Iceland Private tour, not in a large group

  Family of 2 adults and 2 children visited Iceland in June 2017

“We would like to see the best attractions in Iceland. We are adventurous. I would prefer to do a private tour not in a large group. We will have a car but some days my husband will be fishing so we may need a driver.”

Midgard Adventure Team, a local specialist from Iceland, helped this traveler put together a customized itinerary.

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Langjökull Glacier & Þórsmörk

Day 1: Borgarfjörður & ice tunnel
Day 2: Þórsmörk

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Midgard Adventure Team
Hi, my name is Anna and I work for a company called Midgard Adventure, located in a small town called Hvolsvöllur around 1,5 hour drive south of Reykjavík. I am happy to know that you are planning a trip to Iceland in June, and we would love to assist you with the planning :) Since we are based in the South, it would probably suit best if we planned something while you are staying at Hotel Rangá (and even in Grímsborgir), so the dates we are looking at would be from the 21st to 25th. Also, since you will have your own car, we might want to focus more on tours that take you off the beaten path, for example to Þórsmörk and/or the highlands (depending on conditions).

You mentioned that your husband mould like to do some fishing..are you thinking about that as part of a guided tour, or does he prefer to do that on your "free days" (that is on days that you would not be doing tours with us)? What kind of fishing does he like ? I might be able to make a few suggestions :) Also, it might be helpful to know what your budget for your Iceland trip and/or the tours with us would be, just so I get a better idea of what we could include. The price for most of our private tours for 4 people is either 195.000 ISK or 225.000 ISK.

One more old are the children?

I look forward to your reply :)

All the best,

Hi my husband has his fishing trips planned already. We want to see some of the famous attractions, i.e. Blue lagoon, etc. we do have our own car.

the children are 17 AND 11.

Midgard Adventure Team
Thank you :) Would you like me to make you an example itinerary including ideas for sights, activities and accommodation? If so, I am happy to send you a few suggestions after the weekend.

Have a lovely evening,

Hi. Yes, that would be great. Thank you

Midgard Adventure Team
Ok, no problem :) I will send you my suggestions later today.

Regarding the hotels, I think you will be very happy with all of them :) Canopy is a new hotel, and one of the most popular ones in Reykjavík, and it also get´s one of the highest rating on of all the Reykjavík hotels.

Hotel Rangá and Grímsborgir are definitely among the most popular and "higher end" ones in South Iceland (even though they are very different from each other) so I am sure you will not be disappointed with them either :)

All the best,

Midgard Adventure Team
Since you plan on having a rental car, I will take that into consideration. Here are a few ideas:

June 19th-20th: Reykjavík
- To me it makes most sense that you do tours/activities in Reykjavík or close by on those days. There are many options to choose from, for example museums, buggy/ATV tours, horseback riding, whale watching, fishing tours for your husband etc.
- Regarding the Blue lagoon, if it fits your flight schedule I recommend that you go there yourselves either in the way to Reykjavík from the airport on (June 19th?), or on the way to the airport on the day of your departure (June 26th?). If however your flight is very early in the morning or late in the evening, it could be a good idea to drive there on one of the days you will be in Reykjavík, since it only takes around 45 minutes to drive there. Please note though that the Blue lagoon needs to be booked ahead (sometimes even weeks ahead!). If you want, I am happy to book it for you. You can see their different packages here:

June 21st-22nd: Hotel Grímsborgir
- From there it makes sense to do the golden circle or go west to the Snæfellsnes peninsula and/or Borgarfjörður. You can also do those things in your own car..either way, here are a few suggestions for sights and activities in those areas:
- Þingvellir national park, Gullfoss waterfall and Geysir are the most popular (and crowded) ones. Among other places on or around the golden circle are waterfall Faxi and town Laugarvatn. The kids might also like to visit a petting zoo called "Slakki". Here are also more ideas for "detours" around the golden circle are:
- If you do the tour with us, the price would be 225.000 ISK/around $2.000 (including pick-up and drop-off at Grímsborgir, a private guide, the super-jeep and fuel).
- Amongst sights are the famous Snæfellsjökull national park (and glacier), Kirkjufell mountain and Djúpalónssandur.
- There are also many small fishing villages on the Snæfellsnes peninsula, for example Arnarstapi, Hellnar, Ólafsvík, Grundadarfjörður and Stykkishólmur.
- If you do the tour with us, the price might depend a bit on what exactly we would include. It would be a pretty long day though for sure, so probably around 245.000 ISK/around $2.140
- If you think this might be a bit much for one day, we could also visit Fjord Borgarfjörður (and perhaps also Hvalfjörður) and nearby locations instead. There are many beautiful sights there as well, for example waterfalls Hraunfossar and Barnafoss and Húsafell. You might also like to do some activities if you pick this, for example the man made ice tunnel in Langjökull glacier ( and/or a lava tube also known as "the cave" (
- If you do this tour with us, the price would probably be 225.000 ISK/$2.000, but it might be a bit less or more though, depending on the length of the tour (if for example you would like to do both activities, the tour would be at least 3 hours longer then it would otherwise be)

June 23rd-25th: Hotel Rangá
- Now we are finally in the south, the location closest to where we are based :)
- You can visit the south coast yourselves (including sights such as Skógarfoss waterfall, Reynisfjara black sand beach and Reynisdrangar cliffs) or a tour with us (195.000 ISK)
- You can also visit Skaftafell national park and Jökulsárlón on your own or a tour with us (225.000 ISK/$2.000)
- We would then love to take you off the beaten path to beautiful Þórsmörk. In order to get there we have to cross a few rivers. Þórmörk is ideal for light hiking or just to enjoy the breathtaking nature. If the weather is good, we can also have a nice BBQ there. The price for this tour as a private tour is 195.000 ISK/around $1.700 (not including the BBQ)

Let me know what you think - I look forward to your reply :)

All the best,

HI - thank you for all the information. So much to do!!! I booked Blue Lagoon for June 20th. My husband has fishing trips booked 6/22 and 6/24, so I think these dates would be good to book something with you. We are flexible just want to see the best stuff. I do like the idea of seeing the ice tunnel. Also, I saw a snorkeling trip that looks interesting. Do you provide that?

Midgard Adventure Team
Thank you for your quick reply. Yes, there are definitely many options to say the least! I sometimes tell my clients that there is no way to cover everything in one trip, and even those who come here regularly always find something new to see and do every time :) Good thing you booked the Blue lagoon by the way, it´s amazing how they can sometimes be fully booked weeks ahead, especially in the summer.

Regarding the ice tunnel..are you thinking about driving up there yourselves (you can get a pick-up from Húsafell or meet them at their basecamp "Klaki) or would you like to do it as a part of a super-jeep tour with us?

Regarding the snorkelling, it is best to do that on the same day as you do the golden circle, since lake Silfra is located in Þingvellir national park which is a part of the golden circle. We do not operate those tours ourselves, but we work with companies that do ( & If you want to do that as a part of a super-jeep tour with us, you are of course welcome to do so. You can also drive there on your own if you refer that. Either way, I am happy to book it for you to safe you the trouble.

When you are staying at Hotel Rangá (June 23rd or 25th), I think you would love our Þórsmörk tour! Since you have your own car, you can cover many of the other places I mentioned yourselves, but going to Þórmörk would be something you could hardly do on your own, and I am pretty sure you would all love that place! If the weather is good it would also be a very nice touch to have a BBQ there, either lamb or hot dogs.

Let me know if you have any questions! I look forward to your reply :)

Kindest regards,

HI - I would like to schedule the ice tunnel with you. How about June 22nd. I looked into snorkeling and I think you have to be 16 years or older. Can you confirm this? Thanks. I think the Porsmork Tour sounds great. Can we do some hiking there? So, Lets plan that for the 25th. This will be our last full day in Iceland and sounds like it will be a good end to the week.

Midgard Adventure Team
Thank you for your reply. We would be happy to do a super-jeep tour and take you to the ice tunnel on June 22nd. The price for that is 225.000 ISK for the Super-jeep tour and 68.250 ISK for the ice tunnel (19.500 ISK per adult and 9.750 ISK for kids between 11 and 15 years old), a total of 293.250 ISK (around $2.585). We will probably go off the beaten path on this tour, following a mountain route called "Kaldidalur" (depending on conditions though).

Regarding the age limit for the snorkelling, let me look into that on Monday and get back to you.

I think you will not be disappointed with Þórsmörk! I will book you on the 25th and the price is 195.000 ISK. We offer two different day tours to Þórsmörk, "Þórsmörk mountain reserve" ( and "Þórmörk hike" ( Maybe the "Þórsmörk hike" tour would be a bit much for the 11 year old..what do you think? If you prefer the other tour, we can also include some light hiking there :)
If you want, we could also include lunch boxes or have a BBQ (lamb or hot dogs) if the weather is good. If you want, I will send you a few different options for that on Monday, along with the prices.

Have a lovely weekend - talk to you on Monday!

Kindest regards,

All sounds great. I'll Look for your email next week and we can finalize everything then. Have a nice weekend.
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