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  A couple visited Norway in October 2017

“We are picking up a new car in Gotenborg and then we would like to drive up the Swedish west coast to Norway's fjords, then perhaps to Copenhagen and back to Gotenborg. Then we will take the train to Stockholm for 3 days. We like authentic places, not touristy and like the outdoors.
- Lynne M.”

Linda Veråsdal, a local specialist from Norway, helped this traveler put together a customized itinerary.

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Roadtrip | East to West of Norway

Day 1: Bohuslän to Sundvolden
Day 2: Sundvolden to Aurland
Day 3: In Aurland | hiking with a local guide
Day 4: Aurland | fjordcruise | Bergen
Day 5: Explore Local Bergen on Your Own & with 2 hrs local guide
Day 6: Bergen to Eidfjord
Day 7: Eidfjord - Oslo
Day 8: Explore Local Oslo on Your Own | cruise to Copenhagen

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Sounds like you have a lovely trip ahead of you! My first thought of a route for you is something like this:

Arrival: Gøteborg, spend a couple of nights. Pick up the car and drive to Oslo for a couple of nights. From Oslo, drive to Geriangerfjord in West Norway and spend a couple of nights here.

Drive onwards to Fjærland or Balestrand area for a night to experience Sognefjord. Drive up the mountains to Haukeli for a night before driving down to Kristiansand and the ferry to Denmark and Hirtshals. Here you can drive to Copenhagen for a couple of nights before driving back to Gotenborg.

Take the train to Stockholm for your last three days. This route includes quite a lot of kilometers, but you get to see the fjords as well! Alternatively, you don't have to include two fjords, but can drive straight to Sognefjord area and spend more nights there.

I will include a map of the round trip. Let me know what you think!

Lynne M:
I think we will stay on the coast of Sweden for a night and not that interested in Oslo. Then we could go to the Songefjord area and spend a couple of days, taking the train if worthwhile and hiking. Then we are not sure. Is Bergen worth a nite? We do not like touristy places and prefer to not stay at really big hotels. Then we could take the Oslo ferry to Copenhagen. What do you think about that?

If you only would spend 1 night in Bergen I would say it is not worth it. It is a pretty city that would need a couple of nights so you get a full day. Can go Oslo to Sognefjord and to take the ferry to Copenhagen. If you are interested in seeing more of Denmark, then I suggest ferry from Kristiansand as I suggested. Keep in mind, from Oslo to the fjords it is long distance regardless which direction you take.

How many of the days do you think you want in Norway?

Lynne M:
This is our planning so far. We get the car October 13 and we stay that night in Gotenborg. Then the next night somewhere close or on the islands up the Swedish coast. That would be October 14. Have the car till October October 25th where we drop it off in Gotenborg and take the evening or later train to Stockholm where we have 3 full days before we fly home. Basically we therefore have about 10 days with the car. We would like to see Copenhagen, not necessarily drive through Denmark but even that is not a must if time does not allow.

I had thought Bergen would be more interesting then Oslo if we were to pick only one city. What do you think? What about plan so far and what are your ideas in between of where to go and not be too rushed. We love scenery, hiking. I am nervous of scary drop off roads and I'm not sure what your mountain roads are like.

I can set up the trip plan for you (a proper itinerary), including hotels during the different places and the cost.

The itinerary is not too bad (roadways). The steepest and curvy roads are closed during the winter. But it is difficult to get from East / Oslo side to the fjords without meeting some narrow and curvy roads.

Lynne M:
Your proposal looks so good. I am still nervous about the mountain roads as I looked at the weather forecast and it is cloud and rain and some snow after this coming Tuesday for about 12 days! Would we be better off touring Sweden and Denmark for our 2 1/2 weeks?

What do you think if it is rainy and cloudy? Will we see anything and will the roads be bad? I guess there are always others on the road. Or we could take the train and then the train to Aurland, could we?

Since you are very nervous, I suggest you take the train. I believe it will be fine to drive, but I can not guarantee the weather, it is unpredictable. So I think the train is the best solution. You can do as follows:

Train from Oslo - Flåm.
In Flåm you can be picked up.
Spend 2 nights in Aurland
Take the fjord cruise on Nærøyfjord
Take the train to Bergen (OR you can also travel back to Oslo this day)
Spend two nights in Bergen
Take the train back to Oslo Ferry to Copenhagen and onwards as mentioned.

I do not suggest only to tour in Sweden and Denmark. Weather can cause disturbance there too. As you are traveling so far, it is worth trying to see the fjords! Another option is to drive to Geilo and spend a couple of nights there for hikes. From Geilo you can take the train to Flåm as well and onwards to Aurland (pick up by car). You can then leave your car in Geilo.
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