30th Birthday Adventure in Costa Rica

  Group of 8 friends visited Costa Rica in June 2017

“A way to celebrate my 30th birthday. Inviting some of my closest friends to experience everything we can. Culture, people, activities. Hikes, camping, fishing, farming, surfing, relaxing, anything.

Seeing what others typically won't see but living the life of locals. If I'm on a farm harvesting and making my own bread, amazing.

If I am hiking to a summit and camping, amazing.

If I am touring historical ruins, amazing. I am a videographer and would love to document as much as I can.”

Mariana Monestel, a local specialist from Costa Rica, helped this traveler put together a customized itinerary.

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Day 1: Welcome to Costa Rica
Day 2: Rafting on the Pacuare River
Day 3: Relaxing day on the Pacuare River
Day 4: Depart to the South Caribbean Coast
Day 5: Hike and Snorkeling Cahuita National Park
Day 6: Depart to Turrialba Volcano
Day 7: Canyoning and Zip Line
Day 8: Departure to Dota Valley
Day 9: Departure to South Pacific Coast
Day 10: Kayak in Marino Ballena National Park
Day 11: Relax in Uvita
Day 12: Take a flight back home

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Mariana Monestel

Hello! I'm glad for your request, I just wanted to know a few details about it. 

The duration of this trip will be 1 week? If yes it's important to take in consideration that 1 week is very short time to do all the things you mentioned in your request, even if Costa Rica is a small country you need to know that the travel distances can be very long.



Thanks a lot for helping me with this trip. I'm looking at anywhere from 8 days to 12. Budget wise, I'm looking at no more than $1500 pp for the duration of the trip.

We would have camping gear to use in case of lodging.

Mariana Monestel - Costa Rica Travel Specialist

Ok perfect, here is an itinerary proposal for you to take a look at.  Let us know what you think.

Thanks, Mariana, for putting all this information together
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