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  A couple visited Iceland in November 2017

“I'm going to London November 3rd and want to stop somewhere on my way back before I go home to NYC... My boyfriend and I were wanting to go on a short trip and thought of Iceland because it's close to New York.... but I'm also kind of thinking it's a big deal and want to make it as fun and get-a-way ish as possible....

We don't like guided tours but definitely want to hit up great nature spots and definitely hit up the blue lagoon (or something similar but better), and try to see the Northern Lights... Would prefer to have our own rental car for the beginning of the trip (about 3 days) that we pick up from the airport to do all the nature excursions and then drop it off before spending a couple days in reykjavik before we depart back to NYC..

A little scared about driving in Iceland in November... so would like to see sites that aren't incredibly difficult to get to..

We are both active people.. he loves photography so would want to take a lot of photos so would like to go places that are great for photos. We also both live in NYC so do enjoy drinking (obviously not while we are driving!). We're also sort of fresh in our relationship so want to steer away from anything overly romantic.. not really into that kind of thing..

As for accommodations, don't need to stay anywhere 5-star status but should definitely be comfortable and not super pricey... run down/budget accommodations and hostels aren't ideal for us.

Hopefully this helps! Look forward to hearing from you.”

Preeti Bhide, a local specialist from Iceland, helped this traveler put together a customized itinerary based on Introduction to the Land of Fire and Ice in 5 days.

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Hi Nazy, 
This is Emanuela, I live in Isafjordur, in the Westfjord region of Iceland and I specialise in customised holidays all over Iceland.

November is still a good period to visit Iceland as there are fewer tourists and you still have a good amount of daylight and, at night, weather permitting, it is possible to see the splendour of Northern Lights.

Here it is an idea of a 5 day itinerary which seems to fit your wishes very well.

We can arrange the entire package including the car rental, accommodation and any tours or activities you are interested in. You will also receive a detailed sightseeing itinerary to the major sights and offbeat lesser known places.

Have a look at it and let me know what you think so I can send you a price for your dates.

I look forward to your reply.


Hi Emanuela!

This looks really good! Can you let me know what kind of accomodations you would include? Is it safe to drive in November? Would any of these tours be cancelled if the weather was bad/roads were closed? Would we be refunded if that's the case?

Would like to get some preliminary pricing if possible.

Thank you!

Hi Nazy, 
Great! happy to hear you like it. 
About the accommodation, you have to tell me what you prefer and then I can include it in the price to give you. Let me know if a 3 star hotel with breakfast included is a good option for you and your boyfriend.

In this self- drive the only tour included is the Northern Lights tour which will be refunded in case of cancellation due to weather.

November is safe to drive around anyway. Last year there was not even snow yet so you should be fine and the itinerary above is an easy drive on paved roads and it is very rare these roads close as they run along some of the most touristic sites of Iceland which are open all year around.

Let me know about your accommodation preference and I will send you a quote for it.


Great thank you so much! In Reykjavik would prefer 4 - star was looking at the Hotel Reykjavik Centrum...

I believe there is one night spent outside of the city (correct me if I'm wrong?) - but for that a three star hotel with breakfast would be fine.

Thanks !

Hi Nazy, 
here it is how your itinerary will look like: 
Day 1: Arrive in Reykjavik. Bus transfer to your hotel. Free day in Reykjavik. Northern light tour at night with pickup from your hotel. Overnight in Reykjavik. 
Day 2: Free Day in Reykjavik and. Overnight in Reykjavik. 
Day 3 : Pick up your rental car and drive to the South Coast. Overnight in Vik. 
Day 4: Drive back along the South Coast and through the Golden Circle. Overnight in the area. 
Day 5: Reykjanes peninsula and Blue Lagoon. Drive to the airport to drop off your car. Departure.

I just booked my flight and want to book this .. Can I share my travel info so we can book the time for the blue lagoon and the shuttle to the hotel?

Hi Nazy, 
I am glad to hear you like the itinerary.

Of course, I can tell you the names of the hotels before booking, but you will have to keep in mind that they are subject to availability.

We can book 2 separate bus transfer for you and your boyfriend.

The Blue Lagoon is one of the busiest places in Iceland, and its entrance time is subject to availability. It goes fully booked very often especially during peak hours in the middle of the day. At this time, I can not guarantee you any entrance time, as it will depend on what is available at the moment of booking. I will do out best to book it at your most convenient time.

So, let me know when you are ready to book and I can send you a payment link. As soon as we receive your payment, I can start making your bookings and prepare your itinerary according to your wishes.

I am ready to book!
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Traveler Review

Had an incredible incredible time on our self-driving trip around Iceland and everything was planned so perfectly with just the right amount of time. The trip was perfectly tailored to our needs and the couldn't have been more seamless.

Emanuela was so nice/knowledgeable and happy to answer any and all questions I had.