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  Traveler visited Norway in September 2017

“I am in the early stages of planning a trip to Norway this fall. I anticipate being there either the first or second week in October. I will most likely be traveling with a friend. We are two women in our mid 30s. I live in Seattle and she lives in London. We would be traveling to Norway from London and aim to be there for between 5 and 7 days. I would like a trip that gives us culture, adventure, and plenty of opportunity to see some of the smaller towns on fjords. We would like some lite hiking in areas with great views, but don't want to spend entire days hiking. While we will be tourists, I would still like to do things that people who live there actually do. We are both adventurous eaters and want to make sure we include authentic Norwegian cuisine. I have not worked out a specific budget yet, but I think in general we are looking at a mid range trip, but if there is a truly amazing experience I would be willing to splurge. Thanks so much for your help.”

Linda Veråsdal, a local specialist from Norway, helped this traveler put together a customized itinerary.

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7 days Oslo | Local Aurland & Nærøyfjord | Bergen

Day 1: Arrival Oslo
Day 2: Oslo - Flåm Railway - Aurland
Day 3: Aurland - hiking | Larissa departure
Day 4: Autumn Cruise on Nærøyfjord to Gudvangen
Day 5: Gudvangen | Travel to Bergen
Day 6: Explore Bergen
Day 7: Departure Bergen

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Thank you very much for your message and interest in Norway!

My name is Linda, KimKim expert for Norway. I am from Norway and have been working and traveling in the country for many years. I love working with travelers and help customizing holidays!

Happy to hear Norway is under planning for an October trip! Autumn in Norway can be really nice. Colorful and also the benefit of less people traveling.

One trip I have in mind that will suit your plan is to use train that connect you from Oslo to Bergen. In between you "jump off" by the fjords and stay for a few nights. We work with a great river lodge by Sognefjord that can also take you out in guided tour and show you how the local lives! Here we work very much on the "slow travel" concept.

Another option is to take the train form Oslo to Stavanger and explore Lysefjord as well. Here you can do a nice hike to the Pulpit Rock. Onwards you can take the bus to Bergen for a couple of days before heading by train towards Oslo with a stop by Sognefjord.

Is this something that would be of interest for you?
Let me know what you think.


Morgan R
Hi Linda, sorry it took me so long to get back to you. I've had a crazy busy week. I've had some changes to my trip plans. I couldn't get the days I wanted off from work so I will now be traveling to Norway in September and will be traveling by myself.

I like your idea of the slow travel concept. I generally prefer to spend time in a fewer number of places rather than rushing through. The first option you suggested sounds great. I like the idea of the river lodge. I would love to know what else you suggest.


Hi Morgan.

What do you think about this plan, outline?

Arrival Oslo 17th
Overnight in Oslo

18th - In Oslo
Spend the day in Oslo
Buy a travel card that will take you around the city.
Overnight in Oslo

19th - Train to Flåm
Take the train to Flåm, this also include the Flåm Rail Way down to the fjord. Spend some time in Flåm - or the nearby villages.

20th - take a cruise into Nærøyfjord that is on the UNESCO protection list

21st - Do a hike in the area

22nd - Train to Bergen and spend the rest of the day in Bergen

23rd - Departure Bergen and Norway.

Let me know what you think, and I will add it in to the trip plan and cost it for you. If you like it!


Morgan R
I've looked up some of these suggestions and it sounds amazing. The only thing I would change is to spend one less day in Oslo and to add a day on to Bergen at the end. My flight to Oslo lands at 5:40AM so I think I will have most of that day to spend in Oslo. I would rather spend more time in Bergen. I just need to make sure my hotel in Oslo will let me drop my bags off in the morning and check in later in the day.


Hi Morgan, happy to receive your booking!
Welcome to Norway!

I will make the reservations and then get back to you. It might take some days, but if you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Have a nice day.


Morgan R
Thanks so much! I am really excited.
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