Iceland Winter Adventure 2018

  Family of 5 adults and 1 child visited Iceland in January 2018

“My family wants to see the northern lights, glaciers, frozen waterfalls, blue lagoon, cathedral, and hidden gems only locals know. My husband and 1 are in our mid 30's, our son is 6, my brother in law is in his early 30's and my inlaws are in there early 60's. This will be the whole family's first time in Iceland. Is a self-drive tour recommended during our intended stay?
- Lesley S.”

Christina Degener, a local specialist from Iceland, helped this traveler put together a customized itinerary.

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Self-drive tour South and West for 11 Days with Snaefellsnes, Landmannalaugar, South Coast - October Winter Tour

Day 1: Welcome to Iceland
Day 2: Snaefellsnes Peninsula
Day 3: The Golden Circle
Day 4: More Highlights on Snaefellsnes
Day 5: An adventurous guided tour to Thorsmork
Day 6: The Beautiful South Coast of Iceland
Day 7: Skaftafell and Glacier Lagoon
Day 8: Vik and Black Sand Beaches
Day 9: Reykjanes and Back to Reykjavik
Day 10: Departure

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Thanks for your message and your interest in a tour package in Iceland. My name is Christina and I am specialized in customized tours all around Iceland. It would be my pleasure to organize a wonderful tour for you and your family in January.

January is high winter here in Iceland often with snow, icy roads and windy conditions. With 6 people I would have to plan a self-drive tour in a small minibus (8 seater). In general, driving is not super difficult but I would not recommend it to someone who does not have any experience with driving in snow. Included in our package are unlimited drivers so it would be possible to switch the driver in between.

Please let me know what you think about it. As an alternative, it would be possible to organize a guided tour package for your family. It would be possible to join small group tours with other travelers but we could also organize a privately guided tour for you. A private tour would be the most expensive option but of course it would be also the most convenient way for traveling in Iceland. You would not have to worry about the roads, the driver guide knows exactly where everything is located and can tell you interesting facts about the country.

Lesley S:
This sounds really awesome. I'm not familiar with hotel chains in Iceland but I think we can be comfortable in a 3-star hotel as long as we have private bathrooms. I think we can have 2 rooms accommodating 3 persons each if it's available. Our group age ranges from 6-60 years old.

We probably will need a little more relaxed/flexible itinerary. How is the weather in January usually? What type of clothes should we bring?

Thanks for your very prompt feedback. I can definitely prepare my offer with 2 triple rooms for you. I will work on a possible trip plan and will send you more details as soon as possible. I will definitely prepare a more relaxed itinerary for you. I will also send you a few more details about the weather in January a bit later.

Lesley S:
I spoke to my husband he said the trip was too laid back. Is it possible to squeeze in more activities like snowmobile rides? How much is the guided tour for the entire trip?

Thanks for your honest feedback. It would be absolutely no problem to add a few activities to the trip plan. I normally start with the tour in general and in include additional activities a bit later. I can definitely include a snowmobile ride and some other fun options.
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Traveler Review

This whole trip was wonderful! Cristina was very knowledgeable and open. I requested that our trip to be manageable for my son who is 6 years old and my in laws who are in there 60s. It turned out great! We really liked our driver who brought us to the Blue Lagoon and afterwards to our hotel. He was helpful and polite. We especially liked our guide from the 4x4 tour, Ruben. He was really nice and accommodating. I could not remember the names of our guides from the Mountaineers of Iceland though but they were great too. Highly recommend to do snowmobiling with them. The hotels we stayed at were very nice and comfortable. All the staff were great. We loved our stay at the Fosshotel and Hotel Ranga( where we saw the Northern lights!) We liked Hotel Hilda too. Its was a quaint hotel near thr harbor. Overall the trip was a once in a lifetime experience. Highly recommended!
Sidenote: We went on a Game of Thrones tour and was really entertained by the guide. He was fabulous! Loved the inside jokes and his passion for the show. I wish I knew his real name. I just remember his facebook name: Swordbiter. I made my whole family join the tour ( only my husband and I saw the show) but they still enjoyed the tour.