Most travelers will find that 8 to 10 days is perfect for a well-paced Norway trip with stops in Oslo, Bergen, Balestrand, and Aurland. It's also possible to hit the highlights in six or seven days if you don't mind a fast-paced journey. Or, extend your trip and explore more of the country—some of the best-loved trip extensions include Geilo or Fjærland. Get inspired with kimkim's Oslo, Bergen, Balestrand, and Aurland trip ideas below.

How many days do you need in Oslo, Bergen, Balestrand & Aurland?

  • Most travelers spend 8-10 days in Oslo, Bergen, Balestrand, and Aurland combined
  • Visiting Oslo, Bergen, Balestrand, and Aurland in 6 or 7 days is possible, but it will feel rushed
  • With 11 or more days, most travelers choose to add more stops to their trip
  • The most common extensions are Geilo and Fjærland

How Many Days to Spend in Norway

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Recommended Itinerary for Oslo, Bergen, Balestrand & Aurland

Recommended Itinerary for 8 Days

A view of the Aurland fjord in Norway
A view of the Aurland fjord in Norway
Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Bergen Bergen
Day 2 Local Bergen Tour - Fjord Cruise Bergen
Day 3 Fjordcruise to Balestrand Balestrand
Day 4 Transfer to Flåm Aurland
Day 5 Slow Travel in Aurland Aurland
Day 6 Nærøyfjord cruise - Flåm Railway to Oslo Oslo
Day 7 Explore Oslo with a Local Oslo
Day 8 Depart Oslo  

After arriving, you can explore the cobblestoned wharf city of Bergen, hike to the top of Mount Fløyen for views over the city, and enjoy a fjord cruise to Balestrand. You'll then take a ferry, with fjord views, to Flåm, where you'll spend two nights in a Riverside Farm Lodge in the Norwegian countryside before enjoying a Nærøyfjord cruise. You'll then take the steep and scenic Flåm Railway to Oslo, with a stop in Myrdal, and spend your final two nights in Oslo. Read more

How to travel between Oslo, Bergen, Balestrand & Aurland

How to get from Bergen to Aurland
The fastest way to get to Aurland from Bergen, a 108-mile journey (174 km) apart, is by renting a car or hiring a private transfer. Expect gorgeous mountain views throughout the 2.5-hour drive, with a number of lakes and rivers along the way. Read more

How to get from Oslo to Bergen
Traveling 288 miles (464 km) from Oslo to Bergen is very straightforward. Oslo and Bergen are the biggest cities in Norway, and traveling between the two destinations is quick and easy by plane. The flight is less than an hour. Going by train or taking a road trip is considerably longer—six to seven hours without stops—but this is a scenic journey that travelers should consider if time isn't a limiting factor. Read more

How to get from Bergen to Balestrand
There are a few different travel options between Bergen and Balestrand. Renting a car and then taking the express ferry is the fastest way to get to Balestrand from Bergen, about 128 miles (206 km) going this route. There are only two different sail times each day, but this is the best option for anyone looking to get Balestrand efficiently. Pairing ferry and bus travel is an option for anyone not interested in making the drive themselves. If you skip taking the ferry altogether, you can drive the whole way—a journey that takes about nine hours. Read more


Map of Oslo, Bergen, Balestrand & Aurland: Best Itinerary Ideas
Map of Oslo, Bergen, Balestrand & Aurland: Best Itinerary Ideas