Manaslu circuit - 3 generation trek

  Family of 3 adults and 1 child visited Nepal in April 2017

“Hi, We are wanting to to the Manaslu circuit and are trying to find out more information about the state of the track/tea houses after the quakes. So far we have been getting conflicting information. My daughter who is coming is 10, and has done the 200km Tour de Mt Blanc, so is fit and use to multi-day hikes. I'm aware of altitude as a concern, so will take it slowly if need be - anything else that I need to be aware of? I'd really prefer to do this hike, instead of the Annapurna circuit, as it seems less crowded. Thankyou”

Amanda Delecca, a local specialist from Nepal, helped this traveler put together a customized itinerary based on Manaslu Circuit Trek: The Ultimate Off-The-Beaten-Path Trek in Nepal - 18 Days.

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Lovely to meet you!

We can definitely help you out with the Manaslu Circuit. I also recommend this over the Annapurna Circuit for the same reason. It's a great time to get in on this trek, before it becomes too popular but already has trekking amenities in place. This season we're running a slightly modified version due to earthquake damage, but tea houses have now been rebuilt in each village. By the time you're here I expect that more tea houses will have been built too.

In terms of your daughter, if she's used to multi-day trek's she'll be fine. Altitude is only of particular concern for children when they're not able to let you know that they're not feeling good or aren't able to describe it. So by 10 year old she will be like any other trekker where altitude sickness could hit anyone.

I can put together pricing for the 4 of you, I hope you don't mind that it will be next week? Is there anything else you would like me to include in your trip? I notice you've got around 25 days planned here, there's an optional extension to the Manaslu Circuit to the north eastern Tsum Valley which makes the trip around 18 days. Or would you like anything else? You would have time to explore some other areas of the country such as the Chitwan National Park and possibly spot a rhino (or one of the many other animals that live there). Feel free to let me know what kinds of things are of interest and I'm also happy to make some suggestions.



Hi Amanda 
Thankyou for your prompt reply - I'm very excited to hear that the Manaslu is up and running for trekkers. (I imagine the locals are pleased too!) What do you mean by a 'slightly modified' version as far as the circuit is concerned? Does this cut out any significant parts?

Thank you also for your feedback on my daughter doing it - I agree that as she is able to say how she is feeling, that we can manage any potential altitude sickness as we go.

Yes, can you put together some pricing for me - out flights are booked so we are locked for the dates given. I had been curious about the Tsum valley - can you do pricing both including this and not including this? Where does this Tsum valley addition come into the circuit hike.....I'm just thinking if its atttached onto the end, if our group is tiring we can leave it - or do it if still keen. I imagine however, that everyone will be keen!

Any other suggestions for things to do/see around the area are appreciated.

Thanks again 


'Slightly modified' means just that... you don't miss any major parts, some of the trails are in different places due to land slides, mostly. And we used to drive further up the trail to start, now we can only get to Soti Khola because of damage to the road. As I mentioned, this may have changed again before you get here, now that monsoon is finishing it's the time when building and road works will happen.

The Tsum Valley is near the start of the trek, you turn off from Jagat/Philim.

I'll get some pricing organised for you with and without the Tsum extenion for comparison. Give me a day or two and I'll be back to you with some more information soon!

In the mean time please feel free to leave any questions for me here!



Please find attached above your trip itinerary with pricing details. I've included options for both Manaslu & Tsum and Manaslu Circuit only - this trek is a bit flexible in terms of days, if you wanted something shorter, the Circuit option could come down to 13 days.

You'll notice that the pricing is for 4 people, there aren't any discounts for children on this trek so for your daughter it will be the same price as for adults.

Have a look and let me know what you think!

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Traveler Review

Our 3 generational family trip into the Tsum Valley and Manaslu Circuit was absolutely stunning!! From beginning to end, we were impressed with the input from Amanda in the organisation/communication with loads of questions promptly answered. She was very friendly and helpful and met us both before and after the hike - we would not hesitate to book through kimkim again and use Himalayan Trails. Both hotels were perfectly suited in both location and budget, we particularly enjoyed 'Mums Garden' in Pokhara after the hike - a sanctuary to rest weary legs!

As for the hike itself - we were extremely grateful to our fantastic guide Chhiri. He was both very professional and knowledgeable and good company. He and the two porters, Sam and Siri made our hike all the more special. They did far more than meet the minimum requirements of a guide/porting service, they became good friends and went out of their way to share their culture, country and themselves with us.

17 days hiking with 3 generations couldn't have been done in a more special place. The days walking were well mixed with some longer and others shorter, when altitude became a factor. The weather was perfect which always is a bonus and the Tsum valley was probably the highlight (just ahead of Larke Pass) - The mix of monasteries and walking through ancient villages was very special. Chhiri was also very caring and conscientious with the responsibility of taking my 10yr old daughter on such a long hike. While she had done long hikes before, she'd never been to this altitude at 5100m - she loved the experience and Chhiri again took great care with all of us.

Thank you does not quite cover it!!!

Amanda was incredibly helpful, both online prior to booking in answering a myriad of questions and once in Kathmandu, meeting with us both before and after the hike. She made sure the trip was seamless from start to end and was very friendly and knowledgeable.

In wanting to take my 10yr old daughter on such a long hike and to 5100m, Amanda was very careful in giving advise and ensuring that we had a senior guide who had experience with children. This proved to be possibly the making of the hike with Chhiri being an excellent guide -and the envy of other hikers!

Thank you very much to Amanda for giving us such special memories. We would love to be back in Nepal one day!!