Norway Active Hiking Trip

  A couple visited Norway in July 2017

“We would like to spend our week vacation in Norway Active. We think about flying to Stavanger in the morning and see the Preikestolen for sure.

2nd day for Kjeragbolten, organized guide hike.

Day 3 Stavanger to Bergen and things to see there. We want to see see naeroyfjerand, geirager, flam train, maybe Voss.

We do like to walk. We would like to use public transport when possible. One day trips with local specialist and guide would be ideal for hiking.

Fly out of Bergen or Oslo. We would be flying from Poland. 7day trip with things to do every day, maybe one day for rest. Can be 6night or 7 nights.”

Linda Veråsdal, a local specialist from Norway, helped this traveler put together a customized itinerary.

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Prekestolen, Kjerag and sognefjord highlights

Day 1: Arrival, Stavanger
Day 2: Hike Prekestolen, the legendary Pulpit Rock
Day 3: Hike Kjerag
Day 4: From Stavanger to Bergen
Day 5: Flåm Railway - Nærøyfjord - Gudvangen
Day 6: Gudvangen - Voss - Bergen
Day 7: Departure Bergen and Norway

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Linda Veråsdal
hi, thank you for your request and interest in exploring Norway! My name is Linda, and expert in Norway.

I think you already have designed a great concept for your trip. There are smart ways to see Nærøyfjord for sure (which is stunning bay the way!). I am thinking an itinerary that looks something like this:

Day 1: Arrival Stavanger
Take the day to explore the city. It is a beautiful town, I actually spent three years there during my studies and it is really charming!

Day 2: Trek Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock)
Bus from Stavanger and trek to Preikestolen. 4 hours return.
It is not really easy to travel from Preisestolen to Kjerag, so it is recommended to travel back to Stavanger for the night, and then take transportation to Kjerag the day after.

Day 3: Trek Kjerag
bus to Kjerag, and then the trek to Kjerag. Please note, that this is a tougher trek than to Preikestolen, about 5 - 6 hours trek return. The whole trip takes about 12 hours, including the drive.

Day 4: Stavanger - Bergen
Travel to Bergen in public transportation. About five hours.
Overnight in Bergen.

Day 5: Bergen - Flåm Railway - Nærøyfjord - Voss
A spectacular day where you take the train from Bergen to Myrdal. Embark the old Flaam Railway down to the pier. From here take a boat through the Nærøyfjord where you will end up in Gudvangen and travel the last bit to Voss.
Spend the night in Voss.

Day 6: Voss
Spend the day in Voss doing soft adventure with a local specialist.
Voss is a "hotspot" for adventure. Plenty of things to do that combine adventure and Norwegian culture and heritage!
Spend the night in Voss.

Day 7: Voss - Bergen
Travel back to Bergen (1,5 hrs) and spend the rest of your day at own leisure.
Overnight in Bergen

Day 8: Flight back home from Bergen.

Let me know what you think, any changes you would like to see or questions you may have!

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Traveler Review

Everything was perfect like we want it to be. Linda did wonderful job helping us with everything. We had no issues. Very happy great trip.