Iceland Northern Lights & Waterfalls

  Group of 4 friends visited Iceland in November 2017

“We are celebrating our 25th Anniversary with friends and top priority are seeing the Northern Lights. We would also like to visit the Blue Lagoon, the tectonic plates, waterfalls and glaciers. We are all 52 and while we are in okay shape, some of us wouldn't qualify for a 3k! We are all from Florida. If you are booking the rooms, queen size beds are a minimum requirement or 2 doubles in the room.
- Lea K.”

Chris McCarty, a local specialist from Iceland, helped this traveler put together a customized itinerary.

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Reykjavik, Snaefellsnes Peninsula, Golden Circle, South Coast

Day 1: Exploring Reykjavik
Day 2: Borgarnes, Snæfellsnes Peninsula
Day 3: Volcanic Snaefellsnes Peninsula
Day 4: Snæfellsnes Peninsula to Golden Circle
Day 5: The South Coast to Vik: Waterfalls, Beaches, Cliffs
Day 6: Skaftafell, Svartifoss, Hof, Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon
Day 7: Drive back along South Coast to Reykjavik / KEF

Summary of the trip planning conversation

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Hi, welcome to kimkim! I'm Chris and I will be your kimkim travel specialist for your trip to Iceland. I’ll work with you to put together a great custom itinerary for your trip.

In December you can expect winter driving conditions which means some snow at times. If you prefer we can set you up with a 5 day guided tour of the west and south that will have a driver with a small group. If you want to self drive here's is an idea for you. 

Lea K:
That tour sounds great but we need to cut it down to 6 or 7 days total. 

Sure, I can customize it to your dates and length of stay.

Lea K:
Our top priorities are the Northern lights, waterfalls and the hot springs. We would like to price it with queen beds or double beds in the rooms and two separate rooms. We don't mind sharing bathrooms and we don't mind sharing cabins. Please price with a private driver once leaving Reykjavik and through the return. However, we have two very experienced drivers and if road conditions are not too much of an issue, then we would be happy driving ourselves if you plan the drive.

Hi Lea, I can put together some pricing options for you for 2 difference scenarios:

- Self-driving tour with detailed information on the route and places to stop, SUV rental with 4WD, and prices for 2 rooms each night with double or queen beds 
- Private guided tour with driver, prices for 2 rooms each night with double or queen beds

You can decide which option you prefer depending on the prices and if you prefer not to drive, and I will then make all the arrangements for you. For the self-driving, it will depend a bit on where you prefer to spend the time. Here is one option for you.

12/5 - Borgarnes 
12/6 - Snaefellsnes Peninsula 
12/7 - Golden Circle Area 
12/8 - Vik 
12/9 - Reykjavik

Lea K:
Since I am not familiar with Iceland, I will rely on your guidance. As I said before, our top priorities are the Northern lights, waterfalls and hot springs. Since we are from Florida and not used to driving in snow, easier routes will be appreciated. 

We are contemplating changing the trip around to give us one more day and night in Iceland. If this is the case, where do you recommend we spend that extra day and night? 

If you have an extra day, I think it would make sense to spend your first night in Reykjavik, then 2 nights along the Snaefellsnes Peninsula, and then the rest of the itinerary as it's listed. I will update the availability based on those new days if you are pretty sure those will be your final dates!
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Traveler Review

Shaky. Definitely made it right - but I think we all would have preferred a smoother communication channel and not necessarily between us and Chris but rather getting the needed info to us to smooth the process i.e. direct contact info for accommodations (phone #'s!), the very important knowledge that an accommodation does not accept credit cards even though the reservation was secured with a credit card. Little things that need to be tightened up.
We could book through ourselves and accomplish the same thing, we were looking for the "smoothing" aspect using Kim Kim.
As for the suggestions of places to visit and time to allow, I think Chris did an exceptional job! All of the accommodations were perfect for our trip and the vehicle suited the terrain we were traversing.
Despite the various hiccups, we all loved Iceland and our experience overall.