Iceland Wonders in Two Weeks

  Traveler visited Iceland in September 2017

“I want to see the aurora borealis, ice cave, blue lagoon, and geysers. I am a 35-year-old female, and very adventurous. I love traveling, exploring, and experiencing new things. I love animals and nature and look forward to seeing the waterfalls and glaciers. Walking the glaciers would be awesome too! I also want to make sure this is safe for a solo traveler and have all the things necessary in case I need to get in contact with traveling company and my family.
- Annmarie R.”

Chris McCarty, a local specialist from Iceland, helped this traveler put together a customized itinerary based on 2-Week Ring Road Self-Drive Itinerary: Highlights of Iceland and the Remote Westfjords.

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Ring Road, including Snaefellsnes Peninsula

Day 1: Arrival and Downtown Reykjavik
Day 2: North to Glymur Falls, Borgarnes, Snaefellsnes Peninsula
Day 3: Volcanic Snaefellsnes Peninsula
Day 4: Scenic Drive to Akureyri
Day 5: The North: Godafoss, Whale Watching, Lake Myvatn
Day 6: Geological Wonders of Lake Myvatn, Dettifoss, Drive to East Fjords
Day 7: Scenic Eastern Fjords, Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon, Skaftafell
Day 8: Waterfalls, Black Sand Beaches, and start of Golden Circle
Day 9: Early Departure

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Hi, welcome to kimkim! I'm Chris and I will be your kimkim travel specialist for your trip to Iceland. I’ll work with you to put together a great custom itinerary for your trip.

With 2 weeks, I would recommend driving the Ring Road and spending some time in the Snaefellsnes Peninsula, remote Westfjords, and Scenic East fjords area.

Here's an idea for a general itinerary, which I can customize further based on your feedback. You will also have options to add on a few other activities such as:
- Lava cave tour
- Whale watching
- Glacier Hike / Climb
- Boat tour of the icebergs at Jokulsarlon

Annmarie R:
What is included? I really want to see the aurora borealis and ice caves.

The Ice Caves are not available in September, but there are some manmade caves/tunnels through some glaciers if you are interested in that. There are lava cave tours as well if you are interested in those.

You may see the northern lights in September, it's the start of the season and it's very weather dependent. You could either join a northern lights hunt, or you could try to see them on your own since you will spend many nights away from the lights of the cities.

Annmarie R:
Oh wow, that sounds awesome! Are we able to talk by phone to discuss the itinerary?

Hi, yes we can talk by phone to discuss. Here is an idea for how to spend the 15 days, I added details for each of the days.

Annmarie R:
I love your awesome details!!! I would like to go horseback riding, whale watching, walk on glaciers, ice cave, lava cave, and northern lights and the geothermal baths too. So could those be added or do I have to book the tours myself?

I can make all those activity reservations for you. I'll update the itinerary with information on each of them as well as where to see northern lights.

Annmarie R:
I have everything printed out and ready to go! Just need the trip summary and figure out those extra tours. I'm so excited!!!

Here's the detailed itinerary! The last 3 days are pretty packed, so they will either be long days or you may have to skip some sights or sections (like the Golden Circle). These areas are also the more populated areas, and you will have seen a lot of great areas by that point during the first half of the trip.
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Traveler Review

I asked for breakfast included in all my accommodations, but some did not have breakfast and some others I had to pay extra and this was not communicated to me. Would also be good if there was more information given on the conditions of the roads in Iceland, as some were very bad with gravel and many potholes.

Some miscommunication about the tours cancellations. But at least the refund was completed promptly.