This trip takes you to one of the most incredible natural landmarks in South America: Iguazú Falls. The journey begins on the streets of Buenos Aires where you'll visit the city's historic landmarks and discover its rich tango culture. Next, head north to Iguazú, located on the borders of Brazil and Paraguay, where you'll admire the awe-inspiring beauty of the world's second-largest network of waterfalls.


  • Explore high-energy Buenos Aires on foot
  • Hike along the edge of the thundering Iguazú Falls and witness its power
  • Hop over to the Brazilian side for even more epic views of Iguazú Falls

Brief Itinerary

Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrival in Buenos Aires - Explore the City Buenos Aires
Day 2 Buenos Aires to Puerto Iguazú - Explore Foz do Iguaçu (Brazilian side) Puerto Iguazu
Day 3 Explore Iguazú Falls (Argentine Side) Puerto Iguazu
Day 4 Buenos Aires Departure  

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Arrival in Buenos Aires - Explore the City

The Obelisco, a central monument in Buenos Aires
The Obelisco, a central monument in Buenos Aires

Welcome to Argentina! Renowned as the "Paris of South America," and the "Queen of El Plata," the capital city of Buenos Aires is defined by passion. This is exemplified in the rich tango heritage and its citizens' limitless enthusiasm for fútbol (soccer), which is far and away the country's most popular sport. 

When you arrive at the airport, your driver will be waiting to take you in a private car to your hotel where you can relax after a long flight. But make no mistake: the city will beckon you. So after a quick recharge, be sure to venture out into the welcoming arms of Buenos Aires and explore. The best starting point would be the city center.

Day 2: Buenos Aires to Puerto Iguazú - Explore Foz do Iguaçu (Brazilian side)

View of Iguazú Falls from the Brazilian side
View of Iguazú Falls from the Brazilian side

After breakfast, you will transfer to the Buenos Aires airport for your flight to Puerto Iguazú. This city is home to the Argentinian side of Iguazú Falls, the world's largest waterfall system. Upon arrival in Puerto Iguazú, you will transfer to your hotel.

After settling in, you will transfer to the Brazilian side of the falls (Foz do Iguaçu) for a half-day tour. This side features a sweeping panorama of the entire waterfall system, giving you a sense of the vastness of Iguazú Falls. In the afternoon, you'll transfer back to your hotel on the Argentinian side.

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Day 3: Explore Iguazú Falls (Argentine Side)

Touring Iguazú from the Argentine side
Touring Iguazú from the Argentine side

After breakfast at your hotel, a driver will pick you up and drop you off at the entrance of Iguazú National Park, the Argentine side of the falls. This is where you will begin the day's adventure, a full-day tour that involves walking the three circuits that weave around the falls. Each of these offers different vantage points from which to view the water. 

The three circuits include:

  • The upper circuit (1 hour) is made up of 2,624 feet (800 m) of walkways elevated above the jungle floor to avoid disrupting the natural paths of indigenous fauna. On this route, you'll see the upper portion of Iguazú, including countless panoramic vistas of the surrounding falls.
  • The lower circuit (2 hours) is 5,250 feet (1,600 m) long and is also made up of elevated walkways, which go directly below and around the falls. This circuit takes you near the base of the falls and right up to the crashing torrents of water. You'll be able to feel the magnitude of the falls from up close.
  • The Devil's Throat (2 hours) is the star of the show. A small tourist train leaves from the Cataratas Station and travels 18 minutes to Garganta Station, where you'll find restrooms, a snack bar, and the start of the path. You'll walk 3,937 feet (1200 m) over the river until you reach the viewing platform. From there you'll be able to peer 269 feet (82 m) down into the water, as the highest of Iguazu's falls thunders all around you.

Day 4: Buenos Aires Departure

Goodbye, Argentina!
Goodbye, Argentina!

This morning, transfer to the airport for your flight back home. Until next time!


Map of Buenos Aires & Iguazú Falls - 4 Days
Map of Buenos Aires & Iguazú Falls - 4 Days