One day Fimmvörðuháls Hike in July

  A couple visited Iceland in July 2017

“Hi, we are interesting in doing this one day hike in July. Is this something we can do on our own or do we need a guide? Is there a fee, do we need a reservation or do we just show up on any day that suits us? Is it possible to do this hike by catching a bus from Reykjavik in morning and then back to Reykjavik that same evening? We bring our food for the day with us from Reykjavik or can we purchase something somewhere? Thanks!”

Midgard Adventure Team, a local specialist from Iceland, helped this traveler put together a customized itinerary based on Fimmvörðuháls Hike - The Ultimate Guide to one of Iceland's Best Day Hikes.

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Fimmvörðuháls hike and Landmannalaugar open

Day 1: Fimmvörðuháls hike open tour
Day 2: Landmannalaugar open tour

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Chris McCarty
Hi, welcome to kimkim!

I wanted to let you know that I have invited one of our local specialists to the conversation. They lead a lot of guided treks and hikes in the surrounding areas and will be able to answer your questions. Due to the timezone, and weekend they may not join until early monday.

It's possible to do the full hike in a single day, but it will be quite long, especially if you took busses to and from Reykjavik that day. A better alternative may be to go with a guide who can teach you more about the area and the geology, or to spend a night near the start or the end of the trail.

Midgard Adventure Team
Hi, hi.

My name is Harpa and I am part of the Midgard Adventure team. I do work at the office as a travel agent.

The Fimmvörðuháls hike is one of the most beautiful one in Iceland, 23 km in total with around 1100 m elevation. 8-12 hrs. walking.

It starts at the Skógar waterfall and we walk along the river which had over 20 waterfalls. The route leads us through the lavafield from the eruption in 2010 and we hike up to the new craters that were formed in 2010. We will be walking in snow a bit of the way, from 3-6 km depending on weather in springtime, there we are walking between the two glaciers Mýrdalsjökull and Eyjafjallajökull in the height of 1100 meters. Then we see down to Þórsmörk valley where the hike ends, valley filled with canyons and birch trees, rivers and mountains. Many say that this hike is the one that gives you the most in one day of the hikes in Iceland.
Duration: 12 – 14 hours
Incl: guide and pick up in Þórsmörk with a Super jeep.

We do both offer our tour as a private tour and also as an open tour. The price for our open tour is 39.000 ISK per person.

Have you planed the rest of your stay in Iceland? and do you have any dates set up yet in July? Things are booking up fast here in Iceland so it would be wise to move fast.... ;)

What I would highly recommend for you is to stay at least partly in the south and not in Reykajvík the whole time.

I look forward to hear from you again and continue to work on this with you.
All the best

Hi Harpa, thank you so much for your email! What does 'open' tour mean - are we with a group with a guide? We want to book.

Just to be clear, we have to arrange for our own transportation to Skogar (bus)? And then there is a meeting point somewhere in Skogar in the morning? After the hike, the Jeep picks us up in Þórsmörk and drives us to Skogar? We are thinking of staying in Skogar the night before and after the hike, where do you recommend?

Is there anything else we can do the next day in that area before we head back to Reykjavik? Should we stay in the south and head to Skaftafell (by bus)? Can you recommend a one day hike there?

We're a couple in our late-thirties and we are in good shape. We're considering going to Iceland either the week of July 10 or July 17 (flexible). What dates are available for the open hike during that period?

One more question...! I know we talk about Skogar and possibly Skaftafell above, but are we missing out if we do not go to Landmannalaugar? Should we do a one day tour there as well (or maybe instead of Skaftafell)?

Midgard Adventure Team
Hi, open tours mean traveling in a group so other travelers can join you on the tour.

Yes you have the transfer to and from Skógar perfectly right. :)

I think it is really wise to stay at Skógar before and after your tour or even stay at our accommodation.
We are opening up our own accommodation at our Midgard Base in Hvolsvöllur.
Then you can just go with the guide from Hvolsvöllur to Skógar before and after your tour. :)
If I would recommend some accommodation at Skógar then it would be Hótel Skógar.

It is really nice to walk in Skaftafell during the summer and also if you would like to stay at our base in Hvolsvöllur then we will have tours running from our Midgard Base.

Have you booked some accommodation yet? If so I would love to know what you have already booked and then I can put together an idea for you on how to put your trip together in order to get the most out off your trip.

Regarding the availability then it does not matter when it comes to our tours, we will always try to adjust in order for everyone to be able to join.  I think it would be best to start decided on accommodation and then from there we can put down the tours that you would like to do.  Do you have any expectations on your accommodation..... like what standard you are looking for and price range for example.

All the best

Hi Harpa, we will arrive in Reykjavik early on Sunday, . We will spend two nights there and then we will take a bus to Skogar (or Hvolsvöllur) and stay there for three nights. We could stay at your new accommodation - is it a hotel? I cannot find information or photos online. What is the price for a standard room double occupancy? That would probably be the best option for transport and tours.

We would like to book the 12 hour Fimmvörðuháls Hike for Wednesday  (open tour) with you please. Can we also book the Landmannalaugar tour for Thursday please?

Thank you!

Midgard Adventure Team
Hi again.

We do offer 6-bed dorms, 4 bed dorms and then double room with private bathroom and a family room.

At our accommodation we will also have restaurant and we will have hot tub and sauna on the top off our roof with a view over Eyjafjallajökull.

I would love to book you on the tours. I will wait for your replay on the accommodation and then we can finalise everything. :)

All the best

Accommodation looks lovely, we would like to book the double room for the three nights please! 

Midgard Adventure Team
Perfect Anne! We look forward to meet you!
We are really excited about our new accommodation. :)

I will be more then happy to book you on our open tours.

Here you have our info sheet about what to have in mind when traveling to Iceland and what to pack. :)

We will be leaving from the Midgard Base around 8:15am for the Fimmvörðuháls hike and then at 9:00am for our Landmannalaugar tour.

Pleas do not hesitate to stay in touch if you do feel like there is some informations missing. :)
All the best
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