This four-day itinerary is the perfect way to discover Buenos Aires' food and cultural scene. You will wander through La Boca's colorful neighborhood before exploring the recently discovered subterranean tunnels in San Telmo, taste an array of authentic Argentinean wines, and learn about the traditional life of Gaucho people in the countryside. On your last day, you will embark on a local walking food tour of Buenos Aires to taste delicacies at some of the cities' top hidden restaurants before visiting a closed-restaurant for an interactive cultural evening where you'll learn to close your own empanadas as well as how to make alfajores and mates.


  • Explore the subterranean tunnels in San Telmo
  • Visit the countryside and discover the traditional life of the Gaucho
  • Taste different local delicacies during a walking tour
  • Enjoy an interactive food and culture evening in a closed-restaurant

Brief Itinerary

Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Buenos Aires Historical Tour - Wine Tasting Buenos Aires
Day 2 Tour an Argentinean Estancia Buenos Aires
Day 3 Local Cuisine Walking Tour - Cultural Food Experience Buenos Aires
Day 4 Depart Buenos Aires Buenos Aires

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Buenos Aires Historical Tour - Wine Tasting

People on the road in La Boca neighborhood
People on the road in La Boca neighborhood

Welcome to Buenos Aires! A private transfer will be waiting at the airport to transfer you to your hotel.

After you have settled into the hotel, you will travel to La Boca, arguably Buenos Aires’ most authentic and charming neighborhood. As you explore the scenic roads, you will discover peculiar buildings erected by immigrants using leftover materials from the nearby shipyards. We will then walk across the mythical Caminito Street which is one of Buenos Aires' most recognizable places.

From Caminito Street, we'll move onto San Telmo. The primitive Argentinian aristocracy lived here until 1871 when a yellow fever epidemic drove them north. In San Telmo, you will have the opportunity to explore a recently unearthed attraction, the ancient subterranean tunnels, which were constructed in the colonial era. You will also get the chance to learn about the history of Buenos Aires as we visit one of the tunnels and its underground museum of sorts.

After the guided tour, we will visit a restaurant to taste an array of authentic Argentinean wine including Malbec, Carbenet, and Torrontes. Argentina is the fifth largest producer of wine in the world with many different varieties being cultivated that reflect the country's different immigrant groups. These include Malbec from the French and Bonarda from the Italians.

Day 2: Tour an Argentinean Estancia

Argentinean Gaucho
Argentinean Gaucho

Today, as you explore the Argentinean countryside you will discover the life and traditional culture of the Gaucho who are skilled horsemen native to Argentina and Uruguay.

The main house is surrounded by a covered gallery that is reminiscent of the late-colonial period with richly tiled floors and cascading steps leading onto the gardens. In the park, you will also find the estancia's namesake, the great ombú (Phytolaccadioca), a plant as well-renowned in the pampas as the baobab is in the African savanna. The Gauchos have been hitching their horses to the estancia's main Ombú for over 100 years. As you stroll through the ten-acre (four-hectare) park, you will enjoy the scent of gardenias, roses, and lime trees while also looking at centennial oaks, araucarias (monkey-puzzle trees), palms, eucalyptus, casuarinas, and magnolias.

This tour is a great opportunity to learn more about Argentinean Asado.

The Asado is the most popular social gathering in Argentina and this celebration commences over seared meat, Malbec, and Fernet. An Asado is seen as not just a way of cooking meat but rather an art form and every chef has their personal secret when creating the perfect parrilla (grill). Grilled meat is a big part of the Argentinean national identity and is strongly tied to the romanticism of the Pampa region and of the Gaucho.

Day 3: Local Cuisine Walking Tour - Cultural Food Experience

Las Cañitas neighborhood in Buenos Aires
Las Cañitas neighborhood in Buenos Aires

Instead of dining at the overpriced, touristy restaurants of Buenos Aires; today's walking tour will mean uncovering some of the city's hidden spots with delicious local Argentinean cuisine. This Palermo tour centers around the Las Cañitas section of Palermo, a neighborhood known for its beautiful tree-lined avenues, historic polo fields, and burgeoning culinary and nightlife scene. The tour will take approximately two and a half hours.

During the tour, you will experience and taste authentic Porteño flavors as you discover hole-in-the-wall restaurants where many locals go as you learn more about Argentina's culture and traditions. The tour includes English explanations of the food you're sampling as well as its cultural significance. You will taste traditional food accompanied by Argentinean wine at three local restaurants and we'll conclude the tour with a stop at one of the best artisanal heladerias (ice cream shops) in the city.

In the evening, we'll visit a closed-door restaurant where you will learn about Argentinean cuisine and culture in a fun and interactive way. While this isn't a traditional cooking lesson, it's an exciting way to discover how the Argentinean cook, eat and interact with friends or family over meals.

You will learn how to close your own empanada (Argentinean pastry) using the repulge technique, how to order your steak in Spanish, how to make alfajores sweets, and how to prepare your own traditional mate drink. There will also be an empanada competition where you can show off your newly-learned skills. All of the ingredients will be provided and the steaks are prepared by the restaurants' talented team of chefs.

At the end of the evening, everyone will receive recipes for everything you prepared so that you can recreate this Argentinean cuisine for loved ones back home.

Day 4: Depart Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires skyline
Buenos Aires skyline

A driver will transfer you from your accommodation to Buenos Aires airport in time for your flight as you say farewell to Argentina. Travel safely!


Map of Buenos Aires Food & Culture - 4 Days
Map of Buenos Aires Food & Culture - 4 Days