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  A couple visited Norway in May 2018

“Looking to do as much as possible in 2.5 weeks in Spring 2018. Don't need lots of time in Oslo. Happy to start in Bergen. Want to fit in Lofoten Islands. Happy to do one-way drive as far as Tromso, or further, fitting in as much as reasonably possible. Drive approx 170-200km per day. Would like 2 nights in some places. Meals not important (breakfast would be nice). Prefer private bath/shower but don't need a fancy hotel. 2-3 stars is fine. Like active holiday - cycling, hiking, kayaking. Like nature and animals. Interested in history and culture. Small car is fine.
- Lindsay M.”

Linda Veråsdal, a local specialist from Norway, helped this traveler put together a customized itinerary.

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The Best of Norway - 3 weeks

Day 1: Arrive Oslo
Day 2: Explore Oslo
Day 3: Oslo - Train to Flåm and ferry to Balestrand
Day 4: In Balestrand
Day 5: Balestrand ferry to Bergen
Day 6: Local Walk | Hidden Streets & Local Gems
Day 7: Bergen | Hurtigruten
Day 8: Onboard | Geirangerfjord
Day 9: Arrival Trondheim
Day 10: Trondheim | train to Bodø
Day 11: Bodø - Lofoten
Days 12-13: Lofoten - Reine
Day 14: Reine - Kabelvåg
Days 15-17: Vesterålen
Day 18: Vesterålen | Svolvær | Hurtigruten
Day 19: Arrival Tromsø
Day 20: Explore Tromsø
Day 21: Departure Norway
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Thank you very much for your message and interest in Norway! I am happy to read that you have so much time to spend while you are in the country! Your interests are a great fit for this destination.

Just a couple of questions to get us started on the trip planning. Are you planning to drive for the full three weeks? Would you be interested in reaching North Cape? The Northernmost point of Europe? It is quite a drive, but also an amazing experience.

Lindsay M:
We don't need to drive for the full 3 weeks. Happy to take public transport wherever it is practical. Will the weather be reasonable for driving to the North Cape in May/June? We certainly are interested in it, depending on road and driving conditions. 

The weather is always difficult to predict that time of year. I worked for a couple of summers near North Cape, and that time in May the roads were clear, but still a bit snow to be seen. So you never really now, but should not be too bad either!

We can plan for a week connecting Oslo and Bergen with a stopover by Sognefjord. That can be done by train and boat. You can take the coastal steamer from Hurtigruten to Trondheim, and from Trondheim rent a car for 10 - 12 days and drive north. Be aware as you are going to drop off the car in North, it might be more expensive because of the empty run they have in taking it back. 

Lindsay M:
Hi Linda, we've decided that we don't really want to spend time in the North this time. We definitely want to get to Lofoten islands, (and it seems that we need to spend around a week there) so may as well go as far as Tromsø. Also, would we be able to spend 2-3 days in Bergen? When is the jazz festival? 

Thank you for your feedback. I can understand that. It will be a lot of hours. From the southernmost point in Norway to the Northernmost it is 2377 km!

A week in Lofoten would be great. Here I recommend that you rent a car, as public transport does not run frequently. You could probably rent in Solver and drop off in Tromsø.

Jazz in Bergen seems to be between 25th May - 2 June. So that can be done. Do you want to start or end in north? Weatherwise it might be a better idea to start in the south and travel north, but of course, it depends on your holiday.

Lindsay M:
Hi Linda we're just having a look at the coastal steamer. On the Hurtigruten website it seems that it is very hard to get bookings. Many boats already seem to be full, or offering only the most expensive cabins. Is this the case, or do you have another way of booking?

May is peak time for Hurtigruten, so it is important to book early. Yes, we do have our own agent booking. Once you get closer to your dates, I will check it.
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Traveler Review

Linda planned the perfect trip for us. The hotels were all carefully chosen to be within an easy walk of trains and ferries and fully met our expectations. Linda’s local knowledge ensured that we had just the right amount of time in each place. Her recommendations were spot on. Local guide Wilde in Bergen gave us an interesting and personalised tour which was infinitely better than the usual city walking tour experience. Lofoten Islands were an absolute treat. Lone at Westerålen is the most delightful,warm and welcoming hostess. This experience has inspired us to come back and see more of Norway and we will definitely use Kimkim again.