Visit Lake Stymphalia & the Environment Museum on the Peloponnese

Explore the natural beauty of Lake Stymphalia, a mythologically and ecologically significant area in Greece. The lake is linked to the labors of Hercules and the slaying of the Stymphalian birds! But apart from its legends and myths, it's also an important ecosystem that belongs to the European Network of Protected Areas (NATURA 2000). While visiting, you can browse the modern and interactive Environment Museum of Stymphalia and learn more about the interdependence of humans and nature throughout the region. 

After exploring the museum, head to its balcony, where you can catch a kid-friendly, 1.5-mile (2-km) path to the shores of the lake. The trail is well-marked, flat, and easy, but it can be rocky in some spots, especially as you near the shore. The lake incorporates marshes and wetlands. 

Spend the rest of your time enjoying the lake's serenity and incredible scenery. Rugged mountain peaks (sometimes dusted in snow) surround the lake, and the landscape is always changing colors depending on the time of day and season. Keep an eye out for migratory birds that use the marshy wetlands as a stopover. You might spy some herons, egrets, or bitterns. 

If you're traveling in May, note that the annual Stymphalia Lake Run occurs during the last weekend of the month. The event organizes parallel activities for kids and families, including educational programs, tours, and experiences with locals. 

If you're hungry, you'll find taverns near the lake serving regional food. The area's most famous dish is a roasted piglet called gourounopoula

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