury Foodie's Tour of Japan: Tokyo & Kyoto - 7 Days