This action-packed two-week tour around Greece offers everything from Roman ruins and archaeological museums to island-hopping, a wine tasting, and a visit to a butterfly habitat. You'll kick off the tour in Athens, doing some traditional sightseeing and enjoying a food tour of the capital. Then you'll fly to Leros, a lesser-visited Greek island known for its beaches and historic windmills. Next, it's off to the island of Kos, where you'll swim and sunbathe on the beach, then tour the island's historic castles. The adventure ends with several days on the island of Rhodes, where the itinerary includes visits to quaint villages, a day trip to an idyllic island, a Greek wine tasting, and sunset with a spectacular view over the sea.


  • Sample Greek delicacies on a gourmet tour of Athens
  • Tour Roman ruins and antique windmills on the island of Leros
  • Discover a diverse range of beaches on the island of Kos
  • Explore ancient ruins on the island of Rhodes
  • See colorful butterflies and foliage at Butterfly Valley
  • Taste wines and take in spectacular sunset views on the last day

Brief Itinerary

Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Sightsee in Athens Athens
Day 2 Learn About Mythology in Athens Athens
Day 3 Take a Food Tour of Athens Athens
Day 4 Discover the Island of Leros Leros
Day 5 Enjoy the Beaches of Leros Leros
Day 6 Explore the Island's History Leros
Day 7 Catch the Ferry to Kos Kos
Day 8 Discover the Island's Best Beaches Kos
Day 9 Tour the Castles of Kos Kos
Day 10 See Rhodes by Night Rhodes
Day 11 Explore Lindos & Butterfly Valley Rhodes
Day 12 Day-trip to Halki Island  Rhodes
Day 13 Enjoy Wine & Sunset at Monolithos Castle Rhodes
Day 14 Depart Rhodes - End of Trip  

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Sightsee in Athens

Monastiraki Square and Sunset over Plaka
Monastiraki Square in Athens
Welcome to Athens! In the afternoon, get out for some sightseeing. Those interested in history and mythology might choose to visit the National Archaeological Museum, the Museum of the Ancient Agora, or the Archaeological Museum of Kerameikos. View fine art at Benaki Museum, the Museum of Modern Art, or the National Gallery. You could also go off the beaten path at the Museum of Cycladic Art, where you can buy truly unique souvenirs, or the Museum of Ancient Greek Technology. You'll overnight in the city. 

Day 2: Learn About Mythology in Athens

The Parthenon at the Athenian Acropolis
Today you'll get a crash course in Greek mythology. Experience the ancient stories surrounding you with today's guided mythology tour. You'll meet your guide and storyteller at the Temple of Olympian Zeus, then head to landmarks around the city, including the Acropolis, the ancient cemetery at Kerameikos, and the Agora. The city's myths will accompany you as you go, with stories of Zeus, Athena, Poseidon, Dionysus, and more. Hear the stories themselves and the historic facts behind them, adding resonance to the archaeological ruins you'll visit during this four-hour tour.
Enjoy another guided tour at the Acropolis Museum in the afternoon. Named one of the ten best museums in the world by National Geographic, this modern museum houses a multitude of artifacts removed from the hill of the Acropolis for safekeeping to provide insight into ancient religious practices and daily life. Linger for lunch in the museum's cafe, with views of the artifacts' former hilltop home. As night falls, you may be able to visit the Athens Observatory to learn about the constellations overhead and take a look through the telescope.

Day 3: Take a Food Tour of Athens

Olives for sale at Athen's markets.
Olives for sale in a market in Athens

Meet your guide in Syntagma Square to start sampling the best of what the city's street food stalls have to offer. You'll learn about the Mediterranean diet and its benefits while strolling the city streets and exploring bustling open-air markets. Try Greek coffee at one of the city's landmark coffee houses, then pick up some street snacks to sample, from baklava to souvlaki. Venture into the aromatic Varvakios Market, the largest and most popular fish, meat, and vegetable market in the city, and explore the city's main spice street. You'll have the chance to try olive oils, honey, cheeses from around the country, cured meats, olives, and more. In the Psirri area, you’ll see a neighborhood that is reinventing itself. Once a working-class district, it is now one of the city's hottest food and drink destinations. Later, spend your evening in the neighborhood of Koukaki, full of off-the-beaten-path wine bars and great local restaurants.

Day 4: Discover the Island of Leros

Windmills on Leros

Your private driver will pick you up and transfer you to the airport this morning for your flight to Leros. Check in at your hotel, then get out to explore the island! Wade into shallow waters in Agia Marina, where the town is built next to the harbor and on the slopes of the surrounding hills. Bourtzi, a Roman fortress at the bay’s south entrance, is an important landmark, as is the old windmill. Enjoy fresh seafood in a local restaurant before getting some rest.

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Day 5: Enjoy the Beaches of Leros

Boats in the harbor on Leros Island

Head south to the village of Panteli and relax at the beach. Explore nearby Vromolithos Cove, where the beach is both sandy and pebbly. The location offers a beautiful view of Agia Kyriaki Islet and the picturesque country chapel on the slope of the hill. The small seaside restaurants and bars in the area are great stops for lunch, coffee, or drinks. In the afternoon, venture to Alinta and its long beach shaded by tamarisks and pine trees. This is an ideal place to try waterskiing, canoeing, or windsurfing. Later, visit the picturesque inlet of Panagia Kavouradena.

Day 6: Explore the Island's History

A traditional Greek village on Leros

In addition to beautiful beaches, Leros is home to excellent museums, castles, and historic and cultural monuments. Visit the Archaeological Museum or the Folk Art and History Museum of Leros. The impressive War Museum is housed in a renovated former military tunnel; the museum yard displays old military cars, airplanes, and antique weapons. After lunch, head douth to visit Palaiokastro, the remains of an old castle on the hilltop overlooking the village of Xirokampos. Enjoy the sunset over the sea on your last night on the island.

Day 7: Catch the Ferry to Kos

Explore the medieval fortress in Kos
The medieval fortress in Kos
Catch the ferry to Kos today! Discover endless beaches, turquoise waters, historic water springs, medieval monuments, and impressive Italian-style buildings on this island, the birthplace of Hippocrates. Pay a visit to the medieval castle, located at the entrance of the port, and Eleftheria Square in the center of the city. It is surrounded by three massive buildings inherited from the Italian era: the municipal market, the club (which was called Fascism Palace), and the Archaeological Museum. Explore the ancient ruins of Roman baths, mansions, temples, and sanctuaries. After lunch, check out Platanos Square and the Lotzia Mosque. Nearby, you'll see a tree long associated with Hippocrates. Beneath the shadow of this ancient tree, the great doctor used to teach his apprentices and examine his patients. Its gigantic branches shadow the whole square.

Day 8: Discover the Island's Best Beaches

Free Day in Kos - Discover the island on our own!
An idyllic beach on Kos
The island has many wonderful beach areas. On the north side, Nomikou-Barbagianni is a sandy beach extending from the city of Kos to the surrounding areas. It is an organized beach with umbrellas and deck-chairs, water sports, restaurants, and bars. Zourouni, Tigkaki, Marmari and Milos are sandy beaches, as well, while Lambi is partly rocky, facing waves that are fun for swimming. Psalidi is popular for spearfishing, Agios Fokas has black sand and deep water, and Tam-tam is ideal for windsurfing.
On the island's south side, highlights include the beaches of Kardamena, Marcos, and Paradise. All of these have amenities — like beach umbrellas and chairs — and a range of restaurants and bars nearby. Camel is known for white sand, Kamari features water sports facilities, and Agios Theologos attracts spearfishers.

Day 9: Tour the Castles of Kos

An outdoor café on the island of Kos

Have coffee in an outdoor café before getting out to see some of the island's castles. Knights Castle, formerly known as Neratzia Castle, was built on the ruins of an ancient fortress. Its construction began in the 14th century. It was historically connected to the mainland by a bridge that is still preserved on Foinikes Avenue. In Antimachia, a short drive southeast, you'll find a well-preserved medieval castle with an amazing view of the nearby islands. More castle ruins can also be found on top of the hill in Kefalos.

Day 10: See Rhodes by Night

Kos to Rhodes Ferry
The Acropolis of Lindos on Rhodes
Take the ferry to Rhodes today. After checking into your hotel, drive to Monte Smith Hill on the northeast coast, which offers a scenic panoramic view of Rhodes Town, Ixia Bay, and the Turkish coastline at sunset. After the sun goes down, continue to Rhodes town. A buzzing tourist attraction during the daytime, it turns into something magical after dark. Go for a stroll, shop, stop for drinks, see the glittering lights around Mandraki Harbor, and enjoy the warm Mediterranean air before getting some rest at your hotel.

Day 11: Explore Lindos & Butterfly Valley

Lindos & Butterfly Valley
The entrance to Butterfly Valley
Explore the famed Butterfly Valley today. Savor the cool microclimate of the canyon, where the water of Pelekanos River forms waterfalls and butterflies flit around tree trunks and rocks. Visit a little monastery at the highest spot of the valley, then walk to the Museum of Natural History to learn all about the flora and fauna of Rhodes. In the afternoon, enjoy some time walking around the village of Lindos with its snow-white houses, stone-paved alleys, cascading bougainvillea, centuries-old churches, and the historic Acropolis of Lindos.

Day 12: Day-trip to Halki Island 

Day Trip to Halki Island with Kamiros Skala Port Transfer
Catching a boat to Halki Island
This morning you'll take a short ferry ride along the rocky coastline to Halki Island, a little Greek island with a laid-back atmosphere, crystal-clear turquoise waters, and excellent seafood. One of the smallest islands of the Dodecanese, Halki will impress you with its authenticity and simplicity. Once you step on the island, you will have plenty of free time to enjoy atmospheric walks along stone-paved alleys, savoring the serene atmosphere. Relax over a delicious lunch in a Greek tavern and spend some time on the beach in the afternoon. Head back to Rhodes in the late afternoon.

Day 13: Enjoy Wine & Sunset at Monolithos Castle

Monolithos Castle on Rhodes

On the last full day of the trip, venture to the village of Embonas, located halfway up a mountain and surrounded by vineyards. The place is known for a unique grape variety that thrives here. Considered the center of the local wine industry, Embonas is the ideal place for a wine tasting tour. After the tasting, continue to the small village of Sianna, built on the slopes of Mount Akramitis. The region's pure honey is considered the best on the island — and you will have the chance to taste it!

The final destination on today's tour is the castle of Monolithos where you will watch a magnificent sunset. The castle is perched on a huge monolithic rock on the southwest side of the island, overlooking the sea. Head back to town for one last Greek-style dinner before the trip is over.

Day 14: Depart Rhodes - End of Trip

Looking down at the island of Rhodes
The trip comes to an end today. You'll head to the airport to catch a flight out. Safe travels!

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