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“I would really love to experience the traditional aspect of Morocco and see how the Nomads live as well and go to old villages. Would love to see/ride camels in the desert and I want to also prioritize hammams and spa's for relaxation. I'm from Yemen, but was born in America and live here now. Yemen was full and rich in tradition and I'm all about the simple things (seeing how indigenous people still live and traditional foods.. etc.) , if you have any other ideas please feel free to tell me or incorporate into this possible trip! Thank you in advance :)”

Yassine Echcherki, a local specialist from Morocco, helped this traveler put together a customized itinerary.

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Morocco Grand Tour: Luxury Hotels, Desert Camping, & the Coast

Day 1: Casablanca (Arrival)
Day 2: Casablanca
Day 3: Rabat
Days 4-5: Chefchaouen
Days 6-7: Fez
Day 8: Day Trip to Meknes and the Roman Ruins at Volubilis
Days 9-10: Erfoud, Merzouga & the Sahara
Day 11: Dades Valley
Day 12: Ouarzazate
Days 13-14: Marrakech
Day 15: Essaouira
Day 16: Casablanca
Day 17: Departure from Casablanca

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Thank you for sharing with us more about yourself. It is great to hear that you're originally from Yemen, such a beautiful country! 
My name is Yassine, and I am happy to have the chance to work with you on your Moroccan adventure! 

I am a native of Morocco having grown up in the city of Sefrou, about 30 minutes south of Fez. I have over 15 years of experience sharing my love for my home country and planning enriching trips. I see that you are interested in deserts, this is so much fun! 17 days is plenty of time to see a lot of places in Morocco. Yes, we can definitely help you arrange a hamam experience and visits to villages. I'm going to share with you some sample itineraries to give you an idea about activities and places to visit. Please let me know if you have any questions!


Thanks so much for the Response, I appreciate it so much!! & I would love to see a sample trip of one where its more narrowed down to a couple of destinations & where I would get to stay in one place for more than just a night or two. I just really want to make sure the trip doesn't feel too rushed, if you get what I mean.

Thanks so much for the information. I will start working on your itinerary and get back to you shortly. 

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