Norway: Fjords, Cities, Local Feel

  Family of 3 visited Norway in August 2017

“We want to see the fjords and explore the cities and natural beauties of Norway. We are traveling with 3 adults. We are looking to do some hiking if possible (light hiking, maybe less than 7-8 miles and not super steep elevation). Looking to stay at local hotels for more local feel. Heard about Norway in a nutshell and wanted to know more. Interested in visiting Oslo and Bergen at the minimum (and maybe Voss). Thinking of staying in Oslo 2-3 days, Bergen 2-3 days, and elsewhere for 2-3 days. We are traveling on a budget so not looking for super expensive hotels or first class train rides...however, we are willing to splurge if the experience is worth it! Love to get your opinions!”

Miriam Andrea Jøms, a local specialist from Norway, helped this traveler put together a customized itinerary.

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Oslo - Flåm-Stegastein-Bergen-Preikestolen, Kjerag for Jennifer Yau

Day 1: 21st. Welcome to Norway, Oslo
Day 2: 22nd. Oslo - Sea to Summit
Day 3: 23rd. The Beauty of Norway - A Train Journey
Day 4: 24th: The FJORDS
Day 5: 25th. Cruise on the Fjord to Bergen
Day 6: 26th. Bergen - Stavanger - a coast journey
Day 7: 27th. The Pulpit Rock Hike Prekestolen, the legendary Pulpit Rock
Day 8: 28th. Kjerag Highlight
Day 9: 29th. Travel from Stavanger - Oslo
Day 10: 30th. Departure Day
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