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  A couple visited Iceland in September 2016

“We are looking for fun things in land of Ice & Fire. Looking fwd to Glacier hike and Ice-climbing, walking inside a volcano, the geothermal pools, snowmobiling , quad-biking or being introduced to gorgeous Icelandic horses even though neither my husband & i are riders. But most of all, want to get to know the Icelanders, their proud cultural heritage, esp on a plate, in a cup or a museum. We do love our 4* comfort after a long day, and life's too short to drink bad coffee or wine.”

Siggi Sveinsson, a local specialist from Iceland, helped this traveler put together a customized itinerary based on Southern Iceland: Explore Volcanoes, Lagoons, Glaciers and Hiking Trails - 8 day Itinerary.

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Welcome to kimkim! Thanks for your detailed trip request. We are matching you with the best local operator in our network who will take care of your trip. In the meantime let me know if you have any additional questions.


Hi Joost, Thanks for your prompt response. By whenshould I expect a response from local operator ?
Our dates are approaching fast so it would be good to finalise things soon. Cheers -


Hi, we'll do our best. Usually within 24 hours... Monday (Iceland time) at the latest.



I´m sorry for the delayed response but i´m very happy to be in contact with you and looking forward to work on an itinerary suggestion for you.

I want to start with drafting up an suggestion of itinerary based on your information, fit it in with a flow of beautiful sights and then activities requested. The draft will be basic at the beginning and once we are in line with what you want we will work on more detailed plan.

I would like to suggest you a private trip with a guide the whole time. In this case we can be flexible regarding weather and we can adjust the itinerary even better once you are here and we will get to know each other better. The guide would also make sure that the trip is running smoothly and you are happy with the service we are planning for you, if something comes up that doesn´t fit your need we will try our best to fix it on the spot and adjust.

There is quite a demand for accommedation with increased tourism but we will do our very best to find you a comfortable night to stay and give you the options we have. I think you get most out of your time with getting base for few nights in certen area and do tours out from there.

Here is my first draft and suggestion of itinerary;

8th september; Early arrival probably around 7am in the morning, depending on your flight schedule. We would take you around few sights in Reykjanes peninsula, (this would be a good time to do the blue lagoon if you are interested in that), drive down to Small fishing village, Þorlákshöfn for a brunch in a small coffeeteria called Hendur í höfn, you might find your self tired after the flight and the time difference and want to take an afternoon in the hotel but if you have the energy for it an introduction to horseback riding would be ideal here in the afternoon. Overnight in an accommedation close to Hvolsvollur in the south.

9th September; Super jeep day in Hekla Region and Fjallabak with Fatbike as an optional activity on the road. Beautiful lunar landscape and interesting volcanos region. It´s a bit of a drive with amazing sights all around. The super jeeps are specially adapted 4x4 cars which are made for your comfort and to get to the remote areas of our highlands. Overnight in the same accommedation

10th September; Thorsmork Hike, you would be traveling into the beautiful mountain reserve Thorsmork on our super jeeps. The drive in is quite exciting, needing to cross unabridged stream waters ending in the area of Thorsmork which has a lot of beautiful hiking trails. We would choose a hike fitting to your energy, from 3-5 hours and explore the beautiful surroundings. You would also see the sights of Eyjafjallajokull eruption which stopped all the flights in 2010. Overnight in the same Accommedation.

11th September; South coast day. Waterfalls, black sand beach, Icewalk/climb and snowmobiles. We would change the overnight base to Kirkjubæjarklaustur area in the south east of Iceland.

12th September; Skaftafell and Jökulsárlón (glacier lagoon). It would be possible to do quad biking here in the morning. Otherwise it ´s easy to fill the day with the beautiful sights in Vatnajökull national park. We would drive over to the famous Jökulsárlón which is a huge glacier lagoon next to the coast line. After this we would head over to Skaftafell which is another mountain area known for it´s beautiful hikes. An ideal hiking would be 3 hours circle and from there heading back to your overnight base in Kirkjubæjarklaustur. It would also be possible to do an afternoon mountain bike tour called, bikes and caves.

13th September; This would be a big day, I would suggest we take a mountain pass called Fjallabak-nyðra through the famous area of Landmannalaugar. This is quite an exciting drive looking at the interior of the southern highlands. The sights varies on beautiful waterfalls, interesting drive and sights of some of the most dramatic eruptions in the icelandic history that came from Eldgjá and Laki. From there we would get to Landmannalaugar which is known as the colour pearl of Iceland where we could do a bit of hiking, and bathing in a natural geothermal river. Overnight in accommedation around Hvolsvollur region.

14th. September; We would take you through the popular sights of Golden circle, it´s the most touristic sights of this trip but it is truelly beautiful sights covering Gullfoss waterfall, Geysir, and national park Thingvellir. To make this day a little more unique we could do a bit of Lavatube caving in the area of Thingvellir. There would also be a possibility of an early start for these sights and get to "inside the Volcano" which is based close to Reykjavik. Here you would end the day in Reykjavik, we can book you on a nice restaurant and the city has a nice nightlife.

15th September; An free morning in the town, ideal to walk around the city and see the main sights in the down town which are all quite close to each other. Have a nice brunch before getting a private transfer to the airport (assuming you are flying in the afternoon around 5pm)

As I said this is just a draft, it might need to be adjusted to the hotel availabilities and your thoughts on the touring days. However I hope this is something we can start your trip planning with. My thoughts with the itinerary was to mix it comfortably with being active, do activities but still see a lot of beautiful sights in the south. Both the remote parts as well as the main sights.

If you like this idea the next step would be to send you price examples. It´s good to keep in mind that this is quite upper priced travel way. Private transfer with guide varies from 1100-1400 USD p/day (8-12h days) and then Activities and accommedation adds on top of that.

Looking forward to have your thoughts.
Best regards

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