Active Norway Vacation for 40th Birthday

  A couple visited Norway in August 2017

“Hi. My husband and I have chosen Norway as to celebrate turning 40 and get a break from the Kids.

We would like an active vacation in Norway. Trolltunga is a must on the list. We want a little down time and to explore on our own, but biking, hiking, boating all are up our alley. A little history bit really spending time in mature is most important. Look forward to hearing from you.”

Linda Veråsdal, a local specialist from Norway, helped this traveler put together a customized itinerary.

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Celebration in the Norwegian Nature

Day 1: Welcome to Bergen
Day 2: Trolltunga sunset and sunrise
Day 3: From Trolltunga to Aurland
Day 4: Flåm Railway by bike & Waterfall hike
Day 5: FjordSafari and farewell Norway

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Linda Veråsdal
Hi, So nice to hear that you have chosen Norway as your destination to celebrate turning 40! 
My name is Linda, and I am one of KimKims expert in Norway.

I will invite in my colleague on this conversation as well, because she just completed a really nice journey connecting Bergen and Oslo with a great stopover at Trolltunga area. Including all different activities! She will send you the sample itinerary and you can have a look at it!

That can be changed of course to fit you better!


Miriam Andrea Jøms
Hi, congratulations with turning 40!

My name is Miriam and I'm a local expert based in Oslo.

I just had a look at your request and I will present a trip plan for you, that I think will fit perfect to your wish for an active vacation in Norway.

Let me know what you think and we can make changes from there!

Best from Miriam.

Hi Miriam, 
Thanks for getting back to us.  We are excited to work with you.  I tried to give you a little more information about what our schedule might look like.  I do love the idea of camping on Trolltunga, but my husband feels like he wants to see a little more of Norway!  We would love your thoughts on what we put together and we are totally open to staying in a town close to Flam, if  you think that would be better.  We are struggling to fill in august 18th.  We don't mind changing locations, but want to spend less time in transit and more time exploring and being outside.   

Miriam Andrea Jøms
We have a good recommodation for you near Flåm,

Ride Flamsbanna Railway to Myrdal - then Cycle back to Flam.
In Flåm, pick up on arrival and enjoy a hot bowl of soup in the converted Smokehouse. If there is still time and daylight, we embark on a waterfall hike to Turlidfossen, nearby waterfall. Feel the icecold spray form the waterfall as your hosts tell you about the local myths and stories related to the nature and area. Enjoy coffè/tea/cinnaon rolls while overlooking the village and beautiful Aurland fjord. Fjord means "ferd" - journey in the old norwegian language. The first vikings to set foot on Iceland sailed out the Aurland fjord.

Three course dinner, local and mainly organic food food served at Riverside Farm Lodge where you will spend the next couple of days.

Overnight in the "Ola Room", a superior double room.

Next Day:
Staying at this farm lodge, is an experience not to miss out of. Here life is in slow motion, and you will quickly learn to use all your senses and get into the local atmosphere.

Enjoy your delicious Norwegian breakfast, before we start the morning on the quiet lake. After a mindfull workout in traditional rowboats (or: kayaking on the fjord), we continue to the famous Aurland Valley, also referred to as one of the ten top hikes in the country. Feel the gravity as you cross the river on one of the breathtaking suspension bridges.

Lunch al fresco in this beautiful, fruitful valley. Rest your eyes in glittering snowcapped mountains - as far as you can see. Wood fired hot tub/sauna, or unwind in the beautiful garden.

Three course dinner served in the converted Smokehouse before enjoying the night in the Ola Room.

Please let me know what you think about the suggestion!

I love your ideas. So can I have you put together a full itinerary and include pricing.
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