Family Cooking Class at a Winery in Nemea

Photo from MAMAKITA
Enjoy time to bond with your family and learn some new cooking skills! You'll visit a winery in Nemea, famous for its ancient stadium where the Nemean Games took place. Here, you'll find a region known for the red Agiorgitiko grape, the most developed PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) grape in Greece.

First, enjoy a tour of the vineyard, followed by a professional storyteller telling Greek myths. Learn the mythology behind Dionysus, the grape harvest and winemaking god, and a favorite hero, Hercules.

As an optional add-on, kids can join a grape-tasting adventure while parents try local wine varieties. They explore grapes and raisins through drama and sensory games, the fruits' mythology, and their role in Greek culture. Taste a few products made with grapes, like cookies, juice, and moustalevria, a traditional dessert. 

Next, you'll start your cooking class. Your host will deliver a crash course about some of the region's most common raw materials, plus both traditional and modern cooking techniques. Then, with the help of your teacher, you'll create an entire meal to enjoy. As you savor each plate, you'll sip on a wine pairing.

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