Iceland Honeymoon in August

  A couple visited Iceland in August 2017

“We are looking to spend 8-10 days in Iceland and would like to have a rental vehicle to travel and see many natural sites around Iceland (first priority). Day hikes are fine. We would also like to visit hot springs, do boat tours, and other activities. Being able to enjoy good restaurants, new beers, etc is a must. Accommodation doesn't need to be super luxury, but definitely comfortable.”

Halldor Bjarkason, a local specialist from Iceland, helped this traveler put together a customized itinerary.

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Hi Michael, good to hear from you. I would love to help plan a great honeymoon road trip for you this July, flavoured with all the additional activities you mention. I would suggest a 10 day option so you can keep the pace of travel a bit more relaxed. The best itineraries for this timeframe are (I will extend and customise these based on your preferences): 

The only hitch is the accommodation, as July is the busiest month in Iceland and extremely heavily booked already. Therefore I would need the following details before proceeding: 
- Do you have exact dates already, or at least a more precise range? 
- Three star hotels are the most frequently available hotel category in the countryside, and I am sure you would be comfortable in those, but we will almost certainly run into dates and locations where no hotels are available anymore. Would you be willing to consider spending such nights in budget accommodation (can be f.e. a cottage or a guesthouse with shared bath facilities) in order to make the itinerary work?

Since it is so hard to find accommodation, the best way to proceed is that I can give you a tentative quote for exact dates and exact inclusions, and accept a booking deposit from you, then if the hotel category changes we would just have to settle the difference afterwards accordingly (so the bookings are essentially on a best efforts basis). Then once everything is booked I will tailor your itinerary accordingly. This allows me to get you the best accommodation available after looking at the various route combinations possible for the trip.

Also please note that you have a higher chance of getting all hotels on the Westfjords, Snaefellsnes & Golden Circle trip, since availability there is a little better (but still tight).

Let me know if you are willing to proceed on this basis, then fixing the number of days & nights in Iceland is the next step, then if you are happy with my quote we can proceed once you have fixed the dates.

Thank you and I look forward to your reply!

Hey Halldor,

Thanks for the message! Both options look fantastic and I have forwarded all the info to my fiance. I am waiting to hear back what she thinks of the budget hotel options. The dates we had set would be to leave Vancouver on July 6th or 7th and Leave Reykjavik on the 16th or 17th. This gives us a 10-day window.

If it's extremely busy in Iceland during July, what about August? I think our dates are pretty flexible during that month too (I'm still waiting to hear from the fiance about that). Would the accommodation issue ease up during that month? Let us know!



Hi Halldor,

I just spoke with her and she stated that August would be OK too. The dates are flexible, but we would like to leave Vancouver on a Thursday/Friday and come back on a Sunday/Monday. Let me know if that makes it any easier to book accommodations.



Hi Michael,

August is also busy but not as busy as July, so our options are better the later you come in summer basically. Prices also drop slightly after 20th or so, but the weather also can get autumnish around that time - although it is just a tendency, Icelandic weather should never be relied upon :)

So I would say August is better, the later you are comfortable with the better. But if you choose the Westfjords & Snaefellsnes itinerary I am quite confident that I can find you hotels in August, the Ring Road is still difficult early in the month. Just let me know your preferred dates and I will send you a price accordingly.

Thanks and I look forward to your reply!

Hey Halldor,

Perfect! We are excited to get this trip going.

For this itinerary, what type of temperatures should we expect to encounter? We would like to be prepared and pack accordingly. Thanks again, Halldor

Hi Michael,

On average you would expect about 10 to 15 degrees Celcius in early August. But it has been a fairly cold summer so far, so don't be surprised if temperatures dip as low as 5 degrees occasionally. And the wind in Iceland always provides an additional cooling effect, bringing along caps is a must. So it is best to be prepared for the whole range :)

Thank you.
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Traveler Review

Halldor did a great job at answering all our questions. He was prompt and always gave us options. The advice was well received and everything worked out great. He delivered on every request we had. Great job!

Halldor did a great job and gave us an itinerary that was very well balanced. We visited some of the most popular spots, but there were also special places that had very few people and just as beautiful.