Nepal trek to see to see rural Nepalese culture, mountains/lakes, prayer flags

  Traveler visited Nepal in October 2017

“I would like to do a 5 or 6-day teahouse trek. I would like a trek that is not very crowded or congested with tourists -- something a little bit more off the beaten path. I would like to see rural Nepalese culture, mountains/lakes, prayer flags, etc. Mainly, I am interested in experiencing Nepal's natural beauty. I am very comfortable with 5 to 8 hours of moderate hiking per day. I also want to learn about the places that I am seeing, so a knowledgeable guide would be great. I am a fit 30-year-old female.”

Mads Mathiasen, a local specialist from Nepal, helped this traveler put together a customized itinerary based on Pikey Peak Trek: A Short Trek with Great Views of Everest - 9 Days.

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Pikey Peak and Solu Trek - Drive in

Day 1: Drive to Sigane, Trek to Japre
Day 2: Trek to Pike Base Camp
Day 3: Trek to Pike Peak and down to Junbesi
Day 4: Visit Thubtenchoeling monastery
Day 5: Trek back to Phaplu
Day 6: Fly to Kathmandu

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Thanks for getting in touch about a short tea house trek in Oct, my name is Mads and I have been living in Nepal for over 20 years and trekked all over. I would love to help you plan this trek!

We have a short trek on the 8th you could join, there is one other woman going on a much longer trek but you could join her for the first part and then fly back to Kathmandu. It is in probably my favorite area, Solu the lower Everest region where the Sherpa culture is still alive and strong. I am going to put together a trip plan and price for you and post below

Thanks, Mads! I had been looking at the treks in this area and thought this region looked really gorgeous. Let me take a look at this and get back to you ASAP.

It is stunning and the combination of amazing views and the culture is great!

This looks perfect, Mads!
So it would be me, you and one other person?


No I don't guide. It would be you and another woman plus a guide and porter

The guide Naresh is from the region a little east of Solu but has been on this trail many times.

I see. Sounds good. One other question: Is there a way to safely store a small carry-on sized bag that I won't need to take hiking with me? What do trekkers typically do with their excess luggage while
they are trekking?


You can either store it with the hotel you will be staying at before the trek and after, do you need help with this? or we can store in our office for you

Ok wonderful. Thanks for all the info. I'll book this trek with you now. Lastly -- what do you recommend for me to bring -- hat, hiking clothes, hiking shoes, waterproof jacket, soap?

That sounds good, I will upload a gear discussion below, which will help you plan what to take. Take it with a grain of salt as you are not going for 3 weeks trekking :-)

Awesome! You're the best.

No problem, glad we found the right trek for you!

I will just upload our country dossier for you as well and our Tibet dossier as well as it will prepare you for both places, lots of reading in those.

Yes, I like this one because it has longer hiking hours. A few of the treks I was researching had you hiking only like two or three hours a day.

Yes it is a great hike, I tend to go back to this area almost every year


Thanks for booking! When you get a moment could you please full out the traveler info on the right side of the screen? Also could you please send me a copy of your passport to [  ] If you have any questions between now and the trek, don't hesitate to ask. Thanks, Mads
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