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Based in Sevilla, Spain, James specializes in: Bespoke, Local Culture, Art & Architecture, Private Excursions, Gastronomy, Active & Outdoors, Family, Couple, Small Group, Off the Beaten Track
Recent family traveler reviews for James
Tamara I. (Children's ages: 13, 15)
Pikesville, MD | Reviewed on Dec 13, 2022
James planned a very exciting and comprehensive trip for us, and Angela took care of any of our needs while we were there, including a last-minute switch I made to our itinerary which likely required some pretty impressive effort on her part to accomplish, but she did so quickly and graciously.” See review
Sachin P. (Children's ages: 9, 12)
Sunnyvale, CA | Reviewed on Sep 05, 2022
“From the moment we started planning our trip James was an amazing resource and guide.” See review
Gertrude L. (Child's age: 16)
Canada | Reviewed on Aug 30, 2022
“It was an easy and fun experience to plan with James.” See review
Based in Madrid, Spain, Helena specializes in: Custom made trips.
Recent family traveler reviews for Helena
Sonali S. (Children's ages: 13, 13, 15, 16)
Millburn, NJ | Reviewed on Sep 21, 2023
Helena was an outstanding partner in helping us curate a customized itinerary for our first trip to Spain.” See review
Roman V. (Children's ages: 8, 15)
Chicago, IL | Reviewed on Sep 21, 2023
Helena, did an amazing job creating an active and full vacation based on what my family likes and enjoys.” See review
Denise F. (Children's ages: 7, 10)
Hayes, VA | Reviewed on Jul 17, 2023
Helena was there when we needed assistance.” See review
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Based in Spain, Dalia specializes in: Handcrafting unique experiences throughout Spain & Portugal, private bespoke itineraries and fully escorted luxury tours for individual travelers and small groups.
Recent family traveler reviews for Dalia
Kelly M. (Children's ages: 10, 12)
Milpitas, CA | Reviewed on Jul 17, 2023
Dalia did a great job securing hotels, a few private tours and rail tickets - all of which were top notch.” See review
Jim H. (Children's ages: 6, 8)
Pico Rivera, CA | Reviewed on Jul 03, 2023
Dalia was amazing.” See review
Karen N. (Children's ages: 16, 17)
Houston, TX | Reviewed on Jun 22, 2023
“Amazing experience using Kim Kim and our local specialist, Dalia!” See review
Dalia's favorite itineraries for families
Based in Gijón, Asturias, Spain, Luis specializes in: tailor made tours, food and wine tours, culture tours, family tours, FIT
Recent family traveler reviews for Luis
Sara E. (Child's age: 16)
Redmond, WA | Reviewed on Jul 03, 2023
Luis did an amazing job and was very patient from the beginning.” See review
Jessica T. (Children's ages: 8, 11)
Pontiac, MI | Reviewed on Jun 26, 2023
Luis was incredible!” See review
Sara K. (Child's age: 13)
San Fernando, CA | Reviewed on Apr 24, 2023
“Our trip to Spain was fantastic and we owe much of that to Luis for helping us plan such a great itinerary.” See review
Luis's favorite itineraries for families
Based in Madrid, Spain, Marta specializes in: History, food, scenery, cultural insights, local tips, nature
Recent family traveler reviews for Marta
Miriam G. (Children's ages: 14, 17)
Canada | Reviewed on Sep 04, 2023
Marta was an excellent travel agent.” See review
Kimiko C. (Child's age: 17)
Glastonbury, CT | Reviewed on Jul 12, 2023
“Kimkim set us up with Marta, a local expert, and she planned every aspect of our 2 week trip in Southern Spain and made many specific recommendations based on our interests and budget.” See review
Jeff B. (Children's ages: 7, 11, 13)
Lindenhurst, NY | Reviewed on Apr 17, 2023
Marta helped us plan out a family trip to Barcelona and Madrid with a few day trips.” See review
Marta's favorite itineraries for families
Based in Spain, Patricia specializes in: Customized trips, off the beaten track destinations, unique experiences, private tours, private drivers & transfers
Recent family traveler reviews for Patricia
Lynn U. (Children's ages: 11, 14, 17)
Darien, IL | Reviewed on Oct 10, 2022
Patricia and her team planned a perfect 2-week vacation for our family of 5 (2 adults and 1 tween, and 2 teens) that combined fun, education, and relaxation.” See review
Rowena F. (Children's ages: 7, 11)
Lake Forest, IL | Reviewed on Jul 14, 2022
“The arranged transportation and the helpful drivers complemented the excellent itinerary prepared by Patricia.” See review
Corey B. (Children's ages: 7, 11)
Lake Forest, IL | Reviewed on Jul 14, 2022
“I could not have asked for a better expert than Patricia to help me plan an amazingly memorable and fun trip.” See review
Patricia's favorite itineraries for families


Based in Sevilla, Spain, Sam specializes in: Tailormade, bespoke, culture, art, history, culture, architecture, gastronomy, hiking, outdoors, nature, couples, family, small group, unique events, off the beaten track
Recent family traveler reviews for Sam
Victoria H. (Children's ages: 11, 12)
Dallas, TX | Reviewed on Mar 24, 2022
“KimKim and Sam to the rescue.” See review
Matt D. (Children's ages: 4, 6, 9)
Austin, TX | Reviewed on Jul 26, 2021
Sam and his crew did a bang up job on our last minute trip.” See review
Paula K. (Child's age: 15)
York, PA | Reviewed on Jun 27, 2019
Sam was fantastic.” See review
Based in Madrid
Recent family traveler reviews for Marina
Tricia Z. (Children's ages: 15, 17)
Jollyville, TX | Reviewed on Jun 29, 2023
“We had an amazing and memorable trip to Spain thanks to Marina!” See review
Majid A. (Child's age: 13)
the United Arab Emirates | Reviewed on Aug 08, 2022
“Everything went well the canyoning was a very good and the best experience , the whale watching was not so good as the boat got broken in middle of ocean and needed to wait for 40 min for someone to tow the boat back which took more than an hour , the boat was basic and old compared to the other boat you see in the Marina doing the same service I hope this helps thanks a lot” See review
Carlo B. (Children's ages: 8, 14)
South Lake Tahoe, CA | Reviewed on Jul 28, 2022
“We are so happy with the trip that Marina help plan for us.” See review
Marina's favorite itineraries for families

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