60th birthday surprise for Dad!

  Group of 7 friends visited Iceland in June 2018

“We have four grown-up children, two of whom have steady partners. We are wanting to give my husband a trip to Iceland next year for his birthday. He has always wanted to visit Iceland and we tease him about it so have decided it would be the perfect family trip for his birthday. We would like to do a self-drive trip- we have traveled all over the world with our children so do not need a guide, but we are used to luxury travel. With 8 of us, we do have a budget but do not want to stay in inexpensive hotels or drive a very basic car. We would appreciate any recommendations you have. We will stay for six days. Thanks for your help!
- Jane B.”

Preeti Bhide, a local specialist from Iceland, helped this traveler put together a customized itinerary.

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June & July are great months to visit Iceland with 24 hours daylight, the warmest weather and many possibilities for outdoor activities. I am sure that will make for a great birthday trip!

Here are some ideas for short 5 day holiday to the different regions of Iceland. All of these are self-drive holidays and some of them involve a flight.

To give you some grounds to compare - the South Coast and Golden Circle areas have some of the most famous sights but are also pretty crowded with tourists. North Iceland is popular for the Lake Myvatn area with a lot of geologically interesting landscape. If you would like to get off the beaten path, the Westfjords are a great place with fewer tourist crowds and plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities like hiking and kayaking. Both Myvatn and the Westfjords are great for birds, the Westfjords especially for puffins.

Since there are 8 of you, you would need two rental cars. It is possible to get around quite well in a station car in the summer, but an SUV would of course be more comfortable. 

In the countryside, 4 star hotels are the best you will find and in some places (like the Westfjords), 3 star is the best rating. All the hotels we work with are well rated and will be well located so as to balance your daily driving time.

Jane B:
Thanks for the message. We are hoping to arrive on the 29th or 30 of June. We will have 6 nights the itineraries you have sent are 5 nights. We will arrive early in the morning. Can you send some 6 night, 7 day itineraries please? 

It is no problem to customise any of these itineraries to make it 7 days by including some offbeat detours, activities, tours or some time in Reykjavik. Just let me know which one you like best and I will send you a customised plan based on that.

Jane B:
Hi again! we are still in the planning stages- we think an 8 night tour with not too much driving but lots of time to hike and see waterfalls etc would be ideal. 
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