2-Day Kayaking Tour of the Norwegian Fjords

  Group of 6 friends visited Norway in August 2017

“Hi there,

We're a group of 6 friends looking to do a 2 day kayaking tour of the Norwegian fjords.
We are planning on flying into Bergen on Friday night and would be keen for a kayak tour on Saturday & Sunday preferably passing through the Nærøyfjord .

We'd prefer wood cabins or hotels/hostels for accommodation on the nights as opposed to camping in tents. We'd be keen to then fly back to London on Monday.

Are you able to please help to provide an itinerary and quotes for the kayak tour, accommodation and airport transfers?”

Linda Veråsdal, a local specialist from Norway, helped this traveler put together a customized itinerary.

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Kayaking on Nærøyfjord

Day 1: Arrival Bergen and Voss
Day 2: Experience Nærøyfjord by Kayak
Day 3: Experience Nærøyfjord by kayak | return to Bergen
Day 4: Departure Bergen

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Linda Veråsdal
Nithilla, thats an amazing plan for the weekend. Can definitely help you out with developing this very ethical way to discover the fjords, and make it memorable. 

What is the make up of your group of six, couples, all female, mixed? Want to know that to know what sort of hotels / hostels / cabins to quote for..

1. Depending on which flight you took from the UK to Bergen, you could catch the 1700hrs train to Flam (would save you a fortune and some time). The drive from airport to train station is about 45 minutes, so you would have to arrive in Bergen airport say two hours earlier to reach on time! This will save a stay in Bergen, and will make you very fresh for the next days Kayaking!

2. Barring that, you have to take a very early train to Flam, in time for an afternoon Kayak start...

3. Again, depending on when you fly back from Bergen, we can see when it is best for you to come back to Bergen... if you fly back in the afternoon from Bergen, you could stay out in Flam, or come back the previous night to Bergen, for some celebrations, and a walk on the traditional harbour and township!

These fine details will also help us determine how to design the trip best!
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