Iceland with an 11-year-old

  Family of 1 adult and 1 child visited Iceland in July 2017

“We are a mother-daughter pair traveling from San Francisco. We are excited to see the natural wonders of Iceland. We'd love to see glaciers, icebergs, horses or puffins, and to hike. And we're (one of us) is a Game of Thrones fan. We love to be outdoors and hike and are somewhat adventurous (with the caveat that she's 11!). We don't mind moving around or having a home base and have lots of energy for different activities.
We definitely don't want to miss the Blue Lagoon.”

Preeti Bhide, a local specialist from Iceland, helped this traveler put together a customized itinerary.

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Welcome to kimkim, and thank you for your request. This is Preeti, I specialise in customised holidays all over Iceland and would be happy to help you with a fantastic holiday this summer.

Since you have just 5 days and also want to include a lot of activities, I recommend a tour of the South Coast where you will be able to see and do all the things you mentioned. 
It would be good to have a rental car and drive, spending the night at different locations. You will be able to see and do more by saving time driving back and forth from Reykjavik.

Check Option 7 under these short itineraries for an idea of the route and places.

Regarding the horses - Are you interested in just seeing them or also riding? I will include plenty of short hikes along your route and GOT locations (I am a fan myself so I always find it exciting to do that :-) )

I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the itinerary, and will then send you a price with all inclusions. It is rather short notice so it would be good to book soon since tours often get sold out in peak season.

Hello! Thank you for this information. We have such limited time--we arrive late on a Monday night and leave Friday afternoon. So we have more like 3.5 days. Do you have recommendations for that length of a trip? Thank you!

Here is a 3 day itinerary, and we can add the Golden Circle as well.

Let me know if that looks ok - Golden Circle, part of the South Coast, Reykjavik and Blue Lagoon. If there is time on the first and last days then we can include the Reykjanes peninsula.

I've been looking at all that you have sent and am wavering between what you sent today and Option #6: One-way tour of the south: Egilsstadir, Glacier Lagoon, Vik, Golden Circle. Mainly because we are interested in the Glacier lagoon. Is it possible to do this trip in 4 days? We fly in on Monday night late and could fly to Egilsstadir the next day. Or is this too much? Would we be better of staying in Reykavik and doing excursions? And yes, if possible a short horse ride would be wonderful. Thanks for your advice.

It would be nice to have a car rental since you could explore on your own and also visit GOT sites on your route. 
If the glacier lagoon is the main reason for Option 6 then also check Option 7. It does of course mean driving back and forth the same route which would take an extra day, but the Eastfjords and flight also take an extra day. It is also possible to fly to Hofn in the South East.

Do you already have your flight arrival and departure timings? If yes then that would help in making an itinerary where we can fit in everything you want to do.

Let me know and I can send you the itinerary and price.

Here is an itinerary: 
31st July - Arrival at 11:20pm. Pick up rental car and stay overnight close to the airport. 
1st August - Take a short horse riding tour at 11am before driving east along the South Coast. Stop for a glacier hike on the way. 
2nd August - Enjoy a puffin tour on the beach before driving to the Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon where you have a boat ride. 
3rd August - Drive back to the Golden Circle area, home to Iceland's most famous attractions. 
4th August - Drive around the Reykjanes peninsula and spend a few hours in the Blue Lagoon before your departure at 3:30pm.

I have included all the activities you are interested in. I will also include GOT stops and short hikes, but there might not be too much time for hiking.

Accommodation availability on the South Coast is quite limited at such short notice so this plan is subject to this and it would be best to book as soon as possible since your dates are quite soon.

The price for this 5 day / 4 night package is [price removed]

Hello and thank you for this. It looks like a great schedule and I so appreciate you putting it together for us. I'd like to book this through you because you've been great! 

[traveler booked trip]
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Traveler Review

This was my first experience using kimkim and I'm now a huge fan. I had a last-minute trip to plan and little time to do so and kimkim connected me with a wonderful travel agent. I felt completely confident sending funds to someone in another country I had never met because of the structure of kimkim and other's reviews. I would never have found this travel agent without kimkim but I'm so very glad I did. And I appreciated the ability to look at potential itineraries before making a choice --those examples made it easier to explain what I wanted to do and what we didn't mind missing.

Preeti was amazing. She really close attention to my requests and created a trip that was so much more than I could have on my own. Her knowledge of the area made such a difference--she gave me tips about "not-to-be-missed" sites off the beaten track that made our experience so much richer. I was (very) late in asking her to put the trip together and yet she took it in stride, working quickly and efficiently and staying in touch. She kept the fact I was traveling with a child in mind and created days that were great for both of us. This was a trip we will always remember, and I'm so grateful to Preeti for putting it together. We'll be back!