Dog Sledding in Northern Norway

  Group of 2 friends visited Norway in March 2018

“This is for myself (59) and my adult son (25). We're both quite fit. We're looking for a 1- or 2-night dog sled trip. Currently, we can arrive late Friday afternoon, and have to leave sometime Monday.

There is a remote possibility we could extend the trip until Wednesday but I won't know that until late February. (Business commitments in Oslo.)”

Ingrid Thornes, a local specialist from Norway, helped this traveler put together a customized itinerary based on Dog Sledding in Northern Norway: 3 Multi-Day Itineraries .

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Winter weekend in Kirkenes

Day 1: Welcome to Kirkenes
Day 2: Dog sledding adventure & hunting the Northern lights
Day 3: Another dog sledding tour or King Krab Safari

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Hi there Wayne,

My name is Ingrid, KimKim travel specialist for Norway. I was born and raised in the country, and love working with travelers customizing their holidays. It is nice to be connected with you and I will be happy to help plan your trip!

Great to see that you and your son want to visit my home country! I can certainly understand that you want to experience dog sledding! Is there a specific city you would prefer? I have three options for you where you can take a domestic flight directly from Oslo:

1) Alta can offer a 2-day husky adventure. Your ride will take you into the forest outside of Alta and along the bank of the frozen Alta River known for its brilliant salmon fishing in the summer. The adventure gives you the time enjoy the nature and wildlife surrounding. The guide will tell you stories from the guides combined with the feeling of running your own dog team give you the real idea about the culture among mushers and their dogs. It includes transport from and to Alta city center, Breakfast 2 days, Dinner, Two dogsledding trips of both 15km in length. One afternoon trip and one morning trip. (In Alta you can also combine it with a visit the famous Igloo ice hotel Sorrisniva- a unique experience)

2) Kirkenes which also offer a 2 or 3 days husky adventure to places such as Russian border. The local guides will show you how to drive a dog sled, and with one husky team each, you will drive along the Norwegian – Russian border and into a cosy cabin in the forest. Included: transportation, warm clothing, coffee/tea and all meals from lunch to lunch, accommodation in cabin and own team of dogs

3) Tromsø which offers trails that are over steep and undulating terrain. You have the opportunity to combine the adventure of dog sledding and a full nights winter camping experience with the possibility of seeing the Northern Lights. Transport, meals and winter clothes included.

Please let me know what you think and I look forward to putting together a customised trip plan and an estimated cost for you. 

Thank you and I look forward to your response. 


Wayne E.

Hi Ingrid, thanks for the info! Ideally, we'd be out Saturday and Sunday night, returning Monday so we can catch a plane back to Oslo. It would be great to see the Northern Lights -- which I assume will be a possibility for any of the cities? A mixed terrain (not just a windswept lake) would be ideal so we can see a variety of landscapes. I assume each city has an airport to fly into? Is there a major difference in price?

There's a remote possibility we could stay longer but I won't know until mid-February.
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Great trip. Great guides. Better than we imagined. I'd do it again!