Northern Lights for a Solo Traveler

  Traveler visited Norway in October 2017

“Hoping for a short side trip whilst visiting family in northern Germany during October. Main hope was to view northern lights and also to see a little more of Scandinavia's natural beauty. I am a 54 year old male who will be traveling alone.
- David K.”

Ingrid Thornes, a local specialist from Norway, helped this traveler put together a customized itinerary.

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5 days | Northern lights Magic in Alta| Tromsø| North Cape

Day 1: Arrival Hammerfest | sightseeing on your own
Day 2: Hurtigruten | Honningsvåg | North Cape
Day 3: Honningsvåg - Alta
Day 4: Alta | Tromsø & hunting the Northern Lights
Day 5: Departure from Tromsø

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My name is Ingrid, and I am a kimkim travel specialist for Norway. I was born and raised in the country, and love working with travelers customizing their holidays. It is nice to be connected with you and I will be happy to help plan your trip!

I can see that you are interested in chasing the Northern lights. October is a great time to have a look at the beautiful light in the Northern part of Norway! I would definitely recommend Tromsø or Alta as places to capture to possibility enjoying a spectacular view of a beautiful landscape. Attached you will find a few suggestions I hope will interest you.

Please let me know what you think and I look forward to putting together a customised trip plan for you.

Thank you and I look forward to your response. 

David K:
I really like the look of the 6-day tour (Lofoten/Hurtigruten/Tromso) and 6 days suits me better than 7 days as well as I am trying to pack a few different things into a narrow time window. Thanks again for your help. 

David K:
Actually, can I go back to the 5-day trip plan and perhaps incorporate a northern lights evening tour into that on one of the evenings? The plan would still be to arrive Monday but depart Friday.

You can definitely go back to a 5-day trip plan. I will work out an estimated price for that option instead and include a Northern lights tour in Alta. How does that sound? Is your plan then to arrive in Hammerfest and departure from Tromsø as the 5-day trip plan attached indicates?

David K:
I am happy to go with the 5 day itinerary as provided above with a northern lights tour either on the evening of Day 3 in Alta or Day 4 in Tromso. I am happy to trust your judgment regarding which option will be best.

The earliest that I can arrive in Hammerfest on 9/10/17 with all flights connecting is just after 1500hr. Does that pose any potential problems?

That`s great! I am working on the price now and will send it to you later today. If you want, I can include two Northern Light-hunts both in Alta andTromsø to increase the possibility to capture the best of the magical lights and take nice pictures. If this does not meet your budget, I can cut out one of them.

It should not be a problem to arrive after 1500hr in Hammerfest. Your cruise to Honningsvåg will departure in the morning the day after (the 10th of October) so you will have the afternoon to relax and have a walk around in the city and perhaps eat some tasteful Norwegian food.

David K:
Hi Ingrid, I am going to think about it over the coming weekend before I make a final decision and book. Having said that, I think it is highly likely that I will go for the option with night tours in both Alta and Tromso in order to maximise my chances of catching the northern lights. I have already booked flights to fit in with the 5-day itinerary. Thanks again for all your help. 

That is brilliant news! I look forward to having you in Norway! Yes, just let me know over the weekend and I will start with the booking when you have made your decision. Thanks again and I wish you a lovely weekend! 

David K:
I have decided to take the extra northern lights tour in Alta. And with particular regard to the trip to the North Cape, will I require any special clothing? I am trying to work out what I need to bring and what if anything will be provided.

I would recommend a warm, wind - and waterproof jacket, good shoes, gloves and a cap as well as lighter clothing. The weather in the Northern part of Norway, in general, can be quite unpredictable. You will most likely experience a lot of wind and perhaps some rain as well.

I hope this gives you an idea of what you bring. Please let me know if you have any more questions!
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