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  Traveler visited Nepal in November 2017

“I will have already been in Kathmandu doing a hospital placement for a month but I have 1 week off afterwards. I would like to do a tour to see more of Nepal in a group with preferably other young people, during this one week. I am happy to do moderate-intense activities everyday including trekking and adrenaline sports. I would also appreciate an educational aspect to the tour. My budget is not very big but am willing to pay up to $600. This does not necessarily have to include the full 6 days, but can be as shorts as 3 days.”

Amanda Delecca, a local specialist from Nepal, helped this traveler put together a customized itinerary.

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Ghandruk Trek

Day 1: Drive to Phedi, Trek to Pothana
Day 2: Trek to Landruk (1590m)
Day 3: Trek to Ghandruk (1940m)
Day 4: Trek to Nayapul, drive to Pokhara

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Amanda Delecca

Hi, Amanda from Kathmandu here, I specialize in trekking trips in Nepal and would be pleased to help! I moved here 5 years ago after visiting for a short trek, and have been organizing treks ever since.

I hope you're enjoying your time in Kathmandu, fingers crossed this rain lightens up, it does seem to be getting less already.

We have a great 9-day trek starting on the 19th, I'll add the details below, just in case you can make the couple of extra days work...

Given you would like an educational aspect to your trip, I think you might enjoy a trek in the lower Everest region. It's pretty off the beaten path so you won't come across too many other trekkers, the reason it's a great educational experience is the insight you get into the Sherpa culture in the small guest houses and home stays. It also has the benefit of being beautiful, views of Mt Everest and there's a budget version that will suit your budget.

Once you've booked, we can keep your trek open for others to join and get a small group together. We can't guarantee the age of the people who would join, but we're lucky that our clients are generally awesome :)

Another option for you would be to go over to Pokhara, there's some nice trekking around there and lots of extreme activities to get your adrenaline pumping. To keep within your budget it will be best to take the tourist bus to get there, it operates each morning between Kathmandu and Pokhara and takes around 7 hours.

In Pokhara, you can do paragliding, bungee jumping, zip-lining (flying fox) and mountain biking. Let me know what's of interest and I can let you know pricing. I'll also add a couple of ideas for short treks.

Right, I will leave it there for now - do let me know what questions you have that can help narrow down the options.



Hi Amanda,

Thank you very much, this is great!

I really like the sound of the 5 days one through the lower Everest region. How likely is it that other people will join onto that and could you estimate based on experience how many people would join it?  Also, what would the cost come down to if that were the case?

All of those adrenaline sports you mentioned sound awesome, is there are a group tour or something similar in Pokhara for around the 6-7 days that would include some of them, maybe as well as a trek?

Thank you,

Amanda Delecca

Hey,  there's no group trek/extreme sports tour around Pokhara. We can, of course, put something together for you. On the budget for that, it will be quite a bit higher as the extreme sports do add up: 

We could do the same thing as I suggested with the other and keep your trek open for others to join.

We regularly book treks in the lower Everest region, the 19th November is getting later in the season, it's hard to say what the chances are of getting a group together.
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