18th Birthday in Norway

  Family of 3 visited Norway in February 2018

“A special holiday for our sons 18th birthday. We are really hoping to catch a glimpse of the northern lights and make memories. We like outdoors but have never ski'd. Want a wide variety of things to do. We also want to have some down time. Son loves wildlife and taking pictures. While we like the odd museum we wouldn't want too many. A nice beer or two and some relaxing times too.
- Karen P.”

Linda Veråsdal, a local specialist from Norway, helped this traveler put together a customized itinerary.

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6 days |Tromsø | Winter Highlights in the North

Day 1: Arrival Tromsø - transfer to Malangen
Day 2: Malangen | Northern Light Watch
Day 3: In Malangen
Day 4: Experience the Sami Culture | Overnight in lavvoo
Day 5: Morning in lavvoo and return to Tromsø
Day 6: Departure Tromsø and Norway

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What a great holiday for your son, and indeed special! To see the Northern Lights, you have to travel North, above Arctic circle is the best bet and more guaranteed. A few places that are good:

Tromsø; the most common one, but also easily reachable.

Travel from Alta to Honningsvåg near the North Cape.

Travel to Lofoten. This is very pretty and gives a very special experience.

I will send you a couple of trip plans you can have a look at and let me know if any of that is of interest.

Karen P:
This sounds amazing, can you please provide me details of the accommodation so that I can have a look. I am really interested in the trip, it sounds just such a memorable experience. I have checked out flights with Norwegian airways and it is coming together.

In Malangen, here is the place, in a cabin: http://www.malangenresort.com
In Tromsø, it may depend - but it will probably be one of the Scandic or Thon hotels.

Karen P:
Looking at Malangen I think we would probably look at staying the extra night in Malangen, with a bike ride, private hot tub experience, and possible dog sledding. Gutted because we would have liked to do the snowmobiling but our son isn't 18 until 16th Feb. We live in a part of the UK that never has snow as it is by the coast so just to experience "real" snow would be amazing.
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