Northern Norway, Tromso, Lofoten Islands, and Oslo

  Traveler visited Norway in December 2017

“I would love to just explore the native wildlife, I love going for walks so trekking would be fantastic and would like to see as much as I could of the beautiful natural sights in Tromso and the Lofoten Islands. I only would like a couple of days in Oslo just to explore the city a bit I don't mind extending my time beyond a week if you think that I won't be able to fit this all in time.”

Linda Veråsdal, a local specialist from Norway, helped this traveler put together a customized itinerary.

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Norway Winter Wonderland

Day 1: Welcome to Norway - arrival in Tromsø
Day 2: Explore Tromsø like a local
Day 3: Reindeer Sledding and overnight in Lavo
Day 4: Tromsø
Day 5: Costal steamer cruise to Lofoten
Day 6: Arrival Lofoten
Day 7: Lofoten | Trollfjord & Sea-eagle tour
Day 8: Lofoten | Kayaking & Northern Light tour
Day 9: Bye bye Lofoten - night at the costal streamer
Day 10: Coastal steamer to Trondheim
Day 11: Good Morning Trondheim
Day 12: Røros by Train
Day 13: White Christmas in Røros?
Day 14: Røros to Oslo
Day 15: Oslo highlights
Day 16: Departure Day

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Linda Veråsdal
Hi ,

Thank you for your request. My name is Linda and I am the Norway expert.

For one week, it is difficult to cover Tromsø, Lofoten and Norway. It is quite some distance and a lot of your time will be lost in travelling. I suggest you chose two of the place, and arrive either Tromsø or near Lofoten, and depart Oslo.

If you are travelling on a budget, then Trømso is cheaper than Lofoten. As it takes some traveling to get to Lofoten. There are some nice excursions you can do in Tromsø, that will also get you out of town and close to nature.

If you go to Lofoten, you have stunning scenery, fishermen villages and great possibilities for outdoor life.

From Tromsø or Bodø/Narvik/Lofoten you fly to Oslo. Or take the train from Bodø..
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Traveler Review

Linda was always quick to respond and listened to everything I wanted to do. The end result of the trip exceeded all of my expectations. Would definitely recommend!