Scandinavia may be known for its winter sports, but travel here during summer, and you'll discover a wonderland of green forests, rushing rivers, soaring mountains, and expansive fjords. Over two weeks, you'll venture into these landscapes, plus balance the itinerary with sightseeing and fine dining in historic capitals like Stockholm, Helsinki, Copenhagen, and Oslo. There will also be stops at UNESCO-listed sights, such as the colorful Bryggen Wharf in Bergen and Finland's Suomenlinna Island.


  • Tour city highlights from Suomenlinna in Helsinki to Stockholm museums
  • Explore the vast fjords of Norway and the Arctic wilderness of Lappland in Finland
  • Visit UNESCO World Heritage Sites like the colorful Bryggen Wharf in Bergen
  • Enjoy fine dining at Scandinavia's best restaurants and take limo tours of Oslo

Brief Itinerary

Day Highlights Overnight
Day 1 Arrive in Rovaniemi (Finland), Canoe Tour Rovaniemi
Day 2 Amethyst Mine Adventure, Midnight Sun Photography Tour Rovaniemi
Day 3 Fly to Helsinki, Food & Sightseeing Tour Helsinki
Day 4 Helsinki & Suomenlinna Island Tour Helsinki
Day 5 Fly to Stockholm (Sweden), Dinner at Etoile Stockholm
Day 6 Stockholm Grand Tour Stockholm
Day 7 Train to Lund, Food Tour Lund
Day 8 Fly to Copenhagen (Denmark), City Bike Ride, Coffee & Food Tour Copenhagen
Day 9 Danish Countryside Tour: Castles & Museums Copenhagen
Day 10 Train to Oslo (Norway), Oslofjord Sightseeing Cruise Oslo
Day 11 Limousine Tour of Oslo & Tyrifjord Oslo
Day 12 Train & Ferry to Bergen, Self-Guided Tour & Sea Sauna Bergen
Day 13 Norway Village & Fjord Tour Bergen
Day 14 Bergen Walking Tour, Depart  

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Arrive in Rovaniemi (Finland), Canoe Tour

Explore Lapland's scenery by canoe
Believe it or not, the Arctic Circle is full of greenery in summer

Welcome to Finland! This Nordic country is known as a prime destination for winter activities like skiing and snowshoeing. However, Finland is full of surprises—like how verdant and flourishing its nature is during summer. You'll arrive in Rovaniemi, the capital of the Lappland region. Located in the far north of Finland at the Arctic Circle, for much of the year, it's the definition of a winter wonderland (this is the official home of Santa Claus, after all).

However, from May through September, the once-snowy landscapes transform into vibrant greenery, offering great opportunities for nature hikes, camping, and fishing. Also, one of the most remarkable features of Lappland summers is the famous midnight sun. Beginning around late June, the sun remains above the horizon for an extended period, leading to "white nights" where it never gets completely dark.

A driver will pick you up at the airport and transfer you to your accommodation. After checking in, transfer north of town, where the Ounasjoki and Kemijoki rivers converge. You'll meet your guide at a put-in and embark on your first adventure in Finland: a canoe trip. The route will take you alongside the town, and from the water, your guide will point out highlight landmarks, like the Arktikum Science Museum and Lumberjack's Candle Bridge, with its sleek angles. Back on shore, enjoy more culture on a tour of a heritage museum housed inside a 19th-century farmhouse.

Day 2: Amethyst Mine Adventure, Midnight Sun Photography Tour

In Lappland in summer, the sun will never quite dip below the horizon

After an early breakfast, meet your driver for the 1.5-hour transfer northeast to Pyhä-Luosto. This 55-square-mile (142 sq km) national park protects ancient mountains and forests and offers a range of activities. One of the most fun (and one which you can only do here) is a visit to a real amethyst mine called Lampivaara. Located on top of a hill, this mine is unique in that it's open to the public. You can even go digging for the prized purple gemstone yourself.

Later, continue touring the Lappland countryside. It's a great opportunity to enjoy another memorable activity that's only available around the Arctic Circle: viewing the famous midnight sun. The phenomenon of the sun staying above the horizon all day is a photographer's dream, especially amid the fells (hills) and valleys of Lappland. Over 3-4 hours, you'll drive to some of the best locales and vantage points to snap the perfect photo. Don't forget your tripod wide-angle lens, because you're about to capture some of the most dazzling landscapes in the world.

Day 3: Fly to Helsinki, Food & Sightseeing Tour

Covered in ice and snow during winter, in summer, Helsinki shows its colors

Transfer to the airport in the morning for the 1.5-hour flight to Helsinki, the capital of Finland. Located on the southern coast of an island archipelago, this port city delivers all the hallmarks of any great metropolis. It features world-class museums and galleries, historic architecture, and a thriving restaurant and nightlife scene (which you'll discover later). There's also no shortage of awe-inspiring landmarks here, like the Suomenlinna Sea Fortress. This UNESCO-listed island fortress was built in the mid-18th century by the Swedish crown to defend against Russian expansionism.

After transferring to your hotel and checking in, you'll meet a local guide and hit the streets for a combined food and sightseeing tour. In the downtown area, admire the city's neoclassical and modernist architecture as you visit landmarks around Senate Square, like the 19th-century Helsinki Cathedral. You'll also visit the famous Design District, known for its boutiques, galleries, and design studios. Highlight museums and galleries you can pop in at include the Ateneum Art Museum, the Finnish National Gallery, and the Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma.

Believe it or not, Helsinki features an incredible food scene—one of the best in Europe—and no trip here is complete without sampling its delicious cuisine. To this end, part of the tour includes stops at local eateries and markets to discover Helsinki's diverse culinary heritage, which draws from Finnish traditions and international influences. Try everything from classic local dishes like reindeer stew and smoked salmon to trendy fusion cuisine and artisanal craft beer—Helsinki is truly a foodie's paradise.

Day 4: Helsinki & Suomenlinna Island Tour

One of Helsinki's most dazzling landmarks is the 18th-century Suomenlinna Fortress

Helsinki abounds with historic landmarks and famous sights—too many to see in one day. That's why you'll meet another guide for a half-day sightseeing adventure this morning. Visit impressive government buildings like the Parliament House, stroll the lanes and gardens of Esplanade Park (known as Espa among locals), and do some people-watching at the harborside Market Square.

After a leisurely walk through the park, you'll hop aboard a ferry for the 15-minute ride to Suomenlinna, a UNESCO World Heritage site spread across six small islands. One of the world's largest historic sea fortresses, here you can walk along stone battlements and tour landmarks dating to the 18th century. These include the Jetty Barracks, Suomenlinna Church, King's Gate and Drawbridge, the Great Courtyard, and more.

The tour concludes back at Market Square in Helsinki. There, you'll say goodbye to your guide and spend the rest of the day exploring on your own. Your guide will also leave you with local tips regarding the best restaurant options for dinner

Day 5: Fly to Stockholm (Sweden), Dinner at Etoile

Spend the day exploring another fine Scandinavian waterfront city

Say goodbye to Finland because this morning, you're off to Sweden! Transfer to the airport in Helsinki for the hour-long flight to Stockholm. Sweden's capital, like Helsinki, sits on an archipelago in the country's south. Though founded in the Middle Ages, today, Stockholm is a modern, innovative metropolis on the Baltic Sea, home to a growing tech community and many startups. Upon arrival, you'll check into your hotel and spend the rest of the day exploring on a self-guided tour.

You can't beat this city if culture is what you're after. Choose between various attractions, including the Vasa Museum, which houses the well-preserved 17th-century warship of the same name, and the Abba Museum, where you can learn about the iconic Swedish pop group. The city is also home to the Nobel Museum, which celebrates the achievements of Nobel Prize winners. Not for nothing, but Stockholm is also a shopper's paradise, filled with boutiques, markets, and department stores. 

After spending the afternoon exploring, when evening rolls around, it's time for some fine dining. You're in luck because there's a table waiting for you at Etoile, a Michelin-starred restaurant serving contemporary French cuisine with a Scandinavian twist. Enjoy a set menu chosen by the chef and finish the night with a delectable dessert before returning to your hotel to rest.

Day 6: Stockholm Grand Tour

Stockholm all-inclusive Gran Tour
Gamla Stan is the historic heart of Stockholm
Plan your trip to Norway
Chat with a local specialist who can help organize your trip.

The party continues this morning as you meet a local guide and embark on a small-group tour of Stockholm. See the top sights and attractions in a single day, starting on the cobbled streets of Gamla Stan (Old Town). Here, you'll see the 18th-century Royal Palace, home of the Swedish monarchy. Besides admiring the Baroque architecture, you'll visit the palace church and Royal Armory, which houses the Swedish crown jewels.

Next, head to the Vasa Museum, where you'll see the massive Vasa, a 17th-century warship salvaged in the 1960s. Afterward, break for lunch, then continue strolling around Gamla Stan to browse its charming shops and boutiques. You'll also tour the 13th-century Stockholm Cathedral (the oldest church in the city) and the Nobel Museum. The tour concludes with a stop at Skansen, the world's oldest open-air museum (founded in 1891), with exhibits detailing traditional Swedish life and culture.

In the evening, grab a table at a local restaurant to try more iconic Swedish dishes, like elk meatballs, gravlax, black soup, and pickled herring. At the end of the night, return to your hotel.

Day 7: Train to Lund, Food Tour

Lund is classic Sweden, filled with colorful shops, cobbled streets, and historic churches

Go beyond the capital as you board a train this morning for the 4-5-hour ride to Lund. Located in the far south of Sweden, near the maritime border with Denmark, this is one of Sweden's oldest cities. It was founded during the Viking Age, around the 10th century, and retains many landmarks from the Middle Ages. The includes the expansive Stortorget (main square), 12th-century Lund Cathedral, and venerable Lund University.

Upon arrival, you'll check into your hotel and can then sate your appetite on a food tour. Meet a local guide who, over a couple of hours, will take you to some of the most diverse restaurants in town—all catered to your specific tastes. Various restaurant options range from meat-centric grills perfect for carnivores to intimate veggie/vegan havens perfect for plant-based eaters. There are also family-run eateries serving comforting soups/stews and popular takeout joints where you can grab a quick falafel. 

Day 8: Train to Copenhagen (Denmark), City Bike Ride, Coffee & Food Tour

See the best of Copenhagen on two wheels

After an early breakfast, you'll hop the border to yet another Scandinavian wonderland. It's an hour-long train ride from Lund to Copenhagen, the dynamic capital of Denmark. Located on the eastern end of Zealand Island, at the crossroads of the Baltic and North Seas, it was founded as a fishing village in the 10th century. In the intervening years, it has grown to an impressive metropolis of over 600,000 people—one that's consistently ranked as one of the happiest cities in the world. Upon arrival, check into your hotel and then head out to discover the city on a self-guided tour.

Around half of Copenhagen's residents get around by bicycle, so do like a local and see the city on two wheels. (It's the perfect place for it, as the city is relatively flat, and there are dedicated bike lanes everywhere.) The best area to begin the ride is Nyhavn Harbor, a waterfront area with colorful houses and historic ships. From there, ride to Langelinie Pier to see the famous "Little Mermaid" statue and continue to the historic center to admire Rococo-style architecture and visit landmarks like the 17th-century Round Tower (climb to the top for panoramic views of the city).

Later, visit The Coffee Collective, a slick micro-roastery in the chic Jægersborggade district. Natural Scandi interiors with soft lighting set a relaxing tone as you sip on coffee blends such as cardamom or kombucha. There's even a coffee school on site offering a bean-to-brew workshop that narrates a tale of the land, the farmers, and the meticulous craftsmanship that goes into each cup. At dinnertime, meet a guide for a three-hour food tour to visit local markets, microbreweries, and gourmet restaurants. As you go, you'll try local foods and beverages while enjoying the fresh summer air.

Day 9: Danish Countryside Tour: Castles & Museums

Visit Hamlet's old stomping ground of Kronborg Castle

Make your last day in Copenhagen an adventurous one with a grand tour. Perfect for those interested in Danish history, this day trip offers a comprehensive overview of the country's rich past, spanning the Viking era to the Renaissance. There will be ample time to explore several sites on foot, including the UNESCO-listed Kronborg Castle, immortalized as the setting for Shakespeare's play, "Hamlet."

Then, continue to the 17th-century Frederiksborg Castle, the largest Renaissance-era castle in Scandinavia. After a tour of the fortresses, your guide will take you to nearby Roskilde Cathedral, the burial spot for numerous kings and queens. Finish the day at the Viking Ship Museum, which exhibits five 1,000-year-old original ship finds from the Viking Age (the Skuldelev Ships). At the end of the day, you'll return to your hotel.

Day 10: Fly to Oslo (Norway), Oslofjord Sightseeing Cruise

Explore Oslo's manicured parks
Oslo's manicured parks are quite inviting in the summer months

Pack your bags because this morning, you'll depart Copenhagen on a one-hour flight to Oslo. Welcome to Norway! What began as a Viking outpost in the 11th century has grown into a grand European capital that blends its historic roots with modern urban landscapes. Situated on the country's southern coast at the head of the Oslofjord, this city is the center of the nation's finance, trade, and shipping industries. But there's plenty of culture here, too. With a host of museums, galleries, and world-class restaurants sprinkled along the fun waterfront areas, you'll never want for things to do.

Upon arrival, you'll hop on a train to the city center and your hotel. After checking in, feel free to stretch your legs on a self-guided tour. You'll quickly discover Oslo retains its small-city energy due to the surrounding mountains and tranquil seaside. The charismatic downtown area is made for walking, particularly its parks and green spaces. Don't miss Aker Brygge, a scenic waterfront area home to a boardwalk lined with museums, bars, and restaurants. Highlights include the Nobel Peace Center and Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art.

Later, head to the harbor and board a vessel for a two-hour scenic boat ride on the Oslofjord. Relax on deck and enjoy refreshments as you pass along the Oslo city skyline. Keep an eye out for famous landmarks like the modernist Opera House and the 19th-century Dyna Fir lighthouse. The best part is that this excursion takes place aboard an eco-friendly sailboat—a great way to take advantage of those summer breezes. At the end of the tour, you'll return to the city and your hotel.

Day 11: Limousine Tour of Oslo & Tyrifjord

The Royal Palace is just one landmark you'll visit on today's limo tour

Today, you'll see Oslo in the lap of luxury as you explore the city via a private limo. Kick back and relax as your chauffeur drives you around the city's most famous landmarks and highlights. These include the 19th-century Royal Palace, the Gustav Vigeland Sculpture Park, the Kistefos Museum of Contemporary Art, and the Nobel Peace Center, inspired by the lives and works of Nobel Peace Laureates. 

The tour will also take you beyond the city limits to see the serene waters of Tyrifjorden and the lush boreal forests of the Jevnaker region. It's a great opportunity to enjoy beautiful countryside scenery, breathe some fresh air, and maybe stop for a brisk nature hike. Throughout the tour, your guide will offer fascinating insights and commentary on the sights you visit to ensure the tour is a well-rounded one. 

Day 12: Train & Ferry to Bergen, Self-Guided Tour & Sea Sauna

Flåm Railway
 The Flåm Railway is one of the most scenic rides in Norway

Rise early because you've got a big travel day ahead. Transfer to the station in the morning and board a train for a combined rail/ferry ride north to Bergen. This charming port city is famous for its UNESCO-listed Bryggen Wharf, which is filled with colorful, historic buildings. The journey takes about six hours, but you'll enjoy epic views of Norway's famous Fjordland (west coast and fjords) every step of the way. Passing by outside the windows will be the rushing rivers, soaring mountains, and the iconic fjords that define this region, also recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

There will also be stops during the ride. For example, there's a scheduled break in the charming village of Flåm. Located at the end of the Aurlandsfjord, you'll have lunch at a local café followed by a stroll along the scenic marina. Later, catch a five-hour ferry ride to Bergen by way of the Sognefjord—Norway's longest and deepest fjord. Known as the "King of the Fjords," as you ride along this narrow waterway, you'll enjoy views of towering cliffs, snowcapped peaks, forested hillsides, and colorful villages.

Eventually, you'll arrive in Bergen and check into your hotel. Afterward, venture out for an optional activity, like ascending one of the Seven Sisters—seven prominent mountains located on the northeastern side of Bergen. For some of the best city views, ride the Fløibanen funicular (or hike the trail) to the top of Mount Fløyen (1,050 ft/ 320 m). After hiking back down, you can soothe your muscles at the City Sea Sauna. This rejuvenating sauna is unique in that it's located aboard a cruise ship. During this two-hour experience, you'll enjoy a hot sauna session followed by (if you choose) a cold sea bath.

Day 13: Norway Village & Fjord Tour

Drive around to the most famous fjords in western Norway, like the Nærøyfjord 

So many gorgeous fjords, so little time. Luckily, you'll spend the entire day traveling around Bergen to check out the world-famous Fjordland scenery. Leave in the morning with your private driver on an 11-hour adventure—one where you're free to choose the route. One popular stop is the Nærøyfjord. This UNESCO-listed fjord perfectly exemplifies Norway's west coast: a narrow fjord with glassy waters flanked by soaring mountains. Feel free to stop here for a brisk hike on one of the many mountain trails in the area.

Exploring the fjords by road also allows you to venture into less-explored areas, such as the Aurlandsfjellet scenic route. Wind down the mountain road, perched high above the Aurlandsfjord, taking in the deep water, rugged peaks, and dramatic plateaus. If you like, you can take another ride on the Flåm Railway to enjoy more views of mountains, waterfalls, and green valleys. In Flåm, you can embark on an optional fjord cruise or kayak trip before returning to Bergen. 

Day 14: Bergen Walking Tour, Depart

Farewell, Scandinavia

No need to rush home just yet. After breakfast at the hotel, you'll embark on one last tour—this time around the colorful and historic city of Bergen. Meet your local guide at the hotel, then transfer to the Bergen Fortress, where this three-hour walking tour begins. Dating to the 12th century, this is the oldest fortress in Bergen. Your guide is something of a history buff as well and will reveal fascinating info about this and other landmarks throughout the day.

The rest of the tour will take you around Bergen's historic center. As you stroll its cobbled streets and scenic waterfront, you can snap photos of the unique architecture. These historic wooden buildings with gabled facades and overhanging eaves date to the 18th century and reflect Bergen's medieval origins when it was a prominent trading hub in the Hanseatic League. You'll find the most colorful buildings in the wharf area of Bryggen, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. After the tour, take a break for lunch, then transfer to the airport for your flight home. Until next time!

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Map of Summer in Scandinavia Grand Tour: Finland, Sweden, Denmark & Norway - 14 Days
Map of Summer in Scandinavia Grand Tour: Finland, Sweden, Denmark & Norway - 14 Days