Active vacation in Costa Rica

  A couple visited Costa Rica in October 2017

“One week adventure trip - cycling, white water rafting etc
One week surf/yoga camp on the coast

We are a young energetic couple so would like it to be an active holiday - but also offering some relaxation time as well!”

Randall Jiménez, a local specialist from Costa Rica, helped this traveler put together a customized itinerary.

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Trip to Costa Rica, October' 2017

Day 1: Arrival to San José, Costa Rica
Day 2: Monteverde Cloud Forest - zip lining
Day 3: Monteverde Cloud Forest - hiking to the reserve
Day 4: Arenal Volcano - mountain biking
Day 5: Arenal Volcano – Hanging Bridges / La Fortuna’s Waterfall
Day 6: Pacuare River – Rafting class II-III 10km
Day 7: Pacuare River – Rafting class III-IV 25km / Return to San Jose
Day 8: On your own

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Yenyi Fu - kimkim staff

Welcome to kimkim!

I read your message above and looks like you are interested in doing an active adventure trip, as well as spending some time on the coast for surf/yoga.

Can you confirm you would like us to help organize both the adventure portion, as well as the surf/yoga portion? And it is going to be a 2-week trip in total?

We have a great specialist based in Costa Rica that does amazing adventure trips. Once I hear back from you, I'll invite him to the conversation to help you plan this trip, and answer any questions you may have.


Yes please, it would be for the two weeks if possible?

Yenyi Fu - kimkim staff


Let me invite our local specialist to this conversation.

Feel free to ask questions/suggestions to both of us, we are here to help.

Randall Jiménez - Costa Rica Travel Specialist

Good day from Costa Rica and thanks for your interest in traveling to my country.

My name is Randall, I am the kimkim Destination Expert in Costa Rica and happy to help you with customizing your private dream trip to my country.

I see that you are interested in visiting our country for a couple of weeks next November, and that is great because you will have the chance to experience the transition between the wet and dry season, which might be very interesting here in the tropics.

For now just to get the ball rolling I have drafted an itinerary below which takes in all the areas and activities that you have mentioned but this does not need to be the final itinerary. Our clients usually spend some time discussing this with us over the e mail to make sure they get exactly what they are looking for. 
Please feel free to let me know your thoughts and whether you want to explore any other possibilities.

The itinerary I have put together takes into account your request for the trip to be active at the beginning and then some free time to relax on the beach at the end.

The start of the trip visiting the Monteverde cloud forest and Arenal volcano areas will be a tremendous experience. You will have the chance to experience the diversity and richness of our forests and fauna, as you will begin the trip in the cloud forest and then passing to the rain forest.

Arenal is quite majestic and imposing and you will be able to see the volcano while you do some of the activities. I have included a visit to the Hot Springs and you will certainly thank me for this as it is a very romantic and relaxing place to be during the evening.

This proposal also includes an overnight trip on the Pacuare river, where you will spend the night on a set camp or lodge on the banks of one of the most spectacular whitewater rafting rivers in the world. It is very uncommercialized, a truly romantic experience to stay in the midst of the rainforest overnight.

Finally, the beach area of Puerto Viejo de Limon on the south Caribbean coast is very dramatic with the forest almost meeting the beach.

I will be expecting to hear your thoughts about this suggested itinerary.


Hi Randall,

We have now found a surf camp that we really want to stay at so we can book that ourselves, so we are now just looking for your help with the first week. We land in San Jose on the 21st October and then leave on the 28th to go over to the surf camp. Could we look at doing the following:

Day 1 - Land and stay in San Jose 
Day 2  - Monteverde Cloud Forest Zip lining 
Day 3  - Monteverde Cloud Forest - hiking to the reserve 
Day 4  - Arenal Volcano mountain biking  
Day 5  - Arenal Volcano – Hanging Bridges / La Fortuna’s Waterfall / Hot Springs  
Day 6  - Pacuare River – Rafting class II-III 10km/6m
Day 7  - Pacuare River – Rafting class III-IV 25km/16mi 
Day 8  - Return to San Jose in the morning - we will then go to the surf camp.

Thank you
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