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  A couple visited Iceland in April 2018

“We want to do a road trip around Iceland for our honeymoon (preferably in a 4x4).

We want to stay in several different locations and do plenty of activities and exploration (whale watching, glacier walking, scuba diving between the tectonic plates etc). We would prefer to stay in nice accommodation en route.
- Aidan M.”

Svavar Sigurdarson, a local specialist from Iceland, helped this traveler put together a customized itinerary based on Best Time of Year To Visit Iceland.

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I would recommend our Grand Tour of Iceland, which takes you around Iceland, and you could easily fit in a variety of activities during the trip. However, the tour is 8 days, so you would either have to start directly from the airport or end the tour there. 

You could go on a whale watching tour from Húsavík in north Iceland. Glacier walking is possibly either on Sólheimajökull or Svínafellsjökull.

As for Scuba diving between the tectonic plates, you would need to be a PADI Open Water certified diver, or equivalent, and have either a dry suit diving certification or at least 10 logged dry suit dives. Alternatively, you could book a snorkeling tour.

Aidan M:
Thank you for your detailed response and all the information. The tour looks great! I assume the tour is independent, it is organized by your company but we do it independently? Could you recommend a hotel in Reykjavik for the extra night?

Yes, you would get the itinerary and a GPS device with the itinerary points mapped from us, but then you travel on your own.

For the dates you are looking at, Hlemmur Square offers very good value for money. They are a hostel, but also have a part of the building for private rooms, which are very nice. Excellent bar as well, if you like local craft beer and gin cocktails.
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