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  A couple visited Nepal in October 2017

“We are interested in spending 14 days in Nepal (to include flights there and back). I would like a 6-8 day trek in the Himalayas and a couple of days in Kathmandu. Thank you!”

Raj Gyawali, a local specialist from Nepal, helped this traveler put together a customized itinerary based on Best Short Treks in Nepal - Trekking Itineraries Ranging from 3 to 10 Days.

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Mohare Danda, Poon Hill & Ghandruk Trek

Day 4: NAGI

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Hi, my name is Raj and I will be your trip expert for this request. If you have 14 days including flights, this would mean you will have about 12 days in Nepal.

What kind of trek would you like? Somewhere popular, or offbeat - we have great options that would fit in your timeline, and of course, working in sustainability, we prefer the offbeat options to ensure that the tourism dollar gets spread into rural communities.

Classic for us is the Mohare Danda Trek that goes in the annapurnas and includes Pokhara in the itinerary as a rest place post trek.

Now if you want to do a more classic, then the Monastery Trek to Tyangboche in the Everest Region can also be done in about seven days... you will reach an altitude of 3860m at Tyangboche and then come back via Namche.

I personally really like the Mohare Danda trek. also has great views and includes homestay and community lodge stays.

There are others offbeat options too that I could suggest of course, depending on your interest and fitness levels!

I think a 7- 9 day trek would be perfect! On this route would we be able to visit some villages? Also, would each day be varying levels of difficulty?

You will visit villages all right, the overnights are all in villages... thats how treks usually work in Nepal... the difficulty levels vary of course, but not too much usually!

This looks wonderful! I do have a few questions. I was planning on flying into and out of Kathmandu, does this work? Will there be a guide on this trek, or is it self guided? Also, do we need any particular gear and do you have advice on what we should pack? We are happy to camp! I am sorry for so many questions, but thank you for all of your answers! We are very excited!

you do have to come to Kathmandu and out of Kathmandu. This trek starts from Pokhara, but I can manage the whole bit of course, as my company is based in Kathmandu.

I will send you a gear list as well, thats the easy part... and there will be a guide and a porter in your group.

There is no camping involved. you stay in homestays, community run lodges and private lodges on the trek. Simple but comfortable!
Ok great, thank you! Can you please explain the role of the porter? I am not sure where we go from here, this trip is exactly what we are looking for, can we begin pricing? We can not lock it in just yet because we are still gaining permissions from work to go, but that should not be a problem. I have never used a travel agency before so I am not sure of the process. Thank you!


No worries.. the porter carries a bag with both your stuff, and you only carry a small day bag with some supplies.. the reason we have a porter is that they become good runners for reaching the next spot for lunch, or for dinner or a place to stay, all of it is usually not booked beforehand.. also if there are problems, they are the runners who go for help...

The next step is pricing... and Ia m working on it... and once I do that, all you have to do is decide the date, lock it in with your time off work etc... and pay the deposit or the entire amount... the rest we shall do!
Alright, this sounds great! We will be sure to pack light then is someone will be helping us to carry our things. You have been wonderful to work with and have made this surprisingly easy! We are ready for the next steps.
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