Fours days in Nepal, as far off the beaten path as possible

  A couple visited Nepal in January 2017

“We are very active and love hiking and getting off the beaten path. We want to see as much of rural, traditional nepalese life as possible in this short trip. As far off the beaten path as possible. Looking for remote vistas and alpine streams :)

We would like to spend at least a night at Dwarika's hotel.”

Mads Mathiasen, a local specialist from Nepal, helped this traveler put together a customized itinerary.

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Balthali Village Trek and Explore Kathmandu

Day 1: Trek to Dhulikhel
Day 2: Trek to Namobuddha
Day 3: Trek to Balthali
Day 4: Trek to Panauti – Drive to Kathmandu
Day 5: Farewell for now

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Welcome to kimkim, and apologies for the slight delay in getting back to you. As your dates are fast approaching, ideally we move quickly to help organize this for you with the help of one of our local operators in Kathmandu. To narrow down our options, are you looking for a short trek out of Kathmandu (we can definitely suggest a few)?

Another option is to hire a helicopter to take you to Namche Bazaar, in the heart of the Everest region, and spend a couple days exploring the great views around there. Expensive, but you could split this three ways, at least.

Just to be clear, there are a number of good local treks around Kathmandu that get you away from the crowds and have some nice views, so let me know if this sounds good and we'd be happy to work on this!


remote and vistas, it not a problem, getting you into the alpine with only 5 days in Nepal, could be a challenge even if we utilize planes. The only way I can get you up really high in this amount of time would be with a Heli but that costs a bomb.
There is one area that really fits what you would like but the flights in and out of there don't fly every day and your dates just don't line up. I will think of something else but in the meantime if you could let me know your flight times in and out of Kathmandu and also if you are willing to spend the money for a Heli one way to somewhere special, that would be great. Really looking forward to helping you with this big mini adventure :-) Cheers, Mads.


awesome! thanks for getting back to me so quickly. can you give me an estimate on the heli?
Okay, one idea could be Langtang valley, the heli block time for flights up there is one hour... We are probably looking at US$ 2500 per hour but could be a little less, I can confirm later today when the offices open
we might settle for a more relaxed easy going trek this time -- wait and do the alpine properly when we have a longer block. but ill ask her and revert in a couple hours
The other option is to stay close to Kathmandu this time, trek part of what Lonely planet rates as one of the best short trek on the planet have a couple of nights in the amazing Dwarikas and see a bit of Kathmandu on the way in and out from the trek.
Hi mads! this looks great. ill make the payment when i get home from work today
it was lots of fun! thanks for setting it up on such short notice :)
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